Partha P R Tamuli. Just a 20year old writting stuff and poetry. Follow me at instagram @adarkmistversifier or just search Secret Poetry.

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  • adarkmistversifier 12w

    I don't know what it is?
    But whatever it is,
    it makes me want you in ways,
    Neither my words nor I can explain.

    -Secret Poetry.

  • adarkmistversifier 12w

    Bewitching brown eyes,
    blushy red cheeks.
    He slowly kissed her forehead,
    And she went for his lips.

    -Secret Poetry.

  • adarkmistversifier 80w

    Every word you said cut so deep,
    I still feel everything,
    They take me down,
    Broken, fallen I'm on the ground,
    Can't rearrange my time,
    I took so much time to reset my life,
    But one glance of your eyes,
    Brings me back to the ground.

    -Secret Poet

  • adarkmistversifier 100w

    Wondering what's left now,
    Summer's turning cold,
    There's no way I can fake it,
    Sick of fighting battles,
    So started letting go.

    - Secret Poetry

  • adarkmistversifier 114w

    I don't know how to,
    I know I wasn't suppose to,
    Maybe this is the truth,
    I'd go back to you.

    Secret Poet

  • adarkmistversifier 119w

    Got close,
    Getting sexual,
    This feelings,
    She ignited.

    Secret Poetry

  • adarkmistversifier 121w

    Fate of Love

    She was broken,
    As the fate of glass is to break,
    But I took the risk,
    And fell in love with you,
    Knowing that glass will hurt me too,
    But certain things can't destroy men like me.

    Secret Poetry

  • adarkmistversifier 126w

    Sand Castle

    Let's built a sand castle,
    Near the sea shore where we met,
    Where our souls intertwined,
    Let's build a castle of our dreams,
    With the pile of memories embedded in these sands.

  • adarkmistversifier 127w

    In a Loop

    I melt away each time I see her,
    But these feelings, these strange goosebumps,
    Damn I'm in a loop,
    I'm in a loop hanging between her smile.

    Secret Poet