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  • ak_2021 2d

    I was writing the next chapter of Twist in talE and I forgot almost everything what happened earlier(also some character's names).......XD

  • ak_2021 1w

    Funny love poem (HINDI + ENGLISH) :)

    Tumho mere 'Prince Charming',
    Tumahare bina life is boring;

    Agar koi tumhe gun se shooting,
    Then my heart will be tooting;

    Tumhare paise kar dete hain life ko interesting,
    Unke bina my life will be ending;

    Tumho mere 'Prince Charming',
    Tumhare paiso ke bina how will I go for shopping.

  • ak_2021 1w

    Iman Mufassal

    Iman means faith. Mufassal means detailed. Iman Mufassal means detailed faith.

    Amantu billahi wa malaikatihi wa kutubihi wa rasulihi wal yawmil akhiri wal qudri khairihi wa sharrihi minallahi ta'la wal ba'si ba'dal maut.


    I believe in--

    1. Allah
    The first ascept of Iman is to have faith in Allah. Allah Almighty is the key to Iman. We shall believe in Tawhid i.e. the oneness of Almighty Allah. He is the One and Only. He has many beautiful names and attributes.

    2. His angels
    Angels are the special creations of Allah. They are made of Nur (light). They are always engaged in saying Allah's Zikr and Tasbeeh. They are innumerable. They do nothing without Allah's order.

    3. His Divine books
    All of the heavenly books revealed by Allah are known as Allah's Kalam i.e. messages. Al Quran is the best and the last of all these Divine books.

    4. His messengers
    Almighty Allah sent innumerable prophets and messengers throughout the ages for guiding the mankind. They introduced Allah to mankind.

    5. Akhirat (Day of Judgement)
    The life in this world is not the end for human beings. Life hereafter is Akhirat. This starts just after death. Human beings will enter Heaven for their good deeds and hell for the bad ones.

    6. Taqdir (Fate)- good fate and bad fate are given by Allah
    Everything is predestined by Allah. Almighty Allah Himself is determiner of Taqdir.

    7. Resurrection after death
    Allah will make everyone alive again after death. During that day everybody will be assembled in the field of Hashar and accounted for all wordly activities.

    #Iman_Mufassal #Islam #Tawhid #Islamic_talks_by_ak

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  • ak_2021 2w


    Today I'm gonna sort 4 Mirakeens into Hogwarts houses.

    So let the sorting ceremony start!!!

    @sans_bornes - Slytherin

    Idk how should I explain that why did I choose you for Slytherin but me & my sis thought u r perfect for it.

    @warriorofthenight - Gryffindor

    Warriors r brave so u deserve Gryffindor��

    @daffodilpearlzz - Ravenclaw

    U seem quite intelligent to me......��

    @pujasmeen - Hufflepuff

    Ur posts are really cute. I love the poems u write

    The sorting ceremony ends here

    Did I do any mistake in sorting any of them??

    Btw which house should I be sorted in?

    U can sort other Mirakeens in the comments or sort 4 of them agn if you want!❤������

    #hogwarts #wizarding_world #sorting_ceremony_by_ak

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  • ak_2021 2w

    Soooo......after thinking for a long time I finally got an idea of what should I write!

    So as Ramadan is coming.... I'll write about it.

    Ramadan is my Favourite Islamic Month. It's really special cuz the Quran was revealed in this month. I started fasting from 2019 I guess so when I was 11. At that time I kept 11 fasts....Last year --- 12.

    This year let's see how many fasts I will be able to keep.

    BTW my b-day is also on Ramadan(24th April)....It's like a dream come true.

    We fast on Ramadan to understand how poor people feel when they don't get food. So this Ramadan.....Spread happiness����

    I don't know what else to write soooooo........


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  • ak_2021 6w


    -Excuse me. What time is it?

    -I can only tell you approximately...

    -Ok...go on.

    -It's saturday

  • ak_2021 6w


  • ak_2021 6w

    When school/college reopens after lockdown

    Student: Mom...My college is going to reopen.

    Mother: What!! When did u get admitted to college? Weren't u in 9th grade?

    Student: R u sure?

    Mother: Hmmm...I just can't remember.


  • ak_2021 7w

    The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

  • ak_2021 7w

    These tips r found from Google. I loved them so I thought share them with u guys.

    Btw also tell which one u liked the most...❤

    #prompt #love #lovestory #love_story_prompt

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    Love story writing PROMPTS

    1. He has already been ruled out. She made up her mind long ago that she would never date a man with his title (doctor, biker, lawyer, etc.)

    2. This one is pretty straightforward but can go in any possible direction. Write a story about any supernatural species - vampires, werewolves, aliens, or something you make up yourself. Write a romance either between the species or between a supernatural and a human. More often than not these are forbidden and/or dangerous romances but the characters go after it anyway.

    3. Your main character is a vivid dreamer. Some are wonderful experiences and others are horrible nightmares. Suddenly, the terrible people and events from their dreams start appearing in real life. Their partner then dies suddenly in a tragic way. They are devastated but hopeful because their dead partner starts appearing in their dreams. They spiral into the tragic existence of frantically searching for their partner in the real world during every waking moment.

    4. Time travel is a theme that has been explored over and over again throughout the history of storytelling, but it never seems to get old. Perhaps this is because of the completely endless options you have with the idea. Write about a protagonist who travels through time and meets the love of their life in a different era. They are clearly meant to be, but one of them refuses because of where the protagonist is from.

    5. While visiting your grandmother in her nursing home, she tells you that her high school sweetheart, who broke her heart by marrying someone else before she met your grandfather, just moved into a room down the hall. One day, you meet the man's grandson, who has been told a different version of what happened between them. You compare notes over lunch, and as you fall in love, you help your grandparents rekindle their own romance.

    6. Growing up, there was a knock on the door every year at midnight on your birthday. With everyone sound asleep, you would always go and check who's there, only to be met with nothing. On your 20th birthday, the knock happens as usual, but this time someone is standing in front of you. It is the handsome man from your nightmare last night—a person who wielded powerful magic and saved you from a dark being during your dream. You hope that your dream was not a premonition.

    7. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? On Earth, such a question is a game. On Planet Desalia, it's reality. Everyone gets to choose their magical power on their 18th birthday. You choose invisibility and quickly start a one-sided relationship with a love interest you follow around town. Things get awkward when your love interest chooses the power of x-ray vision and confronts you about following her.

    8. Raised in an orphanage, you know nothing of your magical heritage. However, when you reached the age of maturity, you discovered that you possessed the powers of both the light and the dark. You don't know how your dark powers came to be, but they could get you killed by the magical enforcers: a group sworn to remove black magic from the world. That's why you fled the orphanage in the dead of night and never looked back. You survived on the streets, using your wit and your grit as well as a little bit of your dark powers, but only when absolutely necessary. Now an adult, you still remain in the shadows, keeping to yourself. One fateful night you stumble across an attempted murder. You refuse to watch an innocent man be killed. With no choice but to use your dark powers, you save his life. Little do you know that the handsome man you saved is, in fact, a magical enforcer.

    9. Betrayed by your own brother, you are cursed by a spell from the ancient tomes you were sworn to protect. Now branded with the mark of the Serpent, you are cast out from your clan and banished from your beloved country. As you wander the outer lands, you hear rumors of a powerful sorceress with the knowledge of the curse that lives within the caves of the Hindral Mountains. You venture there and find that the sorceress is a young and beautiful maiden. After hearing of your plight, she vows to help you remove the curse. However, the ingredients for the cure lay deep within the caves—deeper than even the sorceress has dared to venture.