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  • ablaze_writer 6w

    @writersbay you indeed know how to make me feel good about myself.

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    Things that make me happy
    -a growing plant
    -a cup of coffee with good music
    -My mother's smile
    -Longing for more pages after completing a book
    -Being true to myself and my happiness.
    -The last verses of incomplete poem
    -The witch weather
    -Cats and dogs
    -Dried flowers
    -Poetries that make my emotions stir

  • ablaze_writer 10w

    eye (I) witness!

    As life drips through those
    Black and white polaroids
    I witness colors brimming
    Rainbow sunshines.

    My hands tremble while
    Solving real time problems
    Guess they need reminder of
    Past delights.

    As another hour passes
    And my grandma repeats
    Her childhood stories
    for thousandth time
    I witness longing of her eyes.

    My mother teaches me
    To put a little bit of
    my heart's happiness in
    Every passing stride.

    But the flowers
    I watered withered overnight
    Guess I witnessed
    To control the happiness

    As another year passes
    and all the best and worst memories
    Become facde of
    "Back in that time".
    I witness the
    Growth of time
    Inclusive of mine.


  • ablaze_writer 11w

    Life's been hard but sometimes you gotta remind yourself about being the survivor you are❤️.

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    Just when you thought
    life couldn't get any harder it did,
    and now you weep and weep
    Like a wimp,
    Who has lost the path
    On loose map,
    Might I remind you
    About the time you thought
    School was hard and yet you passed
    With flying marks.
    That time when your heart broke
    And the pain it caused
    Became muse of your art.
    You are so much more than this hurdles,
    You contradict yourself by saying you are
    When it was you all alone against odd
    Winning at this life known as
    Game Of

  • ablaze_writer 11w

    As you get tangled into another daydream which crumbles right into you, remember to believe that sooner or later you will grow out of it.
    That the wings which are starting to grow will one day sail all over oceans of possibilities
    and you will find a new rhyme
    To sing.

  • ablaze_writer 14w


    I. The day she met his eyes and slowly each of his poem turned into 'Her' as pronoun, somehow life led him round to his reason of being alive.

    II. The universe where she asks for reason since all she has ever known was pain inscribed in her reflections only to learn the beautiful existence of stars, moon and sun.

    III. The heartbeat of my mother holding my hands each night saving me from demons which grab onto my skin tight.

    IV. Every flower in my garden wilting/weathering and being a revival for others.


  • ablaze_writer 14w

    Wild nights___wild nights!

    Oh! It's another night,
    When the moon is out there
    Slipping out secrets on
    working of this world.
    And you stay awake
    Tossing and turning
    In your bed.

    Looking for answers,
    Whose questions are at ambiguous state.
    You curse yourself for choosing wrong starts,
    Looking at others enjoying their royal paths.
    Knowing what all has changed,
    Your daydreams are now filled with
    suicidal thoughts.

    The world is a complex,
    Where people inflict pain
    Covered in shades of scarlet red
    Not knowing other's
    Blue and gray's.

    You look at the dark sky
    Registering your heart to be
    It's inseparable part.
    While the diaries of poems
    Laugh at your goal oriented
    Way of life's draft.

    Throw away that draft,
    and create a new art
    Splash those colors on that black canvas.
    Let your daydreams run wild,
    Sing along to the Miseries and heart breaks,
    Let the world know you are your own art
    Sip on the moonlight,
    Take shots of sunshine.
    Run away from this complex in the
    Wild nights
    In the
    Wild nights!!!?

    #combination #wod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Wild nights!

  • ablaze_writer 15w

    We all are nothing but mosaics of
    regrets engulfed in memories,
    photocopied by others as mysteries,
    Walking around this floating planet
    Finding a link to another history.

  • ablaze_writer 15w

    A letter to the childhood

    After sending hundred letters filled with dread, hate, anger, resentment towards you I now am at the hundred and first to accept that instead of how much tough you were on me, I had still like you to visit me someday again through the book marathons we did under the wooden roof of old library.
    I had like to steal another candy from the old lady and payback a hundred more to her with that cheeky smile of a 9 year old.
    Morning walks with Nana to old temples and the sweet prasad which still hasn't competed with any other sweetness in my life. The school assemblys, snack shops, pocket money and games of hide and seek were the times i had a sense of belonging.
    And even now that the life is chase of opportunities i take out some of my time to play hide and seek with responsibilities. It ain't fun like it used to be but it reminds me of the days i had forgotten about the homework and same did the teacher.
    The coincidences have reduced their probability in my life but i guess that's what means being an adult.
    The dreams of youth were goals i used to scribble on my backpage of notebook while you in your full elegance were sitting there staring lovingly at me. Well Ma says the truth that maybe I certainly don't have a thing for handling my emotions carefully. They run out of place every now and then. Maybe that was the reason of writing those 100 letters full of hate declaring that you were unfair to me. But every thing finds it's closure and maybe this is mine.

    "You are the reason why I am today what I am." all this cheeky lines were never meant for me to write down so instead of that I had like to thank you for being what you were. For being like Bertie Botts totally unpredictable.
    So, let's meet someday again under the wooden roof of old library in between lines of harry potter's tragedy .


    #childhood #wod
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Let's meet someday again
    under the old wooden roof of library
    among lines of Harry Potter's

  • ablaze_writer 16w

    She whispers
    Darling we were meant to be
    Just like dandelion destroyed
    yet accompanied by
    The breeze.

  • ablaze_writer 18w

    When somedays i look at my reflections just for a fraction of second i feel alive. That how in this whole earth of billions of people i am the owner of this face. This is the face inscribed in my mother's memories to be her first child,
    that there is this particular smile my best friend sees when she cracks up a joke,
    That their is this specific face i make before i cry which my diary noticed,
    That how i squint my eyes before the alarm rings,
    and that how in this brief moment i am the one having this piece of identity.
         That this face sometimes gives happines to people who love me and sometimes pisses the one's who hate me. Well, that might be extreme to say but yeah it's not false that how sometimes i wished i had dimples or set of blue eyes but then i remember this is the face of person i loved the most in my past life. (//There’s a Japanese legend, your face at present is the face of the one you loved the most in your past life.// )
    That no amount of dimples or blue eyes would've filled my heart with joy if they weren't for this chubby cheeks and brown eyes which resemble the dark hole consuming those blue skies.
    I am having this identity which my soul has bonded with maybe for a thousand lives.
    And that how I had be disrespecting myself if i didn't love each part of me.
    That how i had like to love myself in a way that if i were to be born again
    I'd look at my reflections each day
    And feel alive again and again...
    - Vaishnavi.

    Taking classes of self-love from Kim Seokjin this days :-P
    Also this is lame...

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