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  • abhishekmhatre 43w

    इतने कटें हैं चक्कर तेरी गलियों के,
    इतने... कटें हैं चक्कर तेरी गलियों के,
    सारा महोल्ला हमारी सूरत से वाकिफ हो गया

    इतने कटें हैं चक्कर तेरी गलियों के,
    सारा महोल्ला हमारी सूरत से वाकिफ हो गया

    तुझपे ना कुछ हुआ असर,
    तुझपे...ना कुछ हुआ असर,

    पर उन दीवारों को भी मुझसे प्यार हो गया❤️

  • abhishekmhatre 52w

    Pull me close...

    Just grab my shirt
    And pull me close,
    Look in my eyes
    And kiss my nose.

    Wear a smile,
    No need to cry.
    I am holding you,
    Why don't you try?

    Close your eyes,
    Let me kiss your lips.
    They feel like petals,
    From fresh tulips.

    Don't fear my love,
    I won't leave you.
    Not even when,
    You turn sixty-two.

    You have my word,
    And I promise you.
    It won't hurt me,
    And neither you.


  • abhishekmhatre 52w

    Standing on the battlement,
    Gazing in the sky,
    The wind felt different today
    Didn't seem like an old Ally.

    Clouds out of nowhere,
    Gathered up high.
    Covering the sun in no time,
    Could feel the happiness around die.

    I knew this day would come,
    When darkness would try to conquer.
    The demons had called their banners,
    Got goblins in their bunker.

    Knowing they would corner me in no time,
    I went down to the armory.
    If they wanted to capture me,
    I'll not go down easy.

    The dark army was at the door,
    With goblins and gaints ready to strike.
    I put on my armour,
    That would be torn by their spikes.

    I knew they would capture me,
    I had nowhere to hide.
    I knew it was my fate,
    To turn into a dark knight.

    I gazed up in the sky,
    Hoping for sunshine.
    I knew this was the last time,
    I hoped for a ray of light.

    The dark lord blew his horn,
    The battle had begun.
    I pulled out my sword,
    Fighting the fate I couldn't outrun.

    I knew this was the end,
    Would never see the light again.
    Stabbed in the chest with the dark sword,
    I would serve the dark in pain.

  • abhishekmhatre 82w

    I wonder if...

    I wonder, if we could listen to each others thoughts; would there be peace or chaos?

  • abhishekmhatre 114w

    The warrior within

    To all the demons preparing for a battle...
    I am bringing war.


  • abhishekmhatre 145w

    Thought of a shot and popping pills,
    Tried throwing myself off the hills.
    Getting Hit by a truck or train,
    Or flushing myself in a drain.
    It all kept coming to my head,
    Every night when I went to bed.
    Then one day I woke up and thought of it,
    Didn't I play my part a bit?
    The sunshine falling on my face,
    Told me I had to come out of this mess.
    I had to stand up once again,
    And learn to grow in this pain.
    For something worthy that time brings to me,
    I consider this pain as it's fee.
    For now, all I do is wait,
    And stay away from another bait.

  • abhishekmhatre 150w

    Woh akelepan ka dukhda bhi sunayenge,
    Der raat ko kasmein bhi khayenge,
    Woh dogle log hai janab,
    Kisi aur ke Milne pe aapko bhul bhi jayenge.

  • abhishekmhatre 153w

    This is so annoying.
    I've done every possible thing to keep myself occupied.
    Stretched working hours,
    developed new hobbies,
    Went back to old ones,
    swam for hours to exhaust my mind,
    Literally watched movies alone,
    Still I crave for a random text asking how I am doing.
    It is confusing, why do humans need others when we can be there for ourselves.
    Am I just pretending being strong?
    Does this make me weak?
    It's all very annoying.

  • abhishekmhatre 156w

    O Hello!
    Don't look back. Yes, I am talking to you.
    So, what are you sad about?
    Is it a heartbreak or rejection?
    Your best friend getting along with others?
    Financial issues or stagnancy at work place?
    This all is okay but Let's discuss this first...
    Do you remember you had a hobby?
    When was the last time you did something you love?
    Last time you smiled at your own reflection?
    Going out to a park and breathing in some freedom?
    Parties with teammates go on, but do you remember when you and your family sat together talking about random stuff?
    When was the last time you sat alone smiling after a day spent doing all this you love?
    Don't waste your time crying on your problems, they are not going anywhere. First go do what you love, at least 10 years down the line you will not regret much.

  • abhishekmhatre 181w

    A riddle isn't difficult to solve,
    You just have to read it the right way.