Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. -Louis L'Amour

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  • abilene 97w

    “Soulmate” is too simple a word to describe you

    When I saw you for the first time
    There wasn’t a sharp fire in my heart
    Or an ache in my chest
    There was no longing to know you
    Or excitement coursing through my veins

    When I first met you
    It was walking in a summer breeze
    All warm and calm
    It was a tide of familiarity rolling onto the shore

    It was a simple realization
    Not abrupt or heated
    Just a small nod in my blood
    It was an “oh, it’s you”
    Quiet and understated

    A hushed comfort and a sweet smile
    I may have only just met you
    But I’ve known for as long as I’ve been breathing
    And I’ll know you long after I stop
    You’re not just the start of me, or even just the end

    You’re my entire plot


  • abilene 112w

    Sometimes I think the only way I'd fall in love
    If I were to crack and get addicted to drugs
    And maybe I'm broken or maybe I'm too young
    But I've never related to the lines in love songs
    And I could write a grand metaphor
    A little ship lost and looking for shore
    I could say that I'm anchored in the middle of a storm
    Or I could say how I feel in a simpler form
    But at the end of the day, the vows that I've sworn
    Are just empty words written on pages I've torn


  • abilene 117w

    I wish we could’ve avoided becoming nostalgic memories

    We lived in a house of glass playing cards
    Painted by hand in the dirt of someone’s overgrown backyard
    The once perfect deck now cracked and weathered
    An old broken home needing to be sheltered

    It was made by a couple of kids who promised to stay
    Hot summer memories and pinkies promising that they’d find a way
    We were desperate to escape our ever present growing pains
    So we built a home stolen from abandoned window panes

    The warm sun raining down on grass that couldn’t be any greener
    They used to laugh and call us all mindless day dreamers
    And the punches they threw never hurt quite as much
    As when we cried to each other that we’d all stay in touch

    But time passes and people move away
    The trees we once climbed become dangerous with decay
    We always knew we couldn’t stop the clock from ticking
    But we always thought we’d go down kicking and screaming


  • abilene 127w

    Romeo and Juliet

    Perhaps Romeo and Juliet had it right
    They took off before their doubts could take flight
    They ran away before the world could bite
    And before it’s sharp grasp was locked true and tight
    Before their love withered to a blight
    They let it bloom in the fresh blood of the night

    And despite
    All the silly little letters we write
    The truth is that love is always a losing fight
    And while it’s the wind that sours the night
    A harsh note to cover your symphony in the moonlight
    A symphony careless, yet filled with an unwavering plight
    And while it’s your voice that causes the sun to ignite
    It’s you and I that the gods will always smite

    So perhaps Romeo and Juliet had it right
    And perhaps you and I should take off tonight


  • abilene 127w

    I’m so unbelievably bored
    I feel like every new song I’ve already heard
    And like every path I walk I’ve been down before
    And each day’s the same so why wake up anymore?

    And the food I once loved now makes me sick
    I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t watching the clock tick
    I spend my days waiting for my day to be over
    So I can hide in my room and lie under the covers

    Because everything is the same
    The same jokes, the same people, the same names
    The same sun setting in the same sky
    And the same moon rising with the same lonely guy

    I wish there was a real reason that I’m this tired
    But it’s the lack of will that’s turned me into this liar
    There isn’t a cure for a broken will
    And I can no longer find happiness in the same white pill

    I’m pulling at my last tooth
    I’m stuck in life’s photo booth
    Count to three, smile, look pretty
    Wash, rinse, repeat

    No one cares about me enough
    To make it worth looking for a diamond in the rough
    I’m helplessly unsatisfied with being alive
    It’s not enough as my mind wanders to “what if I died?”


    #bored #unsatisfied

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    The unsatisfactory realization that all I have left now is boredom

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  • abilene 136w

    I wish you never loved me.

    I wish you never loved me
    I wish you hated me from the start
    I wish you spent all these years hoping I'd die a slow and painful death
    I wish I'd never known
    How it felt
    To be someone you loved

    Sometimes you're just
    Not ready
    For someone to stop loving you

    I wasn't ready

    And what did I even do?
    It was a mistake
    I swear
    I just needed someone to talk to
    And I wish I could take it all back
    Never have turned to you
    But you swore you'd always come through
    And God
    What did I even do?

    And I'm not ready
    To stop loving you
    And I'm far from ready
    For you
    To stop loving me too

    I wish you never loved me.


  • abilene 136w

    I've been trapped in my thoughts
    Ignoring everything
    In hopes of finding the something
    That I fear I lost long ago

    At first I thought I was just forgetting
    Or maybe even romanticizing
    The past
    Painting each blade of grass
    A more vibrant green

    But now I'm starting to think
    That maybe I didn't lose it years ago
    When I first arrived on this side
    Of the fence

    Maybe I never had it to begin with

    This distaste for life
    It can't be right
    Everything feels the same
    I could've sworn I used to love you
    But now?

    Now I can't even swear that the sky is blue
    It looks more grey than anything
    Everything does
    Especially you
    Especially me
    Especially us

    When did life get so bleak?


  • abilene 141w

    Everyone has a day
    Where they just don't want to exist
    Today was that day
    For me

  • abilene 141w

    How do you tell someone
    That they make you happy
    In a world that makes you so miserable
    Without scaring them off?


  • abilene 143w


    Sitting alone in my room
    My bedsheets wrinkled and pushed to the side
    The cold autumn seeped through my windows and bit at my skin
    No light for miles
    I dangled my foot off my bed
    And waited for the monstrous hand to creep out
    It's long fingers curled around my ankle
    Nails uneven and chewed
    Splintered and covered in dry blood
    And only for a moment
    Everything's quiet
    Then it crawled out from under my bed
    Now stood amongst the darkness
    Hand on my ankle
    Fingernails digging slightly into my cool skin
    Which seemed warm compared to it's frozen grip
    I turned my head to the shadowy figure
    A bitter smile stretched across my lips
    A faint laugh escaped with my breath
    "I think you might be my only friend" I whispered towards the velvety shape which stood out against the static black of the night
    "You're the only one that's ever stuck around" I added as my gaze shifted from the figure to the corner of my room
    And if almost on cue
    Almost if it had been waiting
    The shadow disappeared
    Leaving me alone on my bed
    The sheets pushed aside
    The room a different kind of darkness
    An emptier kind
    And as I sat there
    The only words I could form were
    "Of course"