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  • alekya_gsnvl 1d

    With a blurry vision I see
    The tantrum that my best friend threw
    When she couldn't get a break

    With a blurry vision I see
    The blush on my valentine's face
    While I pecked his cheek

    With a blurry vision I see
    The man I loved the most
    Making his way out of the family tree

    With a blurry vision I see
    The guy that came to my rescue
    Shaking everything off like it isn't a big deal

    With a blurry vision I see
    A memory from deep within
    Which mattered the most to me

    With a blurry vision I see
    All that I could probably think and feel
    Hoping evryday that even if they leave
    I hope the blurry vision to be there
    Forever with me

  • alekya_gsnvl 1w

    It's all about forgiving and forgetting✨

  • alekya_gsnvl 2w

    One can never bid a perfect farewell
    The memories shared between
    The emotions gushing in
    Never lets us cut them off
    We treasure the moment only to visit it whensoever
    Tricking ourselves everytime as if it weren't the last one ever

  • alekya_gsnvl 2w

    You set me free
    From a cage that I didn't know I was in
    You set me free
    From a world where everyone was mean
    You set me free
    From the ashes that I dwell in
    You set me free
    From an era that sucked me in
    You set me free
    For me to fly high
    So that I could be me and only me

  • alekya_gsnvl 3w

    Will you do this for me?
    I asked with my eyes searching for an answer in his', only to find out that I needn't ask for anything at all

  • alekya_gsnvl 5w

    You knew from the start that it wouldn't work out
    You wanted to see where it would head forward
    You made yourself lost in the glory of love
    Despite the drudgery it would land you in later
    Not blaming you though
    This is how we are
    Craving for a little love
    A love that we missed in many ways

  • alekya_gsnvl 6w

    That pink dress that I bought today
    Wonder how I'll look on the D-Day?
    I might be on a dreamland now
    But these tiny things are what keeping me sane somehow..
    I'll flash it to my mom in a filmy style
    Might make a reel or two to embarrass myself
    Get the most girliest compliment from my idiot brother
    And who knows my crush might notice me too..
    I'll wear it till I get bored of it
    Until I make enough memories in it
    And then one day
    While rummaging my closet,and seeing this dress
    Might open my memory treasure of something worth holding to it.

  • alekya_gsnvl 6w

    I know it's late...
    And I know you probably don't wanna share...
    But I still know that you do care...
    So be aware..
    And let go of what's a nightmare...
    Coz nothing is more important than u holding it together my dear teddy bear

  • alekya_gsnvl 7w

    Maybe I need a boy privilege too..
    I wanna go out just to feel the Breeze
    I wanna eat without worrying about my shape
    I wanna sit out on long pastures for hours in the middle of a night
    I wanna sleep through a bus ride without worrying a wink about the shadows behind me
    I wanna dress up and go out rather than just ordering a take out
    But more than anything I want that attitude where you boys think that maybe a plate of good food makes you feel that everything you have is enough
    Where a small walk might set your mood straight
    Where a small talk can make you feel that world's not that much of a bad place either
    Where a good ride makes you feel that you are being adventurous
    The simplicity of your needs and how you respond for everything makes me wonder that this is not a quality of one but many.. making this a boy privilege.

  • alekya_gsnvl 8w

    On one of those long lonely nights
    I vouch for your presence
    When music isn't of much help
    I yelp for your touch to wrap me up humbly
    And your chocolate brown eyes doing the charm
    The sight of your sweet little laugh tickling my heart
    Oh! To live with you every day
    Isn't it a dream?
    Eventually when this fantasy casts away
    I come to my senses burying the void within,knowing that I might be guilty as charged in court of love
    But this little facade will never fade out