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  • aimansheikh 17h

    And i will love you the same way it was in the start! :)
    7years and forever I guess. ��❤

    I genuinely have nothing to write.
    Let's accept the fact that # has nothing to do with our posts. ��������
    @miraquill_assistant ikr?

    They do what they wanna do!
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    May be. :)

    For a long time i have loved you;
    It seems like you never had a clue.
    I'd like it to remain that way,
    Thinking it will subside by itself someday.

    So i kept waiting for that someday,
    Till i realized it one day,
    That 7years have come to pass,
    Yet my heart is still the way it was.

  • aimansheikh 1w

    I write about him and his scars, what else does anyone want?
    And yet you still ask why him, then you should take my heart and read it all.

    Idk. Idk. Idk.
    Thanks for bearing.
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #pod #wod #love
    Thankyou WN!! <3

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    I recalled the time, when I was questioned, Why him?
    I ceased myself and slammed my eyes and vocalized.

    His skin when I touch never hurts mine.
    His hands has the mildness that can fix any of my down.
    His eyes so serene and the lashes so calm.
    His eyebrows when he talks says what his lips decline.
    His smile has the universe and the silence so poise.
    He looks like my poetry when he talks about my poem's.
    I always feel jealous when some other eyes gaze him, except mine.


  • aimansheikh 1w

    Tried something!!!
    Ik, I am late. Anyways.:)

    Their might be some people who think that writing resilient or different words in their poems makes it look stronger or makes them a better poet.��
    No, you're absolutely wrong.
    Poetry has nothing to do with complicated language.
    It should be something that any person can read it and enjoy it the same way we have wrote it.
    Also, there are many poets who use the tough vocab like tough words or what not but it's their way of writing everyone has different taste, different languages.
    So, please stop trying to act like you'll look a better poet just by adding some complicated words in your poetry.
    Poetry is all about FEELINGS, let's not complicate them and make them easy for ourselves and other people too;)
    I am sorry if anyone among you is hurt or feels like I have particularly written this for someone.
    I am no one to judge anyone here, neither am I a teacher to teach!!!
    I just felt like writing so I did.
    Happy reading.

    (Also, I learnt Kwansaba from my cousin @hayaa__ 's book,
    It's written by some of her teacher of her school "DPS" (CBSE) A great book for literature lovers tho!)

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    #kwansaba #wod #pod

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    He Apprised why he is never glorified?
    I retorted with, because you are WORSHIPPED.

    He protested why he is never adored?
    I countered with, because you are HONOURED.

    He demanded why he is never contented.
    I rejoined, because that's not your ART.



  • aimansheikh 2w

    I am not able to!! �� Apologies...
    I could have wrote a bold one, but yaha loug judge karte!! :)

    #end #pod #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Take me to a place,
    where we can live together and grow old.
    Let's make a home,
    with lots of love and memories of gold.
    I know it's not easy to do,
    but we know we are enough bold.
    There we will live rent-free,
    like always we have told.
    Your hand in my hands,
    you staring me,
    and I making you food sometimes hot and sometimes so cold.


  • aimansheikh 2w

    That evening when I was gazing the sun,
    And it started vanishing.
    I once again was left down-hearted,
    But then instantaneously,
    I heard a feeling.

    Darling, It's not the sunsets and sunrises that you want,
    It's me your Moon, full of dark and still shining bright,
    Away from the stars.

    You need me, you need my light,
    Don't let your heart fall apart.

  • aimansheikh 2w

    And when he was talking about the colours,
    he suddenly closed his eyes, and laughed.
    The smile that took all my worries away.
    I wonder how the sky bears his smile?
    It seems the clouds come nearer to hear his voice,
    And the sun,
    Tries to hide because surely his smile is brighter and beautiful than anything and I ...
    I just don't want to stop staring at that smile.
    His eyes makes me feel everything at once,
    And his smile, God.
    His smile gives me everything I ever want,
    And that's where I feel,
    May be this is my forever, Yes forever.
    May be talking to him for a while is forever,
    Or may be watching him for a while is forever.

    Little did he know how much I adore him,
    And how my mind keep playing his pictures everytime.
    I wish, it could stay forever,
    His smile and his hand in my hands?

    And then this happened,


    P.s; I had written this years ago and it was too too long but i wanted to keep it precise so that mirakee people can read it without getting bored. :)

    (Not so active these days)

    #color #pod #wod #attic #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I am his favourite colour.

    That day when we were sitting and conferring about colours,

    I asked him about his favourite,
    And he told me he loves all the colours that I have.

    He loves the pink colour of my face, when I blush.
    He loves my red lips and my not so black eyes.
    He loves my hair brown and black.

    He loves all the green's and blue's, red and pink, black and whites, when I am around.
    He loves all the warm shades of my watches and all the grey sparkle of my rings.

    He loves how colourful my nails are.
    He loves when the sky looks blue and dark.

    He loves me above all.


  • aimansheikh 2w

    That someday you'll crave for my life. ��
    #temp #wod #pod #attic #ceesreposts #travel #notworth
    #simple #anaphora
    Lamest thing I can write.
    I have been using simple vocab lately, since I am learning indian literature these days in my Grad!!!��

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I will reach up high.

    I can touch the sky.

    I am not going to cry.

    There'll be no more lies.

    I will be welcomed in paradise.

    I could be happy with my life.


  • aimansheikh 3w

    You once told me that,
    You are not worth me.
    See now,
    I have fallen down so much,
    So that you can be worth for me.


  • aimansheikh 3w

    #nostalgia #pod #wod #attic #ceesreposts

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Not so perfect.
    Old poems turning into gold. ☺️��

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    Rain again;

    Oh!! it's Raining again, and he is not with me so all in vain.
    But luckily these falling drops are with us, revealing me all his tales.

    Sometimes it rains so deep,and sometimes so shallow,
    how would i guess if he is missing me right now or no.

    Ahh, this aches, aches like hell.
    But let me pray for you to be with me,
    because I have seen you in dreams, till the last of this eternity.

    I hope we could turn around, put it all away,
    so that we can come back to us again.


  • aimansheikh 3w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #pod #wod #attic #ceesreposts

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    I CRY TOO.

    I cry too,
    In times when I find myself alone,
    No one to talk,
    And not feeling fine.
    Well now i choose not to,
    Because for when I did in the past,
    They just blamed me for all of it.
    That this misfortune,
    And all of my sufferings,
    Are my fault lines.
    That they will break me in time.
    That I should follow what they want,
    And what they say,
    If I want to be saved.
    I should neglect my own heart,
    My own desire,
    My own passion to be fine.

    I cry too,
    Even when i seem smiling every single day,
    Because when night comes,
    And i lay myself on my bed,
    I remember what hurts.