A beginner.I try to pen things simply yet beautifully.��

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  • abhishruti_kataky 5d

    Unsent letters

    It was many years ago
    Back to the old school days
    When I wrote a hundred of letters
    But sent none of them.

    But today,after a decade or more
    When I smell them,it brings back memories
    The pages of some are torn off
    The letters faded,but feelings yet strong.

    I wonder what made me write so much
    Only to send them to none
    Maybe some I wrote for my pals,others just.

    I don't remember the faces seeing the names today
    People left, memories were the only thing left to hold
    But today it seems,with time
    memories have also decided to leave.

  • abhishruti_kataky 1w

    The words in the yellow page
    Stand still;as my pen dances
    To the rhythm of my thoughts
    As my thoughts take shapes
    And I pen down everything my heart has stored
    While the memories just flash back in the back of my head
    And in front of my eyes
    As I write down my thoughts in the paper
    In the aura of soothing moon light.

  • abhishruti_kataky 1w

    Somethings are so beautiful
    Even when incomplete
    That it's the story of love about you and I
    That was destined to be left incomplete
    Maybe that's where the beauty lies,
    Maybe we were destined to never be together forever
    But to be remembered forever.

  • abhishruti_kataky 1w

    They say I write about hope a lot.I don't disagree.But sometimes words fall short to explain your pain and your writing skills fail to beautify your grief.At times like that,even when you wish to write a poem or two,you aren't able to.And expressing your thoughts is the only way that's left.
    7th Jan'21

  • abhishruti_kataky 2w

    Don't let a bad phase in your life let you believe that life is forever going to be the same!!!Life is beautiful.Miracles happen along the way in it,never lose hope!!!

  • abhishruti_kataky 2w

    With hope, wishing every one of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!❤️
    Love & light,

  • abhishruti_kataky 2w

    Where there is hope,there is change.

  • abhishruti_kataky 4w


    The sky is never forever blue
    But when he asks you what's its color
    Blue is what you say
    Though dark grey clouds also cover it sometimes
    Like the shroud covering the dead.
    Even when the sky is full of those dark grey clouds
    Hiding behind them the white symbol of beauty
    While they pour down a good measure of rain
    Yet when he asks what is there in the sky
    Even in the cloudiest of nights
    The moon is what you say.
    When in the autumn afternoons
    U see trees shedding down their leaves
    One after the other
    Into the ground
    For a month or more
    But when he asks you what grows there in trees
    Leaves is what you say.
    So in the darkest of times
    Having a bad day or two
    And you feel you have lost everything
    While he asks what is there that you still have
    Hope is what you should say.

  • abhishruti_kataky 4w

    "It is sure to end the moment it starts.But the starting that begins when something ends can never end"

  • abhishruti_kataky 5w

    To everyone going through a breakup right now,or any kind of emotional devastation after someone is no more a part of your life,ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME.Trust me,it's very obvious to feel nostalgic thinking about the memories you shared,when your mind keeps going back to the time you spent with them again again.You can't just figure out what went wrong!It will seem as if the world is ending.
    But ask one thing to yourself,do you even need a person who doesn't values you?Is your worth so less that you will keep running to the same person again and again who just saw you as a side chick? Absolutely No right?!!!Choose yourself.Remember your worth.Try to be a better,no wait the best version of yourself after breaking up.Let him see your life has only improved ever since he went away.That would be the BEST REVENGE ever.
    I hope my words help everyone who is going through a hard phase in life.
    With hope and love