My minds a Rollercoaster ride. ��

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  • agamaya 3w

    Akele chal rahi thi,
    Unn rasto pe ,
    Jo aapne hoke bhi ,
    paraye lagne lage .

    Unn galiyon ke bich,
    Jahan ki khoobsurti ,
    Aab dikh ke bhi ,
    andekhi si hone lagi thi.

    Akele chal rahi thi,
    Kahi mai uss kinare par,
    Jahan suraj hote hue bhi,
    Har taraf sirf andhera nazar aata.

    Jahan samundar ki gehrai mein,
    Doobte hue patharo ki tarah,
    Mai khud ko kho aayi thi.

    Akele chal rahi thi mai,
    Aapne laal zakhm sambhalte hue,
    Kahi samet rahi thi
    Aapne bikhre tukdo ko .

    Aur fir ek din aachanak ,
    Koi aaya ,
    Wo roshni ban ke ,
    Jisne iss andher nagri,
    Ko ujale se bhar diya.

    Wo haseen ujala,
    Jisse raste fir apne se lagne lage,
    Galiyon mein khoobsurti laut aayi,
    Kinaro pe dil ko sukoon pochane wali,
    Garmahat laut aayi.

    Aakele chal rahi thi mai,
    Aapne bikhre tukdo ko
    Ek ek kar samet te hue
    Par fir koi aaya,
    Aur mujhe pura kar gaya.


  • agamaya 5w

    Relationships are like plants,
    We need to water them , nurture them and care for them daily,

    To make them grow into strong trees, with deep roots.


  • agamaya 7w

    Who are you?
    What do you want?

  • agamaya 7w

    Take the time and space you need,
    Address things that are important to you,
    Dont rush it ,
    Your not obliged to anyone for anything,
    Make choices that you really want ,
    And not the ones that are expected from you,
    Live a little more closer to yourself,
    A little more consciously ,
    Its a beautiful life ,
    And you my dear, were always free !


  • agamaya 10w

    An apology is all it takes. ..


  • agamaya 11w

    Is lockdown too burdensome,
    For your and your furry friends?

  • agamaya 11w

    HAPPINESS is ....

    Having a ,
    funtastic day out ,
    With your,
    furry friends!

  • agamaya 12w

    Little things...


  • agamaya 12w

    Beneath the perfect mask ,
    Are a thousand lifeless lies;
    There are secrets untold,
    And there are unused smiles.

    Beneath the perfect mask,
    Are one hundred days of anguish;
    Shutting out our emotions,
    We just forget to dream and wish .

    Beneath the perfect mask,
    Of grace , elegance and class;
    Our shell remains to shine,
    From the core we fall apart.

    Beneath the perfect mask ,
    We slowly kill ourself;
    Trying to fit in the world,
    We silently weep and welp .

    Why do we need this perfect mask?
    Why do we need to live like this?
    Does fitting in really matter,
    Over finding yourself and being at peace.


  • agamaya 17w

    Tum kon ho
    Tum kya chahte ho
    Duniya ki shor gul mein
    Kyun tum kho se jate ho?

    Bhatak rahe ho jis rah ko dhundte hue,
    Kya wo tumhari aapni hai
    Ya fir bas hai ek parchayi,
    kisi aur ke sapno ki.

    Dil ki batein dil mein hi chupate ho
    Dusro ko sunte hue,
    Kyun aapni aawz ko ,
    ansuna kar jate ho?

    Kon ho tum?
    kya karna chahte ho?
    Kabhi khud se puch ke toh dekho,
    Duniya ki shor gul mein,
    Shyaad tum khud ko pa lo.