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  • al_cina 56w

    A sharp caw, and I looked around.
    There wasn't one, but five or six,
    Cawing and soaring- up and down.
    Were they fighting?
    Not unless they live in murders.

    Besides, they fought for some food..
    Gee! Humans were the selfish ones.
    Crows were, rather, creatures
    With black attires yet white hearts.
    Conceivably, blemished by
    The keeper of their lodge.
    I presume dearth hits everyone.


  • al_cina 60w


    I was about to get it, no..silence again.
    My hands slowly sought
    The warmth of my blanket.
    Another dream was crawling in..
    Soon...A gigantic voice..
    I could number the fan blades..
    It became still...lifeless...
    Not only the fan, the curtains too.
    Everything seemed dead..
    Did I die too?

  • al_cina 61w

    The Lizard

    It was growing dark
    There was nothing left to see
    Time called me to walk
    To the indoors of peace.

    The room seemed busy,
    The bright yellow rays slashed
    My round and big eyes.
    I peeped through the glass,
    I could hear the splatter.

    A giant being was there
    But, I must say, it lacked
    A beautiful tail like ours!
    Neither did it move gently.

    What is that creature?
    A monster? ....I ran through
    The walls , crossed a tunnel
    To enter a brighter room
    Painted in green.

    I hid behind a frame, silent
    And realized my home
    Is full of these monsters,
    With penetrating voice, giant footsteps.

    I barely escaped from his furry tool
    Soon called out my family
    Ran, leaving my tail behind...
    The King ran from his kingdom,
    Not fit, helpless, among the survivors.

  • al_cina 66w

    To be or not to be?

    If your studies cannot eradicate the differences, then you may not allegate the system.


  • al_cina 76w

    Sad at a full stop?

    It's definitely an end, but hopefully a new sentence will come soon.
    Be happy for new beginnings.

  • al_cina 80w

    Restricted ?

    Most of the children, typically girls often complain how they are bound of shackles. "I am not a baby anymore!...I know how to face challenges; I want to break it...I should fly high mocking all the restrictions that fenced me from reaching heights." Damn sure girl...Yo bravo!
    Before you curse your parents, before you blame their fear to let you fly....Let me say, they aren't fearing you ; they fear the world, they fear losing their precious angel to the most cruel world...

    And yes! Sometimes love is the most dangerous shackle!

  • al_cina 85w

    Tombs are for sure.So why sacrifice the pleasures of now? I swear nobody is sure of afterlife !

  • al_cina 108w

    Speak up dears !!
    Your vocabulary need to
    come out sometimes.


  • al_cina 109w

    Oops!!..Did a mistake?
    Be've started living