i see air,it looks invisible��

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  • ahsidnef 4w

    The susurrus rain softly kisses
    the ripples in the potholes
    The rhythm of the rain drops
    Being heard by some hearts...
    quite being melodious
    The drizzles pour down the window pane
    awakening beautiful memories
    This nostalgic moment rides
    my soul in seren waves

  • ahsidnef 5w

    I wanted to write down
    exactly what i felt,
    But somehow
    the paper stayed empty

    ~and i couldn't have
    described it any better~


  • ahsidnef 5w

    Beauty is upon you like the moonglade kissing the ocean's frenkles

    Beauty is upon you like the Aurora Borealis displaying the night sky as swiriling viridescent rivers

    Beauty is upon you like a loving heart's burn as Sakurajima's volcanic lightening

    Beauty is upon you like the sunset Oia brisking tranquilizing lights in Sarontini

    Beauty is upon you like the moon rays entering through those colorful curtains making their way to your heart

  • ahsidnef 6w

    Just to say ....
    I love my family,

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    This world might turn upside down
    And we might lose our days of fun
    Our hearts might get broken
    Our names might be forgotten
    Maybe the stars will fall one day
    Maybe the ants will fly away
    Maybe the witches will start blessing
    Maybe the flowers will be singing
    Maybe I'm thin,may be I'm fat
    Maybe I'm goofy,maybe I'm smart
    Maybe I'm cool,maybe I'm weird
    Maybe I'm decent,maybe I'm mad
    Maybe I'm smooth,maybe I'm wizened
    But I'm precious to my family
    To the best thing I have in eternity
    We are fruits with different tastes
    But of the same tree
    Fruits with different colors
    Together we appear pretty
    There's some truth that no one can deny
    We're family and that's how we're going to stay

  • ahsidnef 6w

    The stars
    The moon

    Once upon a time,
    The stars got jealous of the moon
    This was the biggest mistake
    That they had ever done
    They thought the moon looked prettier
    Forgetting how many of us loved them more
    They decided to make the moon darker
    So as not to come out,
    The night they were going to have after
    When the expected night appeared
    They were ready to implement what they had decided
    The moon made its way uncovering the clouds
    Its rays filled the sky awakening the owls
    The stars threw a party being proud of what they did
    Thou it didn't last for too long
    The moon was being praised
    By everyone on the ground
    It shined like it had never before
    Their sabotage made it only brighter
    The sky had a clean black skin
    And the moon looked like the door to heaven

  • ahsidnef 6w

    The day her ship sank deep into the ocean
    Except herself there was nobody to be seen
    The sun covered her face by veil of clouds
    The rain being turned into nefarious
    Without any acquiesce
    She realized that her life was about to end
    Despite moistened by the storm, her face had faded
    The sky resembled her long jet black hair
    It didn't like its azure color anymore
    She gasped for air
    While her body was drawning into the water
    But her invincible heart couldn't take it anymore
    Those blue eyes cried the saddest tears ever
    When they saw the ruthless wave coming over
    To drawn her dipper
    She felt the heat inside her soul
    Dripping off into the ocean
    Just like those people
    Who lied about not leaving her alone

  • ahsidnef 7w


    There are people who know that they know

    And there are people who doesn't know that they know

    As there are people who know that they don't know,

    There are also people who doesn't know that they don't know


  • ahsidnef 7w

    Once when I was young
    I clintched on my window and sang
    Staring at the moon waiting for you to come
    Pardoning the wind to prevent the rain
    Thou people say that I was very young
    To understand that love indeed
    Is a pleasant suffocating smog
    Your face was what I could see in the ripples
    You were the brightest from all those hues
    I did doubted the sun was brighter than the moon
    I did doubted the stars were countless
    But I never doubted that you loved me above the mountains
    I felt jealous of your hair
    It has never been far from you, but I couldn't be near
    The dilemma didn't confuse me at all
    It was you whom I chose from the ball
    You printed your love in a red paint
    Stirring a blood from your beautiful heart
    Waiting long for your replay
    Hasn't ever been incessant theme of time
    I don't know if they call this love
    For it made me both weak and brave
    Those few years didn't seem few at all
    I'll never regret how you made me feel
    Years went by so fast
    I thought my heart was detached
    From the sunlight of our past
    But you will always be in my mind

  • ahsidnef 7w

    Sometimes you are made to choose
    Not between life and death
    Not between betrayal and faith
    Not between black and white
    Not between peace and fight
    But from things.......
    That no one will understand
    How much do you weigh your kindness
    How much do you weigh your sympathy
    How much do you weigh your forgiveness
    How much do you weigh your loyalty
    Well I can't say much about my self
    Because lately life has been rough
    You told me to do good
    You said I was really bad
    Like everyone indeed
    But before you ride along
    Let me tell you one thing
    I didn't have the chance
    To sing with the birds
    To play with the stars
    To chase the butterflies
    To smell the flowers
    Just because you don't have to choose
    It doesn't mean that you're good enough

  • ahsidnef 7w

    "Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows"