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  • altafmurtaza 17w

    December 18th, 2020
    4:18 am

    Less than the line to the page
    Less than the wits to the sage
    Less than the mesh to the cage
    We all are in (a) maze

    More than the viewer to the reader
    More than the triumph to the failure
    More than the step to the child
    More than the sodality to the guild
    We all have some carnal tilt...!


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    We all have some carnal tilt...!

  • altafmurtaza 21w

    Anthropomorphic Disposition

    We're not even equivalent
    To a tiny minuscule dot
    In front of the most merciful God
    As the dot gains
    The shadow of darkness on it
    It starts believing that
    It has got the mark
    To justify it's existence
    But fails to realise the evanescence
    Tenure of its own trait
    This how weak and Wimpy
    Human have been created by the supremacy
    Just like every breathe of life counts
    Every second of time
    Has its own account
    Which we would be needed
    To present after the call
    Of undeniable sound.....!


  • altafmurtaza 36w

    The stranded beams of light
    On the surface of the sea
    Can't be drowned
    Even by the tidal waves.


  • altafmurtaza 37w

    Without any haste
    I'll search and wait
    For your coruscating face
    And look into your eyes with some deft

    Without any haste
    I'll take and conflate
    Our hands together
    And walk thousands miles with no rest

    Without any haste
    I'll confine and incarcerate
    Our souls together
    And explore it's depth upto crest!


  • altafmurtaza 40w

    Raring for Rhythm

    I've struggled to prosecute
    My own sensational rhythm
    Despite the perennial flow
    Of boundless intellection
    Owing to crunch
    Of endeavoring perception
    Nevertheless carrying the compliance
    By being a panglossian
    To touch the cusp of grooving silence.


  • altafmurtaza 48w


    We were lost
    In the mundane affairs
    So profusely
    That we'd forgotten
    Someone is above all omnipotently

    It was a necessary break
    To halt the busy bustling
    Race of sublunary wreck

    A sharp decline in defiance
    From the mighty face of arrogance
    Tells the story of its sheer importance

    Probabilities of reprising
    The same mistakes are not subordinate
    Indicates: The journey
    From the cradle to grave
    Goes on mostly without proper shades!


  • altafmurtaza 49w


    We (sagacious) mostly attempt to glorify
    It's the time to concoct!


  • altafmurtaza 50w

    I move forward
    Sometimes I stop and wait
    And then I look back
    I find that I'm still moving

    Life has no dormant trait
    Life is all alive


  • altafmurtaza 52w


    How close we have come across
    To discern the concealed realities of life
    Dreadful fables are echoing in the ear
    Conclusive desire stepping up along with fear
    Sensibility driven with complete dubitation
    Catalyzes confusion in this condition
    Some are calling it ' a natural curse'
    Owing to mankind excessive err upsurge
    Some cite this as 'a blessing in disguise'
    As it has drawn so many back on their creator's curve
    This sullen silence will also come to an end
    Prayers, hopes and smiles would wind-up this gusty wind


  • altafmurtaza 56w

    O my beloved,
    Let me smell your frisky fragrance
    Let me taste your pulpy essence!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #pod #writersnetwork #love #poetry #life #thoughts

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    O my beloved,
    Let me smell your frisky fragrance
    Let me taste your pulpy essence!