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  • agile_dreamer 21w


    ~I know if I start writing, this piece won't end.

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    so many stars are twinkling
    in this world, yet here's me,
    sitting all alone, gazing those scars;
    the blinding light you radiate
    every time I see you, I fall in love
    with you again and again;
    I love darkness only because of you,
    every little thing over years summed up
    to create a story, maybe not romantic
    but a horror one, keeping us awake
    all night; trust me I travelled through
    many paths - known, unknown, light, dark
    - but I don't know why I found my home in
    you, your encouragement is the best gift I
    ever received, all those nonsense talks
    mean so much, all those rotten jokes;
    if one day my life leaves you,
    don't misunderstand me as my soul
    will never leave you

  • agile_dreamer 22w

    ~Tried something new
    Any kind of suggestion is welcomed

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    রাতের কথা বলব কারে,
    শুনবে কী কেও ধৈর্য ধরে?
    ব্যস্ত শহর স্বপ্ন দিয়ে
    জাগিয়ে রাখতে চেয়েছিল মোরে ।

    অল্প আলোয় গল্প শুনিয়ে
    রাখতে চেয়েছিল মা যে ধরে ।
    কোই? পারেনি তো কেও
    রাখতে আমায় শিকল বেঁধে ।

    অচেনা পথ চিঠি পাঠায় রাতের অন্ধকারে,
    সেই চিঠি কে সঙ্গী করে চললাম চাঁদের দিকে ।
    পথ কী পারে পথকে ভুলতে !
    এই বিশ্বাসে চলি তাহলে,
    ঠিক দেখা হবে, গানের ওপারে ।


  • agile_dreamer 23w

    wet midnight thoughts,
    woven into faint dreams,
    welcomed the lovers' night,
    cupid played by moonlight

  • agile_dreamer 26w

    the stars
    are still there,
    why aren't you

  • agile_dreamer 26w

    long-lasting smiles are those
    which come from within,
    short-staying laughs are those
    which you never owned

  • agile_dreamer 26w

    The questions you asked me at midnight
    are finding answers in my soul.

  • agile_dreamer 26w

    just when they
    switched off the light,
    I saw you
    shinning bright;
    the candles never
    shone like this before,
    it seemed that my
    lonely ship found a shore;
    seconds turned into minutes
    minutes to hour,
    all thoughts sweetened
    which were once sour;
    broken wings healed and
    waited for command,
    all hopes which once
    ran away, summoned

  • agile_dreamer 27w

    Permanent light

    I will
    light the lamp
    which will warm you where
    my shadows won't reach you in dark


  • agile_dreamer 29w

    We are nothing but stories the moon weaved for the ocean just to extend the night, to spend a little more time.

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    Night Stories

    and the night came again;
    tired souls resting under blankets
    challanged the cold to try its best;
    some busy with their dreams,
    worked all night just to make
    that little difference;
    some eyes waited for someone
    to sing them lullabies,
    some with broken hearts
    are moaning over memories;
    some with hopeful eyes are
    enjoying it with long drives;
    some with disgusted faces
    are waiting for sleep
    to enter their eyes;
    the moon told these stories
    to the ocean just to hold him
    for a little longer with no reason.


  • agile_dreamer 33w


    What! EC(12)!! ��
    Thank you so much @miraquill & @writersnetwork

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    Blooming love

    the flowers of love, bloomed happiness in the dark trees of pain