My Perspective emerged with a Cloak of Humor When the Words enrolled in the world of my thoughts...��

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  • abhishek_writes 96w

    Even Principles have " Conditions Apply * " you know ��
    And Containment is the only way to combat corona. So please stay safe and stay home. ��

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  • abhishek_writes 96w

    We all very well know how smartphones have transformed our lives.... And it's time to CHAT by Talking instead of TYPING �� ... Stay home and stay safe everyone.. #Tinytales #Lockdown #Unprecedented #QaulityTime

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  • abhishek_writes 96w

    Gotta follow more people I guess �� #Tinytales #Quarentine #Goddamnvirus

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  • abhishek_writes 96w

    An Eye Opener ��

    Why don't we just learn the lesson
    that viruses have got to teach ?

    It's being taught in a way that hitherto,
    no one could preach.

    There is no discrimination or difference
    In the way they treat us.

    From its perspective atleast,
    we are only called as HUMANS.

    When the things went south,
    it's the Humanity which came to our rescue.

    And Hence, branding people based on
    Religion and Caste proved to be of no Value.

    So my dear, Not all battles are supposed
    to be won through fighting

    The only way to win over this parasitic foe
    is by social distancing.


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  • abhishek_writes 117w

    Transcend the Mediocrity


  • abhishek_writes 117w

    In this unfathomably humongous universe,
    we all have the same Pincode..��


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  • abhishek_writes 118w

    Happy Deepavali

    " Papa, papa, please papa....", Said a 5 year old.

    " No sonny.. you are asking me to beat you...i told you to stop whining "

    " Papa..I don't want 50 rupees now. just 30...only 30 rupees. please don't say no "

    " You will never stop.do u..? hmm.one condition..u gotta tell me what's the money for...okie.? "

    " I want to buy crackers.especially lakshmi crackers...that aditya who lives in front of our home has bought that...It's awesome.it produces a loud sound...I just love it you know "

    " Oh..alright son.. where you gonna buy that...? "

    " just a 10 minutes walk from my home... it's right around the corner..."

    " Ok fine ..how u gonna light that cracker? "

    " I just keep it on the road.. and with a incessant stick....I'll light that.... after that I run for a distance....and I'll keep my ears shut... That's all "

    " What happens to the cracker after that..? "

    " It just burns and produces huge sound... Don't you know that much..??.. how did you become professor in a college., dad... Hahaha "

    " So it finally burns.... great... let's do one thing... bring a match box from the kitchen... I'll give you 50 rupees... and burn that 50 rupees right here...why bother going to that shop..? Running on the streets and Covering your ears ? Just burn it right here... no noise.. nothing.. it saves you the trouble", said the father.

    Isn't that right..?

    It is indeed... from a logical perspective that is.

    Now., the people will ask me...

    Don't you have entertainment with the crackers...?

    Precisely...i agree.. that flamboyant display in the sky from the soundless rockets....Ah..! nothing can amuse me as those amazing crackers.

    What a magnificent human invention..?

    Am glad am living in this world.

    Wait a minute... did I say I am glad...?

    Damn... That's wrong isn't it ?

    Does the air we breathe is pure..?

    The water we drink is pure...?

    And Our surroundings are very clean..?

    The common answer to these uncommon questions are " NO ".

    If the stain on your cloth is not gone after washing once.... would u wear it as it is ...?

    What would u do if you don't have any other shirts apart from the one you are washing.?

    You invariably wash it again... Don't you..?

    Ofcourse you would.

    Now....the air we breathe is polluted.

    What's the first thing we should do now..?

    Reducing the use of those means which would add more pollutants to air.... Isn't that right..?


    what are we doing instead..??

    Using more gasoline products.

    Following poor recycling processes.

    Releasing industrial wastes to water sources.

    We all should get Nobel prizes for these social services...Bravo

    Coming to crackers...

    They are gonna add more and more carbon compounds to air... That's intelligible.

    We are indeed intelligent promoting that cracker business even after knowing the gruesome aftermath...kudos

    Another thing...

    Ears of dogs, cows, birds and all other animals except us are extremely sensitive.

    If we are covering our ears to avoid that huge sound from the crackers burst.... what about the animals...?

    Where should they go..?

    What should they do..?

    Let alone forest animals... what about the dog in your home..?

    They are baffled by that sound... there are researches which says the cracker bursting sound is responsible for tachycardia among animals... there's no need to explain it... that alone is enough to fathom it.

    I hope everyone is aware of the miracles and surprises some faulty crackers have for us.... Don't we...??

    Folks.... do we want all that..?

    Are we buying trouble with the money..?

    Why are we continuing this terrible tradition of lighting crackers..?

    Please...i humbly request you all to cease celebrating with crackers.

    That's not at all the purpose of this auspicious festival.

    A tiny hole is enough to sink a colossal ship.. that way little contribution from us leads to big change in atmospheric conditions.

    Please say no to crackers.

    I beg you.. please don't light crackers.

    After that. ...

    " That's right papa... why should I invite all these troubles..?...gimme 100 rupees now.. I'll bring the chocolates instead... I'll give one each to all of you... How about that..? ", kid was proud now.

    Happy ,safe and a prosperous Diwali to everyone.

    Let this festival bring opulence and happiness to you and your family.

    Have a wonderful time.

    Take care.


  • abhishek_writes 119w

    It's been a long time since I called upon my writer self. ��

    And he is here to stay ?
    Remains to be seen ��

    #your @mirakee

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    " Your smile is somersaulting ",
    He said

    "That's why you're my Photographer ",
    she replied


  • abhishek_writes 192w

    An attempt to adopt a new writing style��
    #oasis @writersnetwork

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    Tell me,
    Can you value something
    So real,
    So rare,
    And very desired. ?

    Quest of diamonds,
    In a faraway desert,
    Where the sun holds the string,
    And energy draining.
    After miles of no use,
    With the priorities changing ,
    Hoping an encounter with the oasis soon
    While the mirages deceiving.
    Ardently Craving water,
    Inevitably Considering Diamond,
    Just an isotope of carbon.
    Realizing that Paramount are needs
    And futile is our everyday greeds..

    With this revelation before you,
    Now tell me,
    Can you Value something
    So real,
    So rare,
    And very desired. ?


  • abhishek_writes 192w

    isn't it right ? �� #oasis @writersnetwork

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    Oasis is not famous coz it is found in desert...

    It is famous coz,
    Even the place like desert contains Oasis

    In the very same way,

    Winning doesn't make you a legend.

    It's the resolve to win when all the odds are stacked against you,
    That my dear,
    That makes you a legend