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  • adeliaoates 38w

    Quality Control

    Access the damage address the damage to correct the damage.
    Hands down the smartest move you can make is to become great
    Perhaps greater mimic your creator abstain from stirring the distress
    Of others. Read the scriptures then just do it. Success only comes when
    You see the person you need to be then you need to be the person
    Who grows in turmoil rather than being like the rest
    Rise above the mediocre. Life, experience, knowledge, pain and
    Love are the tools by which you accomplish this task.
    No external factors to engage internal reactions equal idleness.which
    Decrease productivity.

  • adeliaoates 39w

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    Things not going my way. Everything falling apart as I start
    To fall for you. Need something solid not sordid. Need peace
    No dreams. Don't need a lie. Need an alibi should buy time
    Can it read minds? Guess what this time you're mine
    Maybe love still blind rewind past present tense time unwind
    Slowly better believe all roads lead to better days...
    What these posers talking oh yes shit talking ghost stalking not don't think
    So. Ghost never leave clues or fingerprints nor do they leave gifts
    Can't catch the scent in the wind.
    They say you died I believe em. I bet you died laughing with a smile
    On you face. Well I ain't mad at ya.
    At least you died happy.

  • adeliaoates 40w


    I dream of a place I can go just one day totally free from BULLSHIT

  • adeliaoates 40w

    being hoaxed into a parallel where you can't determine what's authentic
    due to the fact it isn't Results from believing in people. Since many people choose to live in fabrication put your faith in God to avoid such calamity.

  • adeliaoates 40w


    When the universe makes its decision it is based solely on

  • adeliaoates 41w


    Some people intentionally make sure you never get over them while
    Pretending they don't know why you can't.

  • adeliaoates 41w

    Time reveals the truth people failed to

  • adeliaoates 41w


    Put those ads in the collection plate Sunday.
    See if God wants them

  • adeliaoates 41w

    Opt out

    Use those ads to pay your way to heaven.
    Good Luck

  • adeliaoates 41w


    I must have a different Bible than some of the people I know.
    Oh maybe I actually read it and live it.
    Hey people life too short to mind the business of others of
    Which you won't get to account for.
    Use your own credentials. That's all you get credit for.