here just to express the way my life is going insta id ancy0987

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  • achal234 5w


    Dekh k tumko kho jauu
    Tum pgli khe k pukarna
    Meiñ tume umarr gujarugi
    Tum mujme umar gujarna

  • achal234 5w


    I wish i could sleep at night
    And don't wake up next mrng
    Suddenly i heard to sound of my dad ........... calling me "beta come here"

  • achal234 5w

    ¯_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯

    One day i called him
    He didn't receive
    Then he texted back "phn kiya tha"
    I said "haa"
    He asked "kyu"
    Then i was like speach less

    Uske baad i never called him bcz i have to find some reasons to call him which i don't have ¯_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯

  • achal234 5w


    Jass bato ko chhipane ka ky fayada
    Akhho s tum issharr krte hoo
    Mann to tumhara bhi krta hai "milne ka'
    Fir ku inkar krte ho

  • achal234 5w


    Recovery was necessary
    After that heart break
    Healing was going on
    And after sometime one mrng i got up
    And i felt that i didn't miss him anymore
    I didn't stalk him anymore
    I found myself moved on

  • achal234 5w


    Last winter was the first time
    We met
    It was a accident or coincidence
    But that incident become my
    The more he tease the more i
    The more caring him the more
    Lazy me
    The Mature him the dumb
    There was lots of diffcult moment
    But he never left me
    My mistake his way of giving
    I saw him crying for me that day
    I fall in love with him be continued

  • achal234 30w

    ........ trust........

    Iff i wouldn't let u in
    I wouldn't. Lose my trust on every one

  • achal234 30w

    ............ professional single..........

    Being single is cool and shit until
    Agr tum sath ho start playing.

  • achal234 31w


    If u had a crush on me
    Then instead of asking me
    Out in the "DM" , just sing
    .......TUMHE JO MENE DEKHA .....
    In public

  • achal234 31w

    ......... FOREVER..........

    May be the word........."FOREVER"
    Is made for "MEMORIES"
    Not for people ❤️