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  • achrodite 16w

    Strange how times change
    With a whiz of the wind
    And the tilt of the trees

    The sun that slowly rose
    Once again leaves in solemn

    Strange how nothing stays the same
    With forever being a lie
    And eternity following suit

    The gust of air burning hot
    And the frozen memories melting slow

    Strange how snow flakes fall
    With it's curvature and beauty
    Just a step closer to being forgotten

    when tomorrow becomes today
    And today long gone by yesterday

    Why aren't you here anymore?


  • achrodite 36w

    Our glasses clinked,
    Remarking the beginning of a new end.

    Unfathomable and unreachable,
    Broken pieces haze the air.

    Only the millionth piece visible,
    Dust, of a puzzle unfit.

    The mist of broken destiny,
    A glass of tears wasted.

    To our new life
    Without each other.


  • achrodite 40w

    All alone
    Not a single friend

    Lonely memories
    Bunch of runaways

    Believing their lies
    Just for the moment happiness

    Missed by none
    Better suck up to this lonliness

    Begging for love
    Wasn't my thing

    Knowing where i stand
    Knowing I'm nothing

    Ain't following after those
    That left me behind

    I may be difficult to love
    But my love for y'all
    Has always been genuine

    You lost a friend
    I didn't
    Cus i never had one



  • achrodite 40w

    A bird that took flight
    Into the wilderness

    Aiming to the summit
    Soaring with pride

    Where the sky meets the ocean
    It met its companions

    The whistles enlightening the sun
    As it dipped with golden hue

    If fate wills
    We shall meet again

    Until then
    Au revoir


  • achrodite 43w

    He left.
    She stayed.
    Nonetheless, broken.

  • achrodite 52w

    Oh sweet love!

    Where have you been?
    I've been searching for you.
    Like a lost child.

    Your heart belongs to someone else.
    Yet your eyes meet mine,
    Like thousand galaxies collapsing.

    Oh! Sweet love

    I truly wish you luck.
    I'm far too impure,
    For a love as pure as yours.


  • achrodite 61w

    Silently and gently,
    Tiptoe into their heart.

    Let the fire in your soul,
    Burn a mark in theirs.

    Be wild and free,
    Like the rain on a sunny day.

    With a vibe irreplaceable,
    And a presence unforgettable.

    Screw the norms,
    Let yourself burn to ashes.

    To be young,
    Is to smile as you break.

    It is to be remembered as a happy girl,
    As you kiss life goodbye.


  • achrodite 63w

    Happiness seemed far fetched,
    Life was meaningless.

    Everyday was a bore,
    Every little thing was nonsense.

    Situations were hopeless,
    Pain was unbearable.

    Life was bitter,
    And the truth,
    It was Lost in a sea of lies.


  • achrodite 64w

    ~memories of the rain!

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    I stood in the rain,
    Taking a walk down the memory lane.

    With every cold rain droplet,
    I was reminded of your warmth.

    Every harsh breeze,
    Reminded me of what felt like home.

    Tears rolled down my face,
    Reminding me of how i lost you.

    Time went on in your absence,
    Life went on as if we never met.

    But For me,
    Time stopped,
    The moment i lost you.


  • achrodite 66w

    Along the horizon,
    As the sunsets.

    Memories were painted,
    With the golden hue.

    Canvas was replaced,
    As the moon rose.

    Every moment was a masterpiece,
    Every piece, a memory.

    Painted with it's tip,
    Dipped in our love and soul.

    This moment is ours to keep,
    Let's make it abstract.