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  • akhilesh_mahender 17w

    I asked my watch to pause for a while. It denied. I had a right recipe to make my day happy. My people around, cozy music from the corner, the night sky above, beach side, and an aroma of delicious food.

    The event was planned to bring me back to normal. By saying normal, I mean myself minus her. Soon, I slipped into the crowd grooving around the bonfire. It was burning in agony , yet spreading warmth across the sky.

    I asked my watch to stop for a while, for I was drenching slowly into happiness. It didn't budge. Moments passed by as I heard the orchestra playing her favorite song.

    "I don't deserve you. I'm not right for you!" Her voice echoed in my ears. I distanced myself from the crowd, closing my ears tight and went on an expedition beach side.

    My watch stopped clicking."You won't stop when I ask you to. But, you halt when I cry, when I'm not smiling, when I'm pissed off, when I'm, when I'm sad! Damn!" I abused few hard words on the watch.

    I wobbled along the shore, as waves hit my feet to and fro. The locket hit my heart at every alternate step. "I don't need your thoughts nor your memories!" I cried, as I hurled my platinum chain into the sea.

    The clouds rained to match my pain, or perhaps to say it's okay to cry. Soon, my legs went weak, and I fell with a thud.

    "Hey! Did you sl-sleep enough?" An old creaking voice came from behind. I woke up beside a broken yacht. A new morning it was, but the mind and heart were stuck at the same old memories.

    "Oh yeah, thanks, thanks for looking after me!" I mumbled. "Oh, it's a pleasure, the last night you were drunk and you weren't in a position to stand on your own and walk back home, also I didn't notice anyone searching for you!" He adjusted his spectacles all the while he spoke.

    "Oh, my friends must be here somewhere!" I mumbled.

    "Hey listen! When you're broken, all you want to do is fly way, sail away from the loss, but life doesn't let you move, like this broken yacht!" He smiled.

    I couldn't understand, I couldn't relate or may be I did. I stood confused. "People who adore you will d-definitely come back to have a look at y- you! Like I come to meet my yacht" He stammered.

    I smiled and turned around to walk away. There she was right infront of my eyes. I froze to tears. She came closer, inch by inch, step by step. Once again those words echoed in my ears -"I don't deserve you. I'm not right for you!"

    I went down my knees, as the heart was thumping against my chest harder. The waves slapped my face, to bring me back to my senses, leaving the platinum chain near my bruised knees.

    "Hey, anything wrong?" He whispered, nudging my arm. "Ah, nothing, she came to have a look at me!"
    I mumbled.

    "Who?" He scanned around, but found none.

    "She!" I mumbled holding the chain in my warm palms.

    My watch started clicking, 12 hours apart but showing the right time.


  • akhilesh_mahender 26w

    Dear quill,
    I'm sorry.

    I tried my best to
    be back, but I realised,
    I've lost my home.

  • akhilesh_mahender 49w

    I know goodbyes hurt.

    But, why am I here again and again,
    only to see how I bid bye?

    I'm addicted to this pain too!


  • akhilesh_mahender 65w

    And, it's a goodbye!

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  • akhilesh_mahender 65w

    Hearty thanks to all who supported me through thick and thin. Please acknowledge my vote of thanks.

    And sorry, if I my words hurt you anytime in the past. Sorry for writing gloomy verses.

    At times, I wish, if my life were a writing app,
    I'd have got many well wishers.

    Nevertheless, you were the reason behind this smile.

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    This night,
    I've found the end
    to my story;
    the journey
    as a writer.

    And, unlike my verses,
    it's not fiction.

  • akhilesh_mahender 65w

    Coz, all it takes
    to be back, is
    a mere flashback.

  • akhilesh_mahender 65w

    Hundreds of drafts.
    Thousands of tears.
    Lakhs of metaphors.
    And, infinite attempts
    to make you understand.

    Yet, I failed.

    Coz, an introvert is
    introvert forever.


  • akhilesh_mahender 65w

    "Shall I post these verses in BOLD, to have your attention, or shall I carve them on my skin?"
    She pleaded.

    "Draft them in your heart!"
    He replied.


  • akhilesh_mahender 65w

    From 'friend' to 'just friend',
    life happened, as I fought
    for the 'just'ice.


  • akhilesh_mahender 65w

    "After all, you're a mere stranger!"
    She mumbled.

    "Fine, then why did your
    eyes shower when I was away?
    Strange, isn't it?" He questioned.