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    @someone_alive (*_*)
    Dear Bubbles, hope you like it, from your Blossom ♡

    All written rights reserved
    12 April Monday 12 am

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    ~ listen to your heart, love ~

    To Anjali 
    - an angel of light -

    It's been a while since we met in the heavenly pouring inky rain. Ever since then, our verses whispered to each other, similes bloomed as smiles and metaphors exchanged melancholy.  You, a bright light of bubble floating in the sweet air. And I, a beauteous charm of blossom swaying in the warm breeze.
    We didn't know how much our passion fueled our pursuit. Cause our hearts connect to each other through dreams. And as dreamers, we became writers. 

    ~ a writer is a dreamer ~ 

    Being a dreamer, is the nature of a writer 
    Thoughts reaching out to the clouds above
    To float on the fantasies spreading the welkin
    For their dream is to fly freely, they sprout wings

    Wings of fire, in the colors of their desire 
    Weigh heavy as they roam around and dream
    Sliding down the rainbows and scribbling art
    Heart drenching when the muse drizzle down

    / a writer never learns to write, they just discover the existing melodies within their soul and sing aloud in the outbreak of epiphany / 

    You've been wandering in the dark alleys of muddled thoughts with an empty mind, a cold heart and a numb soul. You tried to chase your muse in secrets and scenery, landscapes and portraits, paintings and polaroids, music and memories. But you never found a trail even for your senses to catch a scent. Then at last, you saw your muse leave your soul and stood still, helpless as an infant and voiceless as an outcast.
    I wished to reach out to you but your heartbeat was away from me, far away. I never knew your melancholy overtook your mornings and deserted your days and dreams. That you were seeking for a sense of clarity amidst the cacophony of chaos. I didn't know your nights were drowning in nightmares. 

        ~ writer's block is a nightmare ~ 

    Over the time, the muse departs their dreams
    Flight gets deranged and the fight gets enraged 
    Even dreaming becomes unbearable, you cry
    Tremble in the thunder and whimper in the rain 

    But you can't give up the fight, you are a warrior
    The mighty pen is your sword, wield it with courage 
    The blank paper is your infinite sky, wide and welcoming
    Pour your ink as stars and embellish it with your light 

    / a writer never ceases to write, they just pause to release the dying dreads that dishearten them and to breathe in the freshness so that their thoughts evolve / 

    You are not as lost as never to be found again. A silent veil of solitude just embraced you to calm your racing thoughts. Pause, your soul demands a break, devoid of any distractions. This is the only way for it to let you know. Or else you'll burn it into the next life in the fire of rage. Retreat to nature, to the calm waves of ocean, to the endless empyrean. And stay there for a while. 
    You are not under any pressure to pen down within prescribed time. You don't have to write to keep the title of a writer. You don't have to behave as you are fine to yourself. Accept that you need this precious time and let the passing clouds of pressure disappear. Then one fine day, you will find yourself in your mirror, meet the smile you've missed and  hold the pen you've hidden. You'll pen again about the tales of passion that played hide and seek with your heart. You'll realize that your muse is within you - Yourself ! 
    Listen to your heart love, it knows the way around. And I'll be here, waiting for you in the daydreamy clouds. We'll orchestrate a symphony and dedicate it to our muse - our soul ! 

    // We are writers, we have souls of star dust
    We glitter even when we crumble and we shine
    Even when we shoot across the infinite sky // 

    From Anjali
    - an angel of love -


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    11 April 2021 2. 05 am

    Goodbye Kiss ^_^

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    Let's just kiss for the last time

    My lips on yours would sing 
    All those ballads of longing

    My hands holding you so close
    A thousand tales unwritten

    My heartbeat whispers to yours 
    One single truth untold 

    I've loved you, always and forever 


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    All written rights reserved
    10 April 2021 2.15 pm

    Goodbye ~

    Goodbyes surely hurt, parting sorrow bittersweet
    Yet the after thought of ' This is Goodbye '
    Shatters the heart completely, mind numb

    Goodbyes hang heavy on the hook of the past
    Reminiscing in reveries and revisiting in memories
    Drowning in the waves of nostalgia in solitude

    Goodbyes are moments that hold the rushing time back
    World around seems to stand still, eerie silence spreads
    Words and actions mismatched, an act out of the play

    Goodbyes are yesterdays that dived into the ocean of time
    They became waves that washed up at the mind's shore
    Left memories as parting gifts at the foot of the sailor

    Goodbyes are blossoms of wishes that decorate farewells
    Golden flower of Chrysanthemums in white and yellow
    Freesia scented in sorrow to convey unconditional love

    Goodbyes are the most memorable scenery in the journey of life
    When the wayfarer witnesses the day's departure
    Heart crying while the scarlet sunset sets to sleep


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    He stood there, barefoot and motionless, spilling his pain in the ocean waves in crystal drops
    She left him there, broken and breathless, drowning herself in the deep waters of despair


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 2d

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    All written rights reserved
    9 April 2021 3 pm

    @btslove / Coz you're the moonlight in my midnight /

    My Love ~

    Westwind hath swept away the fallen leaves of despair
    Oh dear heart, fear not now

    The knock on your door shall be a wishful spring
    Than a wistful daydream

    You suffered the sweltering summer out in the streets
    You dealt with the ice cold winter all by yourself

    Spring awaits to welcome you
    Oh dear love, come back again

    All your daydreams will bloom into blissful blossoms
    That I'll promise you


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    Spring awaits to welcome you
    Oh dear love, come back again


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 2d

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    9 April 2021 10 am

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    Does silence echo ?
    So does sorrow
    If you burn your soul
    into the night 


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 4d

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    7 April 2021 9. 35 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAE ❤️ @arya_abhipsa

    Bae, on your Beautiful Birthday, we wish you all the happiness in the world. This is what we dream for you Bae, may all the joys of life be yours. We will always stay by your side as you go through and grow through life.

    Morning Lark ~

    The clock hits 6 in the morning and the house is filled with the blare of the alarm ringing. The wave of the ring reaches her eardrum and she opens her eyes, slowly trying to adjust to the pristine morning light.
    Her gaze lands on that one ray of sunshine peeping through the close blinds. Smiling, she opens the blinds, to let in the cheerful golden rays and turn the plush white tiles into a chrome yellow painting, with the hue splattered unevenly like that of a 5 year old kid.
    The aroma of the freshly brewed coffee hits her nostrils and she gets swayed by it. Slowly she finds herself floating with the aroma and reaching her cup of delight. While sipping on her coffee, she reads the newspaper sitting in her balcony, taking in the warmth of the crisp and cozy sunlight.
    The buzzing bees swarm over the rose sapling placed in the nook of the balcony;while the birds chirp in glee sitting on the branch of Gulmohar;creating a music that is unexpectedly soothing and soulful. The fresh morning breeze caresses her hair and lips and yet again, it leaves her in a wonder, at how a simple morning gust of zephyr can lift up her mood. Delighted, she takes a stroll around the neighborhood street and is greeted by the beauty of morning bliss!
    / She returns home and glances at her favorite book, which is waiting for her to be drown in it whole /
    ~ Yours Purple (◍•ᴗ•◍) ©purple_

    A Solivagant in the Realm of Words ~

    She sits motionless, head tucked between pages of her favourite book. It's hard to bring herself to undo the tangled thread of thoughts every time she indulges in the joyride of words. Every breath of hers hesitates to escape until she gobbles up the words on the next page. The transcendental universe of verses homes her untamed heart and she, a solivagant, converses gleefully with stars and sways with the dance meteoroids. The trail of cosmic dust brings back lyrics of her favourite song '' winged love followed a path the paper hearts couldn't ''.
    She wriggles beneath her skin, telling herself that it's okay to breathe in some nostalgia once in a while, and that every personage in this world and the one beyond, has been donning tunics of reminiscences and taking them off by river banks of serendipity. She eventually gives in to the tunes creating a humdrum in her mind and plugs in her headphones, to let them transcend the walls veiling her universe and set her heart free.
    ~ Yours Tammy (☆▽☆) ©tamanna3

    Tales of Rhythm ~

    She let herself be ruffled by the zephyr in pursuit of her fragrance kissed skin, as if they carried tunes the lines of her book knew. Pages of the book flipped to the rhythm as she moved flawlessly to the euphony of the song playing in her headphones. Her dainty room wore candles of ivory,
    their flames flickering to the melody now playing in her Walkman, a nostalgic gift she cherished.
    Twilight drew streaks of scarlet in the sky as she hummed along with birds by the bay window, singing to them the amorous lyrics. She tuned into "Paradise" on her playlist, eyes closed, she harmonised to that favourite voice soothing her soul, tranquilizing her heart.
    Her fingers played the piano keys, black and white on a treen teapoy, strummed her favourite chords on a shabby broom in elation.
    No canvas could paint such a gleaming face,
    embracing the dew drops as she stepped out into the starry night. Gazing into the far stretching alley she walked, singing to the solitude accompanying her into the sunset boulevard.
    ~ Yours Siso (✿^‿^) ©the97_introvert

    City Lights & Shooting Stars ~

    Charcoal grey path lay long before her. Onyx sky stretched it's cloudy arms to surround her in a tender embrace. Snowdrops that wished to bloom in the crevices of her heart yearned for a heavenly shower. Streetlights sparkled like silver stars.
    A robust soul lay buried deep within these lazy cities which evoked lingering epiphanies in her. Chilly breeze caressed her skirt like waves of nostalgia, every step she takes would leave footprints on the pathway just like memories stamped on the seashore. She knows another wave would erase it all, but she will keep on inking her own way in pleasant poesy. In the ocean of her heart, she holds such most beautiful memories in a treasure chest. The warmth of her family, love of her friends, passion of her heart and her ambitions in life. All of it reflects the way she sees her reflection on the glassy doors of the open stores at night. The way her whole path seems to sparkle, the way her life draws those lights within to weave together with the shine around, the way she always finds herself wrapped with the coat of love. That warmth burns in heart even in a cold night like this.
    Stars twinkle and shoot across the sky as she blinks and smiles at them. Still the light fades away as her laughter blooms lilies. Surely then, the heaven couldn't sit idly and started doodling on the warm clouds. Dews drops descended to drench her in return of the wishes of the shooting stars.
    ~ Yours Bae (◕ᴗ◕✿) ©ak_anjali_daydreamzz

    A Pluviophile in Heavenly Rain ~

    She is looking at the iron sky and grey clouds with her dazzling eyes. Holding white sneakers in left hand she is walking barefoot and playing in her mind with footsteps it'll rain? or not?
    And suddenly the clouds start melting water beads and warm zephyr converted into cold breeze. She want to hide those falling stars in her little hands but they scattered on the silent land. Clarion sound of Water Tip tip from leaves to bench flowing continuously.
    And nightingale singing a Melodious lullaby soothingly. Soon little shower convert into heavy rain and start drifting from her hair strands. On Her silver dress water drops glimmering Like lucent stars.
    And she is dancing baltery in betwixt circle of rains. She is shaking trees and jumping on street pits, the sound of woody bridge when she is crossing and rhythm of falling raindrops in river reminiscing her old childhood memories. The giggling sound of old memories whispering in her ear how she used to throw stone and playing with paper boats. In enormous ebullience her mind totally lost in a maze of blitheness.
    ~ Yours lovie (✯ᴗ✯) ©btslove

    Magic of Moonlight ~

    She is rain heavy at times, yet drizzle of sunshine soaked in the midst of pages of her favourite books and novels.
    Imagination so vivid and visible, inscribe tales of a powerful girl who resembles the writers heart.
    She is a soothing soft symphony and ode to hometown in the east fascinated by pretty nightlife.
    She is the moonlight of hope and happiness. She is magic.
    ~ Yours Elsa (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ©fairytales_

    ARRY, We Purple You Forever ��

    @purple_ @tamanna3 @the97_introvert @btslove @fairytales_ and @ak_anjali_daydreamzz

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    She sends a kiss to the moon and wishes to the stars for a bit more of happiness and a whole of forever
    In the distance her dreamcatcher dangles and its shine merges with the glow of her golden heart

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 5d

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    Line in '_' is from a book ; phrase in "_" is from a quote

    All written rights reserved
    6 April 2021 10.30 am

    | Goodbye Grief |

    Choking in the clasp of grief unknown
    Thrashing in the whiplash of depression
    Wandering the narrow paths of pessimism
    Pushed me down the cliff of insanity
    It left me hanging on the rope of dread
    Wondering the plays by fate on threads

    Inner voice screams and shouts while
    Intense shame clouded the senses
    Insanity breeds on dark thoughts
    Immobile, I brood away my life

    Despite numerous concerns about lives fellow
    Delving into own inner world isn't allowed
    Dissolving into those tempting waves mellow
    Dark and deep runs the thoughts that followed

    Overdosed of over thinking, overworking and over loving
    Lack of understanding, underrated and undervalued

    / 'A person in love measures time in heartbeats'
    The one without love chases time in heartache /

    Wallowing in the self-pity and solemn sorrow
    Wandering in the footpaths of piled up insecurities
    Waiting for a closure in the alleyways of traumas
    Withering away petals untouched by rays of bliss


    I'm fed up with the tangy taste of goodbye in my mouth
    I'm so sick of this melodramatic melancholy
    Last night I let the war of my dread and hope
    Battle cry rang loud in the field of frenzy mind
    Fiery fight of fears unknown
    feisty held the flame of hope
    Arrows dipped in shame met the shield of pride
    Kicks rooted in blame met the lash of resolve

    Dawn break witnessed the last hour of war
    Flatlined moments the flurry of feelings escape
    Heartline steadied as hope arrived in the cape
    "Count your blessings" as destination is far


    ~ Querencia won and light up the stygian darkness of the heart cave ~
    Dead lay the dreads that drowned my deeds
    Lead by hope, willpower sowed self-love seeds


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    Querencia won and light up the stygian darkness of the heart cave
    Dead lay the dreads that drowned my deeds
    Lead by hope, willpower sowed self-love seeds


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    All written rights reserved
    4 April 2021 12. 05 pm

    Thank you so much for repost ❤️ @writersnetwork

    / Oxymoron
    - a figure of speech containing words that seem to contradict each other.
    - eg used : Blinding light, dark light, bittersweet, deafening silence, walking dead, cold fire , sweet sorrow /

    Tales Untold ~

    ~Blinding lights of false hope
    Shooting stars were dark lights
    At the tail end of the tunnel
    Leading on to nothingness

    ~Echoes of lies bittersweet
    Craving the waves of deceit
    As words linked to fallen worlds
    Crumbled down like house of cards

    ~Deafening silence slicing void
    Shrieks of whispers whirling in wind
    Crunching souls and creeping vibes
    Murdering solitude in sunset

    ~Misfit monstrosity walking dead
    Pocket-sized life breathing on as
    Nightcrawlers lick cold fire off life
    Trust is let loose on minefields

    // Tangled webs of sweet sorrow
    Lead on life in hopes of morrow //


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    Tangled webs of sweet sorrow
    Lead on life in hopes of morrow


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    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
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    All written rights reserved
    29 March 2021 4 pm

    Hiraeth ~

    Been preparing for this since a while yet doing it makes everything so real than how I imagined it would be.
    I'm leaving...

    And I'll burn this bridge at the end of these twelve steps.
    I'll take my home from this house
    I'll take my home with me
    I'll take my home in my heart

    / Departure feels like descending the steps of heaven
    Yearning already crawling through the heart as hiraeth /

    Dangling silver chains won't be shining there when the sun comes alive and throws the golden light around. I'm taking them with me. Glass paintings on the window panel would still make rainbow splashes on the adjacent white wall. But I won't be here to feel my rainbow in all it's hue. Tomorrow it'll be someone else's rainbow.

    Midnight memories are melting down my heart. Countless nights I've spent here, asleep while night Jasmine scented my dreams all sweet and the mellow moonlight sang lullabies to me. Chill breeze that caressed me in deep slumber and touched my eyelashes to tickle my dreams would miss me when they pass through the half-open windows next time.

    Leaving my Eden, my paradise garden breaks my heart all the more. Date palms that greet the morning shine, hibiscus that welcome the well wishes, roses that spread their enchanting fragrance all around, all of them will be missed. For a month I've been growing baby plants from all of them in flower pots in hopes of taking them with me. But no matter how much I try, I can't replace this paradise in another space. So I leave my biggest love behind here. I wish every time I remember this paradise, my love left here will water them and keep on growing.

    This rooftop is freedom for me. Where I learned my lessons, played games and sing my heart out to the sky. This sky, from the exact place I'm standing, is all mine - day and night. Yet I can't take this sky away, no matter how they say ' we have the same sky', it's not like that. So I leave this sky behind and pluck those comfy clouds. I stack them in chambers of my heart. Someday when my mind rages as the summer sun, I'll embrace their chill comfort and when my mind pours hard in rain, I'll soak my tears in them.

    Walls, the holder of all my memories in Polaroids, the colour of my hope in despair, the shoulder I lean on when I break down - these walls know me more than I know myself. Waves of nostalgia drowns me as I un-pin those photographs and tuck them in an album. I feel they were alive when they could breathe free, will they choke in-between the plastic pages? Can't think more, can't leave them behind. Framed pictures lay politely inside the suitcase while nails left would rust in idle reveries.

    Books all over got stacked in boxes. Their abode of bookshelf weeps and moisture crawls through the cracks of the doors. Will the next family have as many books that could make it feel alive ? It's a whole world of fantasy I kept alive in there. I take bits and pieces of them with me for I will grow them again with my dreams.

    Emptying the clothes rack took aeons. The closet space seems vast as never before. It's one thing about fixed closets, organizing everything like this would be hard in another space. All the secret chambers, hiding cookies and toffies, jars of wish lists, figurines collections and gifts of crystals and plushies. Do the feel this parting song?

    Packed and labelled boxes sent away, one-by-one furnitures too. Rooms getting empty, corners wiped away of life. Tomorrow they'll paint this home again, hushed whispers and sobs would choke in the fresh layer of paint. Memories would still bloom as wall flowers on them.

    This house has been my home for thirteen years. Soothed my lonely childhood, guarded my troublesome teenage and sowed seeds of growth for my glowing youth. Yet the gleaming happiness would bloom somewhere else than where it was planted.

    I spent some more time in the empty corridors and balcony, rooftop bereft of paper planes, took a stroll through the garden I would leave behind. Don't know if I'm gathering memories or spilling more of them here. I feel full and empty at the same time.

    Maybe this home would miss a blossoming bud, Me. Maybe it would make room for another spring. I'll leave my cold heart on the gates of winter, right here. Hope this will be a home for more lonely hearts, even if mine will yearn for this happy home.

    This is the last step, I won't turn back and I'll smile through my tears. Wipe my face and sing a ballad as farewell. Leave with lullabies blooming as lilies in the crevices of my heart. I may return someday or maybe never. I've left a piece of me here in exchange of a slice of nostalgia. When memories would rain, I'll hold the umbrella of hope and cuddle my clouds of comfort.
    In a different dream, in another home...


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    Departure feels like descending the steps of heaven
    Yearning already crawling through the heart as hiraeth


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 2w

    Beauty is a belief of perfection,
    a wonder of euphoria and
    an awestruck ecstasy