mbbs 3rd year student... Badi der kardi aate aate....

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  • abhi_man 11w

    #i love you❤️��

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    माना की तू एक इंसान है सारी दुनिया के लिए...
    मगर सारी दुनिया है किसी इंसान के लिए।

  • abhi_man 12w

    #This post is a shoutout to all those people who are experiencing the same shit that i mentioned below on a regular basis..
    #stop punishing yourselves you deserve someone better❤️koshish krke dekho...

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    What is the point in saying sorry to someone if you keep repeating the same mistake every next day?
    What is the point in saying that 'I respect you' when you keep disrespecting the same person each and everyday?
    What is the point in saying that you love me if you can't respect me?
    If all you know is ki main hi theek hun tum nhi...
    Then you're in a toxic relationship...
    Relationship is about 'US', Not 'ME'...

  • abhi_man 14w

    दुनिया कैसे दिखाई दे मुझको?..
    वो मेरे सामने ही बैठा है♥️♥️

  • abhi_man 24w

    Do you know what makes me smile?
    The seventh cranial nerve. Ha!

  • abhi_man 24w

    #find yourself❤️

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    If someone corrects you,and
    you feel offended,then you
    have an ego problem...

  • abhi_man 24w

    #long distance wala pyar❤️��

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    तुमको महसूस करना ही इश्क़ है...
    छू कर तो मैंने उस ख़ुदा को भी नहीं देखा..।

  • abhi_man 57w

    She was scared of people...
    she used to fix everything so that 'no' one can yell at her...
    She started to 'leave' people to see 'him' happy...
    She started to accept that it's her fault if something has gone wrong...
    She started to hold her anger whenever something went wrong...
    She started to hide things from the people so
    that no one can find out her pain❤️
    And that's when she realised she has got something called 'Anxiety' in her...

    A girl full of dreams,full of joy and happiness...started to find her happiness and joy in sacrificing the things she used to love to do❤️❤️

    Dear comrade,
    This is not the love you should get❤️❤️
    Know your worth before it's too late...
    You don't deserve this much pain to make someone happy to satisfy their needs...
    First love yourself to love someone❤️❤️

  • abhi_man 57w

    Every girl deserves someone to remind her that she's beautiful...that she can live with freedom...that she holds an important role in your life❤️❤️
    Believe me if you say you love a girl...then love her the way she deserves, not the way you want...
    Making someone slave is not the definition of love...let her live,let her smile around people❤️❤️

  • abhi_man 70w

    Stop chasing the wrong one,
    the right one won't run❤️

  • abhi_man 75w

    The right person for you
    will make you love yourself too..♥️♥️