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  • aiyra0903 81w


    She started crying when I was born,
    When I grew up she said I had a horn.
    She loved me more than her life,
    She performed all her duties as a mother and wife.
    She trusted me at any cost,
    She couldn’t stand when I was lost.
    How could anyone love me so much?
    No one except her could give the motherly touch,
    When I was ill you let me curl in your lap. When I did something wrong you replied with a slap.
    You taught me how to ride,
    You consoled me when I cried.
    For my success and prosperity you always wish,
    Even a simple thing was made into a classic dish.
    When I was away, you I tremendously missed, How can I forget the goodnight’s kiss!
    My dreams were filled with the walking dead, You always saved me from this frightening dread.
    When I am low, my spirits you lift.
    Mom, you are the best gift!

  • aiyra0903 81w

    And the good girl fell for the bad boy..........

    The games you play aren't really fair,
    Your deep black eyes and messy hair
    Make me swoon.
    Lost in your thoughts nights change to noon.
    Everyday I look forward to something new,
    My gallery is now filled of you.

    You've certainly played some black magic on me,
    You are hot, bitter and strong just like my coffee.
    Our chats keep me awake the entire night,
    Now all I can see ahead is only light.

    Some "stupid guy" is to be blamed for all this,
    Who's made my life a messy bliss.
    You are my favourite notification,
    Thanks to you everything now seems fiction.
    I don't know the name to this relation,
    It all seems like a beautiful hallucination.

    You are now accused of theft,
    Of robbing my heart,
    My mind's peace,
    Night's sleep and all that's left.

    It's the first time I've felt so,
    My heart aches when you go.
    I would like to make memories with you,
    Because like you there are very few.
    You are highly impossible to define,
    As your already so refine.


  • aiyra0903 90w

    A daughter needs a Dad to be the standard against which she'll judge all.


  • aiyra0903 91w

    Bol ke dasya,
    te ki dasya...


  • aiyra0903 99w


    For you on this special day,
    I have some things to say.
    Though I have outgrown your lap,
    But I will never outgrow your heart.
    You will always be my king
    I miss the days when to you I would cling.
    When I was wrong, you did snap.
    But you also take care of me like a plant it's sap.
    When I faltered and stumbled you helped me up.
    Nothing can match, with you a teacup.
    You protect me from society's sword and knife,
    I am lucky to have you in my life.
    You held my hand , when I was small,
    You caught me when I fell.
    You are the hero of my childhood,
    And my later years as well.
    And every time I think of you
    My heart ♥ fills with pride,
    I love you loads Dad
    And I know that you'll always be by my side.
    Today is a time to celebrate,
    The birthday of someone great.
    I'm the luckiest alive because I have you,
    I love you loads and a happy birthday to you.


  • aiyra0903 100w

    New decade #2020

    Mistakes have been made, a lot of them
    Careless and naive, but no regrets.
    But when the same are repeated twice,
    Suffice to say, it grips my heart in a deadly vice.

    To part from some and their haunting memories
    Each of it, was a lesson for life.
    At first, what sounded like blissful melodies,
    Later stabbed back like a knife.

    Risks were taken dangerous but fun,
    Chaos was created but now all done.
    Mess was made but now all cleared,
    Not a single regretful tear smeared.

    Folk left without a clue,
    Were their intentions ever pure and true ?
    The past was made to sever,
    Some misunderstandings made, maybe forever.

    True faces were revealed,
    Dark secrets were unveiled,
    Ties were broken, trust was lost,
    Never knew happiness would come with a cost.

    But these are pages of a tome not new,
    I look forward to a fairytale devoid of few.
    Not all evocations were tainted and pressured,
    A few will always be treasured.

    I am over the past,
    There's no dart which will now last.
    I am my own light,
    Not deterred by forgone plight.

    Lots of good luck and wishes to all,
    Hopefully won't be busted again with lies.
    I am starting a new beginning, leaving the one behind
    Along with certain sore ties.

    Another fresh start is here,
    Another opportunity to live,
    Let's banish worry, doubt and fear
    To love, laugh and give.

    Here's to a fresh beginning,
    To change failure into winning
    To try to live a little better
    And always be forgiving...


  • aiyra0903 100w


    For you on this special day,
    I have some things to say
    You mean the world to me
    You don't let my secrets free
    When I was sad, you helped my spirits lift
    I couldn't have asked for a better gift.
    You hold me when I fall
    You always stand beside me firm and tall
    I miss the time we spent at Books & Bricks
    And our stupid treats and tricks.
    Distance isn't about being far apart
    It's about surviving with only half a heart
    You are something I cannot define
    You are something which is already refine
    You were never easy to read,
    But you are the first to help when in need.
    I wish you all the good luck,
    From people's life problems you suck
    You are perfect in every sphere of life
    You save me from every sword and knife.
    I can't even repay you for what you've done
    You around, meant endless fun.
    Today is a time to celebrate
    The birthday of someone great.
    I'm the luckiest alive because I have you,
    I love you loads and a happy birthday to you.


  • aiyra0903 110w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Exhaustion

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    She prefers physical exhaustion over mental fatigue everyday.....

  • aiyra0903 114w

    When I was a little girl
    I planed my perfect world
    And lived in a palace in my dreams
    Then heartbreak came along
    And plans went completely wrong
    Life's just not as easy as it seems
    But Look at me now I'm still dreaming
    Still believing in myself.........

  • aiyra0903 117w

    The average teacher explains complexity,
    The gifted teacher reveals simplicity.
    Thanks for making me what I am today,
    You never let me go astray.
    Life's lesson you teach,
    Every goal you help reach.
    You guided my thoughts,
    And helped me find my faults.
    You helped me to learn and grow,
    Through the immense love you show.
    Today I actually realise your importance,
    I am in complete awe of your endurance.