Debalina Samanta (A chaos within calmness)

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  • alonia 7w

    Hold up. When things get out of control. Stay calm. Stay put. Thats all you can do right now.
    Dont give up on self. Don't let clouds of self doubts hover. Now and ever. Nah you did not learn that. Allow yourself to settle, find solutions, review. Heal. Grow,grow,just grow.
    Ahead awaits a long way to go. Go with the flow. Focus and determined. Be grateful and be kind. You got a life. You are alive.


  • alonia 10w

    How does it feel making a fool out of self?
    I feel lost, worthless, because I never thought I could experience such time ever. I was so sure of putting my actions and efforts that I failed to notice I crossed my boundaries of principles. I tried so hard that I forgot if failure awaits at the end I will not stop loving myself. I must never stop loving myself even if it means the other end is not where I wanted to see myself.


  • alonia 11w

    खो दिया मैंने खुद को उन लम्हों में जो हकीकत से ज़्यादा खुबसुरत लगे।
    खो दिया मैंने खुद को उन कहानियों में जिनमें खुद के अंश की परछाईयाँ देखें।
    खो दिया मैंने खुद को उन लोगों में जो इस ज़िंदगी के सफर में अपने से लगे।
    खो दिया मैंने खुद को खुद से अलग हो के।
    खो दिया मैंने खुद को हकीकत से रुबरु हो के।

    सुना है मैंने जब इंसान खो जाता है तो वो एक नई दिशा के ओर खुद को पाता है। एक नया मोड़, नई जगह, अनचाहा सा डर, एक नया सफर जिसकी मंज़िल कहां होगी उसे नहीं पता। पर वो रुकता नहीं है, बस आगे बढ़ता है। पलों को जीते हुए, हकीकत को अपनाते हुए, खुद में लड़ते हुए, खुद को बेहतर बनाते हुए, इस ही आस में......
    फिर कहीं खुद से मुलाकात ज़रूर होगी।
    खो के ही सही पर एक नई शुरुआत दोबारा होगी।


  • alonia 18w

    /SAME OLD/

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    At times when words decide to take a break,
    thoughts get an advantage to run a marathon within a mind.
    How do thoughts never get tired?
    Why? How? When? Where? What?
    Can brain just wait for the reality to happen instead of living it way before in head imagining moments which might or might not happen ever.


  • alonia 29w

    Today I learnt a lesson while blowing a shell(शंख)
    Since childhood I always observed my mother and grandmother and also occasionally my father blow the shell so effortlessly. When I was kid, I tried it too out of curiosity to get a beautiful sound of it. But well I mostly failed or I gave too much of force to finally accomplish it. At the end I used to think that why it is so hard for me while for rests it looked so easy. Well I pondered there has to be a technique that they know and I don't. But after so many years, now I realized that some things just need gentle efforts to accomplish it rather than putting forced efforts to make it work.
    At times, a gentle effort without putting lot of force and the end result will fetch you sweet, beautiful and blissful feeling of boost.


  • alonia 30w

    खामोशी की गूंज अनोखी है,
    रात ढलती गई और,
    शोर ने अपनी पूरी कहानी ही रच डाली।


  • alonia 36w

    Dear Emotions,
    In those unsaid words behind sarcasms, those bleak pauses holding dreadful of silence or unkempt feelings behind those poetic verses.
    You remain forever resileint.


  • alonia 38w


    I feel I am liking my stay at the dark dungeon of mine. Sitting there silently. Hoping no one ever finds me but deep down I also know till now that it's just a self satisfying lie to my own self.
    There is nothing to see much around.
    At times, scoffs of surrounding make me question my thoughts.
    Who am I?
    Why do I belong here?
    What is happening really an experience to life or just a pause for something unexpected?
    Why do I keep fighting with my thoughts?
    Why do I even think till that extent where I have to begin a fight?
    A set of many more other questions.
    And I answer it all within few sentence.
    Feel the tug, experience the jolt, keep enduring the movement. One day these will all make sense. You are here for a reason.
    And sense of being an adult plunges in.

  • alonia 42w

    A way of living life. It's not easy to attain but never impossible to try.

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    Self love is the best gift one can give oneself. You may slip or may fall but what matters at the end is standing again above all.
    Its just a matter of time.
    Laughters, fears and some muffled cries.
    Keep yourself strong and head high.
    Sun will rise again. That's how the sunflowers bloom back to its light.


  • alonia 47w


    आसान है क्या खुद को खुद जैसा बनाए रखना !