Heart open and eyes closed �� Aspiring author #the seven

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  • akshadajadhav 19w

    #theseven #trisv #�� #taeda
    You can count on me

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    Here is the seven.
    A place where you seek and find.
    Time to trust the truth inside.
    With the patience whispered dream.
    The future calls, listen close.
    Bridges of positivity,
    Always grow a thorn less rose.
    A place to call peace for humankind.
    And let the calm reach the mind.
    Conquer hate with dream of hope.
    Let us dream of a big kaleidoscope.
    Behind the crystal waterfall,
    Faith flows like a mighty stream.
    Just beneath a silver lined cloud,
    Promising a rainbow the ocean mets the sky.
    Purple universe of far away winters,
    Falls in love with pearl so shy.
    To a snowy peak,
    Reign of kindness is a secret trick.
    And I know it so well.
    The sea residing is in the seven shells.
    And a story never to its end☃

  • akshadajadhav 22w

    From Asian poetry collection
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    #trisv #taeda

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    Calmness, it is a hidden inner peace.
    A piece that positivity brings in you in a while.
    It is like a star whose light doesn't reach the earth but marks its existence.
    While being surrounded with chaos or raging thoughts in mind, or when you can't control what's happening right beside, keeping your heart calm is the right choice.
    Just because of some insignificant actions of others you can't let your mood get spoiled, so mastering the calmness in such, is a great advice.
    Staying calm is an ultimate weapon in the storms where your mind and heart falls apart.

  • akshadajadhav 22w

    We are two distinct timelines linked.

  • akshadajadhav 22w

    From debut poetry collection

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    Sense of calmness
    Always whispers in you

  • akshadajadhav 23w

    Sometimes you don't need anything to feel better
    just some thoughts creating a good dream
    and a silent corner

  • akshadajadhav 23w

    Fom debut poetry book' the seven'
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    #theseven #trisv #taeda

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    From standing out your best

    to serving under your worse

    the day falls down

    and night lits up the sky

    it seems peace in war

    with ocean of stars

    slightly clouds moves

    apart then here comes

    the magic card

    the secrets that are locked

    a limiting belief of your heart 

    the self that is taught

    to live like noble sofar

    dream of colossal

    and a desire of winter cold

    moon knows it all

    your every worry, 

    your every shedded tear, 

    every regretted decision, 

    every cherish snippet

    he knows it all 

    and cares for all


  • akshadajadhav 23w

    Devastated days yet could be fixed.
    Need is just of having much happy attitude
    To show off the act

  • akshadajadhav 23w

    The universe checks on your positive self
    and offers you the exact,vice versa
    Then why it always focuses on god
    When everything sprouts through your

  • akshadajadhav 23w

    From début poetry book #theseven
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    Deep rooted thoughts
    are like support system
    over the winds
    which are thirsty
    to make you fall down
    so make'em alive
    but every season passing
    a tree sheds its wilted leaves
    so your wilted thoughts
    should make some space
    to grow
    some more new leaves;
    for the growth
    it grows some more branches
    like your thoughts
    should explore
    with the world evolving
    but keep some branches
    you hang your own

  • akshadajadhav 23w

    Bloom the way leaving

     withering a while away