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  • abhinavv__ 4d

    The one who never had fear of losing me
    How can be bothered
    When I leave
    Although my heart is big
    But never needs more people to fix it
    Just that one
    In who's arms I can repair all my scars


    That one person shows that
    I am hard to love and easy to leave
    Ohh gosh!!
    Just that I overlove the people I shouldn't give the shit...!


  • abhinavv__ 5d

    Sleepy days teary nights,
    A painful story,
    With lots of fight.
    A conflict between,
    Heart and mind,
    Is this is the process of healing?
    Or the pain I am feeling.

    Does always one needs someone to fix
    The pieces of a broken heart
    It just needs peace in solemn arms.

    A day will knock in life
    The process of healing will take a flight
    All bad days
    Scroll good days
    That day
    The process of moving on
    Will complete...


  • abhinavv__ 3w

    Is it her wish or pressure from someone else.?
    She was crying like a baby but lit unlike from baby too
    Today I saw a girl begging dude
    People were roaming in cars and bike
    But she does not even have shoes
    Isn't that rude
    Is it fair..??
    Some are so rich that they waste food
    Some are so poor that they don't even have clothes to wear
    This what the mirror of this world
    Instead of making them comfort
    People make fun of them
    This is what we learned right?
    Her eyes were tempting for love
    And when I gave her
    A ten rupee coin seemed to be gold for her.
    Childhood is like roses which smell good, feels good
    But that girl was living in it thorns
    Is it really good?


  • abhinavv__ 3w

    Why is it so important to realize your goal ?
    Firstly you have to realise what your goal is because setting goal isn't just about getting reward but in the person you become as a result of reaching your goal.

    I personally observed many people who are so devoted towards their goal that they just want their destinatination any how and that's appreciable too but people forget to enjoy the path in the process or we can say they just want to enjoy when they get what they want .
    According to me this stratergy of achieveing success isn't appropiate as until you are not enjoying what you are doing how can you be happy through out the process and happiness is the key to success.

    So start enjoying what you are doing because even if you won't achieve what you want atleast you will be happy that you enjoy the whole path and through that you became a much better person than you were used to be like you built yourself more discipline , consistence, self realince and you started enjoying everything you do you will love to discover new things, ideas and all . So rather thn savoring only the reward that have flowed from the achievement of that goal, celebrate the fact that the process of reaching your destination has improved the person you are.

    GOAL is something the defines the meaning of life
    SET IT
    and most importantly
    ENJOY IT!!

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    Enjoy the path ,
    Not just the reward.
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  • abhinavv__ 4w

    If my dreams can came true
    Than only I can meet you

    ~Miss you baba always

  • abhinavv__ 5w

    Clothing is never the reason for

    Clothing is never the reason for rape
    But the mentality is.
    A girl in "burkha" is raped just
    Like a mini-skirt wearing girl in her way
    So what is the difference.?
    And still u say clothing is reason for rape..?
    Society always judge and stand against their way
    4-inch gap saree is okay
    But jeans top is too revealing
    "That is the reason of rape" that's what society says
    But I say
    Clothing is never the reason for rape.
    But the mentality is


  • abhinavv__ 8w

    Hours by hours
    Days by days
    Months by months
    One year passed and many will
    Everything changed
    Instead of our grief of losing you
    You were the gem
    No words can ever describe you
    I just want to become incredible just like you.

    Miss you baba...

  • abhinavv__ 9w

    Father is man who can sacrifice everything for their child.
    Dear papa,
    Thankyou for making me a kind and noble person as you are
    One year older , one year bolder
    I wish you gather all the prosperity, happiness, and wealth because you deserve that..!

    Happiest birthday papa


  • abhinavv__ 9w


    In your childhood, they never send you an orphanage
    But you send them in old age,
    When they need you the most.

    We can't see God, that's why parents are there
    To make our future and us pretty fair
    A story of an old men and women
    Nowadays ends in old age home's rent

    Treat them the way they treated u once
    Don't show society that you aren't a human.!!


  • abhinavv__ 9w

    A good writer should be a good reader too.