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  • abhijith_suresh 4w

    Tale of the usurper!

    Lost in the disastrous past,
    And wary of the inevitable future;
    He saw a sight towards a path,
    None without bloodbath;
    He ends the long war,
    And unleashes another;
    To fight against everything,
    And just to live once again!


  • abhijith_suresh 6w

    The Glimpse!

    Greater the vastness is,
    And sizable the core is;
    Yet he found a tiny atom ashore,
    Always excited to the core;
    Thriving with proclivity,
    Humane for longevity;
    Roads unraveled by her,
    Yields an everlasting glimpse for the beholder!


  • abhijith_suresh 15w

    Ek vidit naitik!

    Ek tha Raja
    Ek thi Rani
    Aur dekhte dekhte
    Adhoori hui kahani

    Na koi beta
    Na koi beti
    Aur dekhte dekhte
    Adhoori hui kahani

    Na tha sthan
    Na tha dhan
    Aur dekhte dekhte
    Adhoori hui kahani

    Phir aaya kismat
    Phir aaya laalach
    Aur dekhte dekhte
    Samapth hui kahani.


  • abhijith_suresh 16w

    The Incognito!

    In the land of the midnight sun
    Rose a son
    Raised by witches
    He had a lot of stitches

    He went to the Sin City
    And felt pity
    He played the game
    And earned the fame

    The shadows became angry
    And were hungry
    His sky lost it's blue
    And his fears became true

    Is he a gentleman?
    Or a conman?
    Will he live to die?
    Or will he die to live?


  • abhijith_suresh 17w

    The Mad Mad Man!

    Walking down the streets,
    The wrath of a cheat.
    He saw a ray,
    And took it away.
    He drank some booze,
    To cool his ooze.
    And then he ran,
    As a mad mad man.


  • abhijith_suresh 17w

    Fall and Rise!

    He stood there watching as the world started crumbling around him.
    He stood there watching as the world took away everything from him.
    He stood there watching as the world tried to kill him.
    He stood there watching as the world tarnished him.

    Then what?

    He took steps back and forth.
    He started thinking back and forth.
    He then took calculated actions back and forth.
    And then he won all his battles back and forth.


  • abhijith_suresh 59w

    That's how it is!

    So close yet so far. 
    So far yet so close.

    So late yet so early.
    So early yet so late.

    So big yet so small.
    So small yet so big.

    So fast yet so slow.
    So slow yet so fast.

    So easy yet so difficult.
    So difficult yet so easy.

    So smart yet so foolish.
    So foolish yet so smart.

    So ironic yet so logical.
    So logical yet so ironic, right?


  • abhijith_suresh 79w


    Where should I start? I don't know.
    We know each other since we were kids.

    I remember her when she was so little and cute. She is still cute and gorgeous though!

    I remember our first argument we had. Silly topic, but she still justifies that today.

    I remember the time we did that drama together. She was like an Angel in that white dress.

    I remember the time when she became a "padpist" out of nowhere. Still she is one, the best.

    I remember the time when she left school. Honestly, I just became blue then.

    That's where we drifted apart. Too far. Years passed.

    That's when we entered the social media age. We became friends online. But was that enough?

    I remember the time when I was too afraid to even send her the first message asking about everything. Now, I'm afraid if don't send her a message.

    Now, as I look back, if I hadn't sent her that awkward "Hello", there wouldn't be anything that we have today.

    Yeah, we are still apart. It's been more than 7 years.

    I remember our conversations, all those jokes and trolls, awkwardness in between etc.

    I remember how she supporting she is at all times. Yeah, we support each other no matter what. And she is always on top of my priority list.

    Her one message can make my day, whatever my situation is.

    Again, as I look back, all these were not created in a single day. It took us years.

    Isn't that a blessing?

    I can go on writing about her, as there is no conclusion to us. We owe each other a lot and there's years lying ahead for us to clear all those and create new ones.

    I can't thank her enough for being there for me. She is the best person I know and I am always proud of her.

    Even if the world is against her, I will still be there for her. That's my word.

    Today is her birthday and just a simple wish won't satisfy her, right? But still I need to wish her. So this is my way for her.


    As normal people say: god bless you girl, have a great wonderful life, etc. Do I need to convey that? Because that's what I convey everytime.

    That's all for now. Is it too much? Or is it too less? I think this is the least I can do for her.

    "Cheers to her and cheers to us!"


  • abhijith_suresh 82w

    The Reticent Shroud Queen

    Heard about your beauty.
    Heard about your wits.
    Heard about your intelligence.
    Heard about your power.
    But why are you hiding?
    What secrets and curses do you hold within?
    Your cursed son brought inevitable consequences and unanswered questions.
    It's high time that you enlighten us of the same.
    Even the doom won't stop us. So beware. We are going to find you and unravel the lies you have infested till date.