Professional writer and self taught digital artist and illustrator.

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  • accessdenied 45w

    The Veil: Part One

    We are out by the sea

    Things aren't what they seem

    The lies that you told me

    Become but a distant dream

    Waves have started to crash

    We knew it wouldn't last forever

    Lightnings now begun to flash

    Nature's as cruel as it is clever

    Birds flee and soar

    The waves knock each other 'round

    As the sky begins to roar

    I am deafened by the sound

    Your chilly hand clasps mine

    Dragging me towards the water

    Only the sky preoccupies my mind

    With your tug my steps falter

    Darkness starts to settle 'round

    Rain is now falling from the sky

    Pushed into the boat you make no sound

    Lost in confusion, I cry

    I only wanted to be on my own

    With you I was so unhappy

    You're like a dog with a bone

    Tireless, selfish, and tatty

    We've drifted away from the shore

    My eyes, glued to the sky

    I am pushed overboard

    As lightning pierces the sky

    Bright lights blind us

    The boat is struck with force

    Of lightning, and you fall with me

    Underwater it becomes our only light source

    Battered around we begin to float astray 


  • accessdenied 45w

    Your deepest thoughts are messages from the soul.


  • accessdenied 45w

    You're not who I thought you were;
    And I'm no longer the woman you knew.
    Where you lied, I died.


  • accessdenied 46w


    An empty box once full with priceless things
    Overturned and crushed, ripped apart like fairies wings
    All I had to offer tossed without a glance
    Pieces of me you never gave a chance
    I can not cry, nor can I scream or yell 
    Down on my knees into the wreckage I fell
    You turned away, no apologies, no words, nothing
    Further drives the nail into a heart unworthy of loving


  • accessdenied 47w


    I'll stay silent not to bother

    I'll stay silent not to cry

    I'll stay silent to the hate I harbor

    I'll stay silent to your lie

    I'll dismiss every word

    I'll remain blind to all you do

    I'll always forget what I've heard

    I'll always forgive what you do

    I'll let you go now

    I'll watch you walk away

    I'll never understand how

    I'll never beg you to stay


  • accessdenied 47w


    A hard pill to swallow

    Knowing you'll never be free

    That peace won't follow

    'Till you let the past be

    And when tomorrow comes

    Again you will find

    You're shackled in yesterdays chains

    Of all not left behind


  • accessdenied 47w

    Price to Pay

    It's the pain of it all

    When I am forced to see

    All that was fall

    Then turn to dust before me

    And I can't help but to wrawl

    Knowing love's not free


  • accessdenied 47w

    The Reaper

    Sweeping across the void

    Dancing in fields of grey

    Holding onto all that's destroyed

    Taking in the death and decay

    He that is unexpected

    Yet all lay and wait

    Our fates we have rejected

    Ignored that all too soon date

    Keep your head held high

    When your time comes don't falter

    Walk into the darkness that is nigh

    And come to face the reaper


  • accessdenied 47w

    Demon Inside Me

    I die when I close my eyes

    And am resurrected by your cries

    A shell of a person with many lives

    You're a demon in an angels disguise

    I die when I see your face

    A hole in my soul no other can replace

    Ripped apart by your words-cold and chaste

    In quick succession, no steady pace

    I die when you are not by my side

    From love or hate I can't decide

    A demon inside me I can not hide

    I drew you into me, my soul I sacrify 


  • accessdenied 47w

    Access Denied

    I refuse to let you haunt my dreams
    When I'm not even a footnote in yours
    And I refuse to love you anymore
    When your heart's already out the door