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  • admirerspen 122w

    The broken pieces of my heart .
    Scattered all over my loneliness.
    His memories are my present.
    His presence is my past.

    His lies were beautiful.
    Left my heart pounding and melting ,
    Every time, every time.
    Little did he knew my heart.
    Those lies were beautiful like an art.
    Like a fairytale
    In the mirage
    I lost myself in his delusional love.
    Little did I knew my heart is gonna die in memories.
    Sometime ,Sometime
    I saw hope and hopelessness.
    At the same time.
    His love destroyed my love for myself.
    He taught me love and hate.

    In night the broken pieces started weeping to be the one of a kind worth for true love.
    For a lifetime, lifetime.


  • admirerspen 122w

    Watching the stars and night sky alone was my choice
    Praying alone in the uncrowded church was my choice
    Walking with headsets through the street alone was my choice.
    But wandering in your thoughts without you is loneliness which was never my choice.
    Scrolling your memories without you is loneliness which was never my choice
    Dreaming about you like a dream without knowing you is the loneliness which was never my choice


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    Being alone was my choice, but loneliness was never my choice .

  • admirerspen 122w

    He had no regrets because he never knew pain.
    He never wanted pain so he never took chances.
    He never knew chances because he was never honest.
    He never knew what was honesty, because he have never loved anyone.
    He have never loved anyone, because he was a dead soul.

  • admirerspen 122w

    The Albatross

    I am an albatross, crossing the sea called life.
    There are my rues, my happiness , all that was mine is no more mine.
    They are fading, fading to the unknown.
    Being the known of unknown.
    I see! them crying beside my grave,
    I see them burying me into the depth where my voices or even thoughts can reach them.
    Now, my soul is floating around their fading memories of mine.
    Oh! Life was you this easy to live.
    Oh! Life whatever took me to be myself is just a dust before the death you gifted.
    To life,death is frozen , for some it hurts, for some it's unbearable, for some its just a news.
    It's warm and cold.
    Now! When I fly high to unknown, I have a blank space inside, there is no pain, there is no gain, there is no loss, there is no dream because there is no life.
    It's that time called lifetime.

  • admirerspen 122w

    Out Of The Heart

    There is these words trying to make out
    But they are holding back to reach out
    In fear of a break out
    Now it's all wandering in between the chaos of land and sky

  • admirerspen 122w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Deception

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    Deception distracts reality

  • admirerspen 122w

    This is all meant to happen like all it was meant happen and why for good or odd

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    Chain of life

    This is life you see a chain of everything happening sometimes good, sometimes odd

  • admirerspen 122w

    Happily Incomplete

    There is a incompleteness in every person you meet until, you meet the right one.

  • admirerspen 122w

    No-Strings Attached

    I am attached to the memories and detached to the people who are part of it

  • admirerspen 123w

    One-sided Memories

    The most annoying fact is that, I have a bunch memories of you and you have no memories of me.
    ©admirers pen