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    Love Is

    Love Is


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    Perfect Heart

    Perfect Heart


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  • alphaomega1981 180w


    If it's being famous or being felt, my legacy will be written on the hearts I've touched with my words.


  • alphaomega1981 196w

    Eternal Sleep

    Tis still and darkness restless sleep
    Twas mountain valley cold and deep
    Wast marsh and mire unseen deep
    Whilst void and absolution creep
    For field and product now we reap
    Winds and hollows journey sweep

    From thicket yander thorn and vine
    Crested wave and waning time
    Doth life surrender will decline
    Tis light evading truth resign
    Whilst shadow loom forsake define
    Knotted up affixed in twine

    Doth light evade and dark entail
    Smothered under hallowed veil
    Feeble breathing wistful frail
    Locked in torment timeless hell
    Art dirt and ash a remnants tale
    Widowed haunting ghostly wail

    Atop still water cold and dead
    Hope surrenders fail and fled
    For fathoms deep impending dread
    Drained and emptied fully bled
    Twas vein and vibrant ruby red
    Forever sleep thy earthly bed

  • alphaomega1981 196w

    Love is our legacy

    The most important thing we can do in our lives is to love. It becomes our legacy. It becomes the one undeniable truth about who we are and where we are going. We teach love to our children, our friends and our family. We show them through example that love is bigger than our differences. Love is the purest emotion we can posses. It's the closest to God we can get...
    ©Drew Smith 2018

  • alphaomega1981 197w

    I Write

    I write for the people who don’t have any voice

    And the ones seeking refuge, yeah, I make it my choice

    To heal scars with my bars for the ones without poise

    I bring calm to the restless and I silence the noise

    See words hurt or they heal, so be careful to use

    The right words don’t get blurred every time that you choose

    To spit razors from your tongue cutting people so deep

    Cause Karma kills just a thrill for the damage you reap

    So when you speak be collected, and think of the ones

    That you damage and dismantle with a mouth like a gun

    I write love joy and heartache so that people can heal

    I give them hope, spit it straight, I’m just being for real

    So to the sad and alone may these words provide hope

    If you feel like no one loves you or just trying to cope

    I hope you know that your worthy and destined to be

    The you-est you God created, find peace and be free 


  • alphaomega1981 197w

    My mind

    Sometimes I lay awake at night and I, think of things I’ve said

    Conversed rehearsed but then the worst, my ego’s left for dead

    I tell myself don’t worry though be careful where you tread

    For more than two, I know it’s you, that’s stuck there in my head

    The keyboard is my shadow yeah it knows me all to well

    It’s keys I please my soul it frees, from my subconscious hell

    Not everything revealed by night is something grand by day

    A soulful cry, a tearful eye, has brought me to the fray

    Fingers strike the keys as though my life were at their tips

    Around I go, I can’t let go, no words escape my lips

    I often sit and wonder if these words do make me free

    Or is it just, something I must, say or swear or plea

    Yet I write my words in codded form, they’re never fully true

    Once their said, my passion bled, handcrafted love for you

    So from my mind I watch these words dance across the screen

    They dance, my glance enchant entrance, skillful, sharp and keen

    These words are but a passage to a place beyond the stars

    Another world, as sails unfurl, a journey to where you are

    The destination is but a place, for this bliss and love to bind

    I know it’s true, my words for you, a clever confounding mind.


  • alphaomega1981 197w


    For it’s every day that passes, not a moment does go by, that I don’t stop to think of you, and ask the question why.

    Why is it that we falter, in the time we need to stand, affirm our plight through any means, contend with great demand.

    Why is it that we shudder, for veracity doth sew, we gasp in fear of chances, for feelings we should show.

    Why is it that we linger, at the forks along the way, for frozen truths stagnate in time, these truths we cannot say.

    And yet when at a crossroad, as waves crash to and fro, a long held breath set quick like stone, this passion you should know.

    And I think about you often, and your beauty all your own, for you brighten all that see you, you’ve let your light be shown.

    Every day that you are near me, while awake or during sleep, even if no one is looking, these feelings of you I’ll keep.

    These silent words and empty voice, composure so still and mute, a safe locked shut without a key, these words are my unspoken truth.


  • alphaomega1981 197w

    No Words - Sandy Hook

    The thermometer does no justice,
    For the coldness that is felt.
    No words will ever comfort,
    For the pain that has been dealt.

    The clouds seemed almost bitter,
    For pain and sadness looms.
    No words could ever clarify,
    For these flowers that did not bloom.

    The clock became an instrument,
    For a resource solemnly still.
    No words can ever solidify,
    For these lives we can't fulfill.

    The blood serves as reminder,
    For the innocence and life.
    No words shall ever justify,
    For those angels lost in strife.

    The soul becomes a beacon,
    For the broken and distraught.
    Our faith provides us shelter,
    When our words provide us not.