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  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 18w

    Which colour would you choose?
    #colour #colours

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    Paint me black

    Paint me with your favourite colour and I'll paint you with mine!

    I'll paint you BLUE for the warmth you provide
    I'll paint you RED for your lovely little lips
    I'll paint you YELLOW for you, like a sunflower, irradiate the world
    I'll paint you green for the peace you induce in me
    I'll paint you ORANGE for the annoying little thing you are!

    I'll paint you WHITE like the canvass on which all great things exist

    Paint me BLACK for I am empty with you!


  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 29w

    Simple Love

    Darlin', my love for you won't be penned down into sonnets and immortalised.

    My love for you won't inspire a rebellion, destroy empires or cause upheaval.

    My love for you won't break barriers or make for a good movie adaptation.

    Darlin', don't call me a miser. For all the things it is not, my love for you is grand and more!

    My love for you, is meant for you. It is not a show for the world!


  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 30w

    Random Rant #1

    Life has no meaning other than what we make of it.

    There is no absolute truth; only different views, opinions and thoughts.
    Everything that believe in is a result of your circle. Your circle of views, opinions and thoughts that you are most surrounded with. These are passed down to you by family, friends, media and influencers!

    When you break this circle & let new views, opinions, and thoughts enter your circle, you are directed to either accept or reject the new information.

    If you accept it - Your views change and they are now more encompassing of others' views, thoughts and opinions (whether you agree with them or not)

    If you don't accept it - Your views remain the same but you start disagreeing and fighting with the people who are different from you. (Sometimes, violently)

    The question to ask yourself is - What do I truly believe in? What is something that I believe in that the media and the world has not told me to?

    There's a billion of us out there and if everyone asked themselves this question and become more accepting of others' views, we will surely be in a better world!

  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 34w


    The definition of success is different for everyone.
    For some, success = material wealth
    For same, success = fame
    For same, success = a peaceful life

    Success is not math or science. It doesn't have a right or a wrong answer.
    What works for one individual, may not work for another individual.
    It is okay if you aren't the richest, smartest, or the most famous!

    Just do what suits you best and focus on being content with what you have and what you will achieve...That would be true success!


  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 35w

    Why should I step out of my comfort zone when comfort is all I seek?


  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 36w

    Carry on

    In the end, everything that is meant to happen, will happen!

    All you can do is stay true to your path and work hard.
    The path will not be easy and you will falter.

    However, when you reach the summit and ask yourself "Did you achieve what you wanted?"
    A voice within you should say "I gave it everything I had and I deserve where I am!"

    Stay true to yourself, everything that is meant to happen, will happen!


  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 36w

    A New Beginning

    A new beginning beckons,
    As the dawn approaches.

    As the clouds on uncertainty fade away,
    They shall once again find fate in our remains.

    Like the phoenix rises from its ashes,
    We shall once again restore what was.

    When the oceans recoup for what they'd done,
    Sprightliness shall once again blossom.

    Clouds shall roar and those above shall cry again.

    As the dawn approaches,
    A new beginning beckons.


  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 37w

    Mindless Musings

    Heart over mind, mind over heart
    The senses overpower every rational thought.

    The mind it preaches: if the whole body be blind, deaf or dumb, shall I utter one thoughtless thought...


  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 37w

    This is a slightly different version of what I wrote back in 2010 (under the pseudonym 'Nomad's Mythos).

    Inspired by the legends of Shambhala. This is what I suspect the legendary valley would be like :)

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee

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    The Valley

    There lies a valley so deep.
    full of emotions it greets.
    Its river weeps wine; its beauty, oh so divine!
    Its trees speak of wisdom,
    The creatures breed in freedom.

    Better than heaven this valley seems,
    But only to enlightened it is.
    Harmony dwells in its heart, peace in all its parts.

    Hidden in mist this valley lies, oblivious to the greedy human eye!


  • agitatedmind_peacefulsoul 38w


    You can listen to me when I don't say a word,
    You hear my heart-beat amidst this crowded world.
    You delimit my actions, right or wrong,
    You're there with me forever long.

    You are my word when I fall numb,
    You are the answer to my silence.

    But for the time we were apart,
    I could sense your feelings so hard,
    You wandered on my empty mind,
    Like a ghost daunting it
    all the time.

    But for then...
    I was your word when you fell numb,
    I was the answer to your silence.

    Now it's all even.The grounds are fair.
    It's time to break this silence before the end.

    But here we stand so very swanned.
    I don't think we'll ever find an answer to this

    You're my word wen I fall numb,
    You're the answer to my silence!