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  • akdpoetry 8w

    In the end

    In the end
    What really matters is how much you love yourself
    To overcome all odds and make your dreams come true

    In the end
    What really matters is how hard you worked
    To take yourself from where you were to where you want to be

    In the end
    What really matters is not the broken heart or the teary eyes
    But the smiles on the faces of those who have sacrificed everything to see you happy

    In the end
    What really matters is not the million failures
    But the one soothing touch of success that you experience with your hardwork

    - Ananda Kamal Das


  • akdpoetry 30w


    Dear life, I want to challenge you to a duel
    I know my chances of winning are slim, but I want to battle you till my last breath
    I want to make my own mark among this dense and brutal crowd
    I have given up the habit of waiting aimlessly; I would rather want to rush back and embrace you
    Dear life, I know I am still a novice who wants to learn the way of living from you
    But yet, I will not surrender, I will keep fighting you till my heart's beating, till the blood's flowing, till the sun's shining

    - Ananda Kamal Das


  • akdpoetry 39w


    काश ये रात यू ही बीत जाए
    ये तारो की चमक मेरे आखो को ना भाए
    और ये खूबसूरत चाँद मुझे तुमहारी याद ना दिलाए

    -आनंद कमल दास


  • akdpoetry 42w

    New year
    New day
    Time to cheer
    And drive every sorrow away

    New year
    New smile
    Time to hope for the best
    And make every moment worthwhile

    New year
    New life
    Time to make our dreams come true
    And win the love of our lives

    -Ananda Kamal Das

  • akdpoetry 48w


    हा वो मर्द है, वो अक्सर रोता नहीं है
    पर किसी औरत के आखो में आँसुओ को देख कर वो चुप बैठता नहीं है
    वो अपने गमो को मुसकुराहट के पीछे छुपाए जिए जाता है
    वो अपने वतन, अपने प्यार, और अपने परिवार के लिए अपना जीवन भी न्योछावर किए जाता है

    हा वो मर्द है, वो अक्सर रोता नहीं है
    वो अपने जिम्मेदारी से पीछे हटता नहीं है
    कठिन परिस्थितियों में भी वो हिम्मत नहीं हारता
    दफन कर अपने अरमानो को, वो आनेवाले पीढ़ी का है भविष्य सवारता

    हा वो मर्द है, वो अक्सर रोता नहीं है
    वो अपने आँसुओ को मोम की तरह पिघलने देता नहीं है
    खुद के दर्द को दबाए वो औरो के घाव है भरता
    कठिनाइयों की तेज़ तूफानो मे वो हिम्मत की लौ जलाए चलता

    - आनंद कमल दास


  • akdpoetry 53w

    I am Batman

    I am the ray of hope in the blackest night
    I am the savior of the weak and the punisher of the guilty
    I am the one whose name makes criminals tremble in their boots
    I am vengeance, I am the dark knight, I am Batman

    I am the one who brings evildoers to justice
    I am the one who has pledged to keep Gotham safe forever
    I am the one who will rid this city of its evil filth
    I am vengeance, I am the dark knight, I am Batman

    I am the one who assures that no family falls prey to villains and anti socials
    I am the worst nightmare of every criminal
    I am the one who acts in the darkness to ensure that this city witnesses the brightest days
    I am vengeance, I am the dark knight, I am Batman

    - Ananda Kamal Das


  • akdpoetry 54w


    मैं आगाज हू
    मैं अंजाम हू
    अपनी कहानी का मैं सूत्रधार
    और मैं ही हर किरदार हू

    मैं सुबह का सूरज हू
    मैं ढलता शाम हू
    मैं ही अपनी जीत
    और अपने हार का कसूरवार हू

    मैं अनंत हू
    मैं अविरल और अविराम हू
    मैं अपना खुदा, अपना शैतान हू
    और मैं ही अपनी मंजिल को हासिल करने का हकदार हू

    -आनंद कमल दास


  • akdpoetry 56w

    2020... WTF!!!

    Scorched forests endangering wildlife
    Submerged cities creating tremendous hardships
    Humanity at peril owing to a global pandemic
    All I have to say... 2020, WTF!!!

    Temblors making waves across the globe
    Vermins laying waste to the harvest
    Cyclones wreaking havoc throughout nations
    All I have to say... 2020, WTF!!!

    Legends, icons, and heartthrobs breathing their last
    Terror attacks creating unrest and chaos
    Calamities threatening lives at large
    All I have to say... 2020, WTF!!!

    - Ananda Kamal Das


  • akdpoetry 61w

    इसी जमीन पर जन्मे है,
    इसी जमीन पे मिट जाना है,
    ए वतन, तुझसे है बेइनतहा मुहब्बत,
    तेरे लिए कुछ कर जाना है।

    - आनंद कमल दास


  • akdpoetry 63w

    You're so beautiful

    Your hazel eyes are like an ocean in which I want to drown
    The beauty spot above your lips is where my heart resides
    Your curly locks are like the shade of a tree protecting me from strong sunlight
    After seeing you, each beat of my heart wants to say, you're so beautiful

    Your voice is like a nightingale's melodious chirruping
    I lose myself into your thoughts while watching you talk to others
    Your gentle behavior makes me love you more
    Everyday I muster the courage, but run out of words to tell you, you're so beautiful

    Your prettiest smile is the one thing that I can die for
    The way you tuck your hair behind your ear takes my breath away
    The words you speak are like a bard's poetry
    I want to express how much I love you and let you know, you're so beautiful

    - Ananda Kamal Das