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  • alienobacter 6w

    I've been thinking if what I see is actually what I think it is! #poetry #selfthoughts #imagination

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    "The Blinking Light"

    The midnight breeze touching my cheeks

    All these emotions, if only I could fix

    The wind feels cold, but not as cold as me 

    If only I could be what you want me to be.

    The light that has been blinking, 

    It’s far far away,

    My life, it has been sinking 

    With each passing day.

    I know how you feel,

    I just wish I could relate,

    It was never in that deal, 

    To process all these regrets and hate

    Was this how it was supposed to be?

    Or is this my fate?

    Is it my situation, or is it me?

    Never Mind, I’m already late.

    As the days passed by, 

    I gradually realised,

    The breeze I felt, was actually a storm,

    It was as cold as ice, but I felt warm!

    The light that I saw was actually in the sky,

    It was never blinking, it was my tired eyes!

    3rd May 2021, 11:45 PM

  • alienobacter 6w

    Being trapped inside this shell, I wonder if I could've been different!
    #poetry #selfreflection #selfanalysis #poem #trapped #soul

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    The present is quite dreadful,

    I’d rather be your dream

    Who needs tomorrow anyway?

    No matter how bright it might seem.

    Enough time has passed through 

    For me to look back at it

    There’s still no single story

    Where I’m content with it

    I keep thinking to myself

    It’s just a matter of time

    But it keeps coming back to me,

    It doesn’t affect me I’m fine

    The time is quite abysmal

    Enough for you to flee

    I’d rather be my prisoner 

    Than go back to my ghastly sea.

    Hey have you found your way out?

    Or are you still trapped like me?

    Well, it doesn’t concern me now

    You can just let me be

    I’ve known you to be generous 

    More than all the people combined 

    When you decide to abandon me,

    Would you still be that kind?

    Enough to answer a question

    That has been on my mind

    “Did you witness a different story?

    A story where I was free?”

    I bet he was better than this version,

    A different radiant version of me!

    17th August 2021, 10:47 PM