peace exists, i don't

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  • akarna 46w


    अंग अंग में बदलता अंबर
    आज कुछ ऐसे बसा,

    की सागर किनारे
    सुनहली रोशनी को भी
    हाथों में पल भर के लिए समेटने चले,

    पैरों तले डगमगाते लहर,
    कदम और उनके निशानों संग
    सूरज को भी ले डूबे

    कोरा अंधेरा बाहर छाने लगा
    और भीतर भी,

    परछाई से गम बाटने लगे अब,
    कल की आस में।


  • akarna 48w

    Capo' no hope.

    Been years since
    I learnt to
    Been years since
    I yearned to

    Tuning a song right
    on beat,
    Letting a note wrong
    off beat.

    Riffed passion, chorded hearts
    knew the majors and minors byheart
    still do, where
    Minor incidents
    led to
    major sacrifices.

    Remembering a proud love
    holding a once beloved in present
    staying firm,
    loosing grip
    on time.

    Strings for the ages
    learnt, and
    strings for an eternity


  • akarna 48w

    Occupational Hazards- 1.

    There lies a chef,
    a knife in hand and
    gossip on the tray,
    chopping words
    in the day,
    preparing rumours
    fresh to serve

    There lies a sailor,
    a map in hand,
    spit full of smile
    sailing on oceans
    of envy,
    making storms
    in a cup of tea.

    There lies a teacher,
    chalk in hand,
    half knowledge on boards
    teaching worn out
    answering doubts
    of today, tomorrow.


  • akarna 48w

    "Look at you,
    staring at others,
    judging, what you do."

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    Normal see.

    Walking slow
    on fast roads
    seeing backs as faces
    friendly small talk
    with the thinnest air,
    following their shadows
    my bestest mate.

    Sitting low
    on high chairs
    alone at a table for two
    ordering the same
    like everyone before in line,
    being fed,
    the choicest of words.

    Smiling wide
    for narrow minds
    buying more and more tape
    sticking it on
    stretched faces left and right,
    on cheap heads too
    at the expense of sanity.


  • akarna 48w

    (written on a whim, free to scroll)

    Early mornings meant
    a glass of milk with turmeric,
    an unwilling acquaintance,
    now became a cup of chai,
    an addictive companion.
    Contents changed, so did life.

    Sipping on 2 cups daily,
    sniffing in a familiar aroma and soul
    that appreciated each others' company,
    unlike a few.
    Routines changed, so did times.

    I burnt my tongue
    the very first time I drank tea
    wasn't my last time either,
    while tasting reality.
    Views changed, so did people.

    Grandma added cardamom,
    Ma, cinnamon and I added basil,
    generations brewed freshness
    for stale, stagnant imaginations.
    Tastes changed, mornings,
    still remained the same.


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    Te amo.

    "I was drunk,
    not on love or alcohol,
    but on a
    cup of chai and


  • akarna 48w


    "रंगबेरंगी - Colourful.

    Day, after day

    As the evening
    changes its shades,
    the same way
    humans change their faces.

    Where one became
    a devotional song(अभंग - Marathi)
    of peace,
    The other kept on
    disturbing peace."

    अभंग(Hindi) - Uninterrupted, in flow

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    दिन प्रतिदीन,

    संध्या जिस तरह
    अपने रंग बदलती गई
    इसी तरह लोग भी
    चहेरे बदलते गए।

    जहा एक बना
    शांति का अभंग
    दूसरा करता चला
    शांतता को भंग।



  • akarna 48w

    जाने क्यों��‍♂️

    "Do you know why?
    (पत्ता-leaf, पता- to know)

    Do leaves also get enraged?

    Then why do they quiver with the winds?

    Why do they shed like tears?
    Why do they let go off their shades?

    Why do new leaves take their place?

    The laughing, dancing trees, why don't they grieve?
    The unbalanced feet, why do they stamp while walking on the coffin (of dry leaves)?

    Why then, only the leaves do shed in mourning?

    Why don't then, leaves get enraged?

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    पत्ता हैं क्यों?

    क्या पत्तों को भी गुस्सा आता हैं?

    तो जाने क्यों हवा से हैं कापते?

    क्यों वो जाते हैं अश्क समान झड?
    रंग क्यों बिखेर देते अपना?

    क्यों उनकी जगह नए पत्ते ले जाते?

    हस्ते, झूलते पेड़ क्यों नहीं जाते हैं रूठ?
    डगमगाते पैर क्यों कुचल देते हैं उनके कब्र?

    क्यों शोक में भी पत्ते ही गिरते?

    फिर भी क्यों पत्ते गुस्सा नहीं करते?


  • akarna 49w

    Dad gave
    a name to me,
    at school I was
    given some more,
    teasingly, lovingly.

    Carrying heavy books
    in my cool schoolbag
    light as a cloud
    pulling me down were
    those taunts, heard loud.

    Mom told, don't
    forget to make friends
    so I smiled, shook a hand
    dreams were shaken too
    I, for myself, unable to take a stand.

    Alone on benches
    broken, battered, tired
    pencil, pens and eraser
    scribbled a futile tale
    of experiences without closure.

    Chalks screeching daily
    teachers too
    lost, on days and tries
    weekly, a weakling now
    inner voices, a far cry.


    Bullying exists in all parts, walks and ways of life.

    It's tough to stand upto it, but not impossible,
    I did it, and I was understood by people who heard.
    Hoping people who face it find a way out too.


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    Far Cry

    "Fire some warning shots,
    I'm not Bully-t Proof."


  • akarna 49w

    Token to thank.

    Toss the threads
    tampering thoughts that
    throw them towards
    toxic tragedies.

    Tie the threads
    throughout twisted tongues
    that tasted
    toothless travesties.

    Trust the threads
    that thanklessly taught
    tumultuous times
    to tackle their


  • akarna 49w

    "Meghdoot - Cloud messenger

    Out of the windows
    I look at the black clouds
    and I ponder

    Let there be a
    roof on the head
    where rain would fall
    with tears

    Let there be an
    umbrella in one hand
    on which would rest
    drops of old memories

    Let there be a
    puddle underneath my feet
    where childhood's
    laughter would be heard once again

    I'm still pondering
    looking at the clear skies."

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    Kaale badalo ko
    khidkiyo se dekh
    vichaar karta hu

    sar par bas koi
    chath ho
    jaha baarish
    aankho sang barse

    haath mein ek
    chaata ho
    jispar thehre
    yaado ki boonde

    pairo tale koi
    keechad ho
    bachpana jisme
    khila khila uthe

    vichaar kar raha hu ab bas
    saaf aasmano ko dekh