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  • akansha04 9w

    @cool_buddy45 GHOSTYY ��

    So the matter is such that once there was a mother and her daughter, her daughter had a problem.

    So she was a girl, she was always sad, she used to think that today or tomorrow I will die because of this problem of mine.

    Then one day he goes to the doctor and the doctor says that this girl will HAVE AN OPERATION IN WHICH she may DIE AND MAY SURVIVE there is no guarantee that she may survive or die

    So when her mother tells this thing to her girl, she starts feeling VERY SAD, neither she eats well nor thinks well nor enjoys anything.

    It always keeps thinking that now I am going to die, I will not go, I will die today or tomorrow, the whole time just keeps thinking like this

    Seeing this her mother and the whole family get very upset and she becomes very sad that their girl is very upset and is in a LOT OF GRIEF.

    Then one day that GIRL'S FRIEND tells that girl that ONE DAY We ALL HAVE TO DIE., do we know whether we should die today, whether we will die tomorrow, no one knows when someone will die.

    That girl's friend explains to her that I know that if you have an operation, you can survive and die, but why are you getting worried thinking about your future, why are you SPOILING YOUR PRESENT by THINKING ABOUT YOUR FUTURE?

    No one can change what will happen tomorrow, then why are you wasting your time, now you have time, enjoy yourself, this life is available only once, you do not get it again and again, ENJOY IT AS MUCH as you can.

    What is today will not happen tomorrow and why bother thinking about what will happen tomorrow, that's why live in what is now, do whatever you want, do it now, what will happen tomorrow, it will happen, cannot change it But WE ARE THE MASTERS OF OUR TODAY, we can do whatever we want today, so enjoy everything and chill.

    We all have to cry one day or the other, when we know that we have to cry tomorrow, then why are we crying today thinking about it, so today I should laugh when the time to cry comes, then we will cry. Why SPOIL YOUR TODAY BY CRYING NOW

    Then that girl understands the words of her friend and also gets a great lesson from that one should NOT SPOIL YOUR TODAY BY THINKING ABOUT YOUR FUTURE or thinking about your near

    From that day onwards that girl enjoys with her family with her mother, And what she thought of doing yesterday, she does it today and says that I LOVE YOU AYE ZINDAGI (LIFE/)��


    //Don't spoil your today by thinking about what will happen tomorrow, what has to happen will happen but we should prepare ourselves for what will happen tomorrow and should not cry//

    (I know there is a lots of mistake here but please don't mind and forget it)
    Whom you think will like to read this please tag them

    @cool_buddy45 ❤️u r my love ❤️��

    //This is much long what I had expected ��//
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    now I have fallen in love with you so much that I don't like seeing you in trouble.

  • akansha04 25w

    @jaspreetvirk to my Lifeline ❤️

    Ap sb apni hrr btt kissai khtai hoo !??

    My day starts with you,
    My night is incomplete without you,
    Until I tell u all that I want to say,
    My conversations are incomplete..

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    तुझसे मेरा दिन शुरू होता है जाना,
    तुझ बिन मेरी रात अधूरी होती है;
    जब तक कहूं ना हर बात मैं तुझसे,
    तब तक मेरी हर बात आधूरी होती है;
    तब तक मेरी हर बात अधूरी होती है!!

    ©akansha karnwal

  • akansha04 26w

    @writersnetwork thank u so much for reading & ❤️

    Asa hota h na tv serial k bahar bhii ��

    Bss isai feel krana isko dill pai mtt laina ��

    They come close to them slowly,
    Make them a place in the heart, teach them love,
    Then for a while my heart is flowing,
    And Leave them lonely in this crowd��

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    वो धीरे से उनके करीब आते हैं,
    दिल में जगह बना उन्हें इश्क सिखाते हैं;
    फिर थोड़ा समय अपना दिल बहलाते हैं,
    और इस भीड़ में उन्हें तन्हा छोड़ जाते हैं!!

    ©akansha karnwal

  • akansha04 26w

    Just some lines ����

    Thank you for giving ❤️��@writersnetwork
    I can't expect this ����txxx again

    It's my second account ��
    First account= @akku04

    If u like so enjoy ����


    He secretly caught sight,
    He stole the sight as soon as I saw,
    He smiled for me ,
    And he bowed down his neck❣️

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    चुपके से नजरे मिला ली उसने,
    मेरे देखते ही नजरें चुरा ली उसने;
    फिर देख कर मुझे मुस्कुराया वो,
    और धीरे से गर्दन झुका ली उसने!!

    ©akansha karnwal