Rich with thoughts,poor with words. ig• akshatnegi23

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  • akshat_pratap_negi 32w

    Midst the ocean

    Leaving behind the trail.,
    In the vast ocean of whales,
    Abandoning him, they sails,
    Found himself amist the ocean upon a york like a open air jail.

    Days crying and nights drinking cocktails.
    To make him jubilant, even the most intoxicating drug would fails.

    As the days passed by..
    He desired more to get high..

    They leave,tearing his heart apart.
    Making people fall for them is an art.
    Often he gathered courage to be wise and smart
    But when he tries to stitch the broken parts
    Their memories strikes like the bullseye with the dart.

    Praised,raised and made the memories like a nest.
    Protecting it from rest and pest.
    Selecting and fitting each twig that suited the best.
    But someone else wrote the rest.
    In the room of her heart ,he was only a paying guest.

  • akshat_pratap_negi 32w

    बातो में मेरी अदब नही है,
    मगर उन बातों में मतलब नही है।

  • akshat_pratap_negi 32w


    Chahat uski karo jisse tumhare tammana ho, beparwah se shiddat hoge toh takleef parwane bewajah hoge..


  • akshat_pratap_negi 53w

    Ehsaas nahe hai tumhare hone ka.
    Afsos hai tum mein tumko khone ka.
    Dil karta hai rone ka.
    Sapne nahe hain ab toh fayda kya sone ka.
    Bas khayal ata hai rone ka.. aarzo hai fir tumhara hone ka..

  • akshat_pratap_negi 76w


  • akshat_pratap_negi 79w

    गुफ्तगू करने की आरज़ू तो थी उनसे मगर शायद हमें अल्फ़ाज़ चुन ने नहीं आते।

  • akshat_pratap_negi 79w


    Most of my life I've been alone
    midst of sun or in shevring cold ive been torn
    though i needed you around but I've been moan
    but I've heard your pale tone
    so blink your eyes and happily ill be gone


  • akshat_pratap_negi 79w

    I do fear

    I pretend like I don't care
    deep in my heart i do fear
    i can hold my tear
    you are only one i want to hear

    i pull my gear
    you never knew that i love you dear
    i know you don't much care
    coating myself with thousands of layer
    so that i wouldn't smear


  • akshat_pratap_negi 102w

    हां ठीक है

    हां ठीक है मैं आज खामोश रह लेता हूं,
    हां ठीक है बेगुनाह होकर भी सारे इल्जाम सह लेता हूं।।

    हां ठीक है बस आसुओं से दास्तान ए बेगुनाही कह लेता हूं,
    हां ठीक है बस मुस्कुरा कर सारे सितम सह लेता हूं ।।

    हां ठीक है सब जानते हुए भी तुम्हें सही कह देता हूं,
    हां ठीक है मैं आज गुनेगार रह लेता हूं।।


  • akshat_pratap_negi 103w

    अश्कों में डूबा

    तेरी आंखो में फना हो जाने को,
    कश्ती लेकर आए थे तेरी पलको पर सवार,
    मगर अश्कों का जलजला कुछ यू आया कि,
    सवारी और कश्ती दोनों दरिया में डूब गए।