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  • abhinav1729 12w


    I'll use my blood and paint something beautiful on the canvas
    These are usual blends
    You're wrong when you say "the sky's the limit"
    Cuz we don't even know where the fuckin universe ends

  • abhinav1729 12w


    This message is crystal clear
    The sky is beautiful tonight
    But all the stars you see have been dead for a billion years

  • abhinav1729 14w


    I think I lost my mind
    Reality's so Hard to find
    When the devil try to call your line
    But shit, I always shine

  • abhinav1729 14w


    This mad World made me crazy
    Might just turn around and do one - eighty
    I have been an antisocial lately
    The devil on my doorstep being so shady

  • abhinav1729 14w


    When it ain't that bad
    It could always be worse
    I'm running out of fuel, hardly anything left
    Hope I make it home from work.

  • abhinav1729 14w


    I'm no liar but
    Sometimes the truth don't sound like the truth
    Maybe cuz it ain't
    I just love the way it sounds when I say it.

  • abhinav1729 14w

    Don't keep it all in your head
    The only place that you know nobody ever can see
    You're running low on regret
    No tears, that's keeping you wet.

  • abhinav1729 14w


    I spent the whole day in my head
    I'm always too busy dreaming
    Well, maybe I should wake up instead
    A lot of things I regret, but I just say I forget.

  • abhinav1729 14w


    Well, this is what it look like right before you fall
    Stumbling around, you've been guessing your direction
    Next step you can't see at all.

  • abhinav1729 14w


    Maybe I'll lay down for a little
    Instead of always trying to figure everything out
    And all I do is say sorry
    Half the time I don't even know what I am saying it about