Every Writing Holds A Story That Others Are Unaware Of!! SolitudeLover����

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  • alone_angel 63w

    Once You Experience
    The Simpler Version Of
    Life Without People,

    You Start Throwing
    Everyone Away From
    Your Stories..!!


  • alone_angel 66w

    Get Comfortable With
    Being Alone,
    It'll Empower You..!!


  • alone_angel 68w

    She Keeps The Kind Of Scream,
    That We Won't Find In Words,
    But In Silence, Smile And Eyes..!!


  • alone_angel 68w

    She Embraced The Chaos
    As It Painted Her Life
    With Purpose..!!


  • alone_angel 72w

    Happy New Year 2021��

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    I Hope You Realize,
    That Everyday Is A Fresh Start For You..
    And Every Sunrise Is A New Chapter
    In Your Life Waiting To Be Written..!!


  • alone_angel 73w

    Sooner Or Later,
    We All Realize That
    Life Is About Letting Go..

    Sometimes People,
    Sometimes Feelings,
    Sometimes Memories and,
    Sometimes The Whole Of Us..!!


  • alone_angel 74w

    Sometimes We Prefer Silence,
    Not Because We Don't Have
    Anything To Talk About,

    But We Have Too Much To Say,
    And No One To Understand...!!

  • alone_angel 75w

    Set Boundaries.
    Listen To Your Own Advice.
    Live Tomorrow's Hopes And Dreams
    In Today's Actions.
    There's No One Better Suited
    To Create The Life You Desire,
    Than You..!!


  • alone_angel 81w

    I Barely Talk To Anyone Anymore..
    I'm Kind Of Happy On My Own..!!


  • alone_angel 84w

    The Strength,
    It's There Within Yourself.

    You Just Need To Find
    The Courage To Set
    It Free..!!