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  • abhay24 32w


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    To the new beginnings!

    A year with lots of Ups & Downs, lessons & challenges with everyday having something to seek in.
    Last day today, hope everyone can move forward with peace & happiness.

  • abhay24 69w

    Peblo Neruda's Saying!

    Your class twelfth's Pablo Neruda predicted it way before;

    "It would be an exotic moment
    Without rush, without engines;
    We would all be together
    In a sudden strangeness."

    Apart this, he also wrote "What I want should not be confused with total inactivity. Life is what it is about. I want no truck with death." Well, I guess he was right it with anyway, being single minded at once and keeping our lives moving.
    Also, life is no Nintendo game :p. Enjoy!

  • abhay24 71w

    Fool's Day!

    A day full of lies, cheating & banter. A day to propose your crush and convert in into a joke if get rejected. ;)
    Don't let them fool you rather befool them!!! Happy April Fool's day.

  • abhay24 75w

    Women's Day

    To all the women out there.
    You are braver than you think. Stronger than you believe. You are infact an inspiration.

    You are no less, perhaps even more.

    A very happy women's day. :-)

  • abhay24 75w

    Viva Experience

    Orginal Question- What are your hilarious viva experience that you would like to share?


    This incident took place couple of days before when we were having our Anatomy practical. And ofc having a "A" name prefix, I actually had no idea what would it be like.

    Professor ma'am - Take this bone & hold it correctly identifying of which side it is.

    Me - Held the Femur bone correctly & was also correct with the identification points. *Phew* ^_^

    Professor ma'am - Okay! Now, tell me where "Lesser trochanter" is located? And the muscles inserting it.

    Me - Pointed the finger where it actually is. Told the two muscles plus one extra outta nowhere. O_o

    Professor Ma'am - Do you even know which part of musle it is of?

    Me - Sorry ma'am!

    Professor ma'am - Tell me which part of bone it is!!?

    Me - My inner me thinking is it actually the question to be asked? Like really?
    In a soft tone, ma'am lower limb- Leg

    Professor ma'am - With a smiling face, what!!!!!? Are you sure?

    Me - *Remained silent.* :'(

    Professor ma'am - It's a bone of a thigh and not the leg.

    Me - Yesss, ma'am! *_*

  • abhay24 76w

    The background story behind it

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    Birthday wish context!

    Someone asked- How does it feel to be in a college(precisely med-school) than to be in a school?!

    I replied- come here, come here! Stand where I'm standing and tell me how does it feel to get 198* wishes on trot.
    Did you get the answer to your question???

    That someone- Yeah! Sure. Tda! :-)

  • abhay24 84w

    Ta-Ta 2020

    Oh Wait! (☉。☉)
    I just realised it's the last day of RAT year, the 2020. Thank you to the ones who came across & being part of this amazing yet mysterious year. Without your helping hand, I could not be what I'm. Although, the year was infact a tough for me cancelling all the tours & trips plans, plus dot, dot, dot :-|.

    Dear 2021, didn't have any such plans & resolution, although I got one from FB, XD! "Sleep more & care less about what other people think!".Apart, Let me get through my professional first. Fucked up! Cheers to lockdown for not making me realise that I'm in MEDICAL, Lol. *pain* (+_+)

    With lots of love

  • abhay24 112w


    It's 2020 the year
    We thought it to be a successful year
    but what it gave us is nothing but the fear.
    We were getting out of miseries of 2019
    but then you gave us covid-19.
    We thought it be a year full of positive vibes
    but we never thought it to be a year killing life's.
    We thought our birthdays to be celebrated with a cake
    but we never thought it to be a birthday with earthquake.
    We thought it would be a year like raising flowering bud
    but what we instead got is flood.
    We thought it would be a year with full of enjoyable weeks
    but what we got is gas being leaked.
    We thought it would be year of my zone
    but what we instead got is cyclone.
    We thought its time to burn negative thoughts into ashes
    but what we instead got is plane crashes.
    We thought it would be a year of hopes and desire
    but what we instead got is bushfire.
    It's 2020 the year
    that's thought to be a RAT year.
    but it's making as fat, my dear.
    It's 2020 the year,
    We dont know why are you here?
    ~Abhay Kumar

  • abhay24 115w


    This day, That year
    I was trying myself to sleep in the dusky hours of night
    In hope that I will awaken fresh next morning
    Instead in the lonely hours
    at 12 am, 1 am
    my body was physically resting
    mentally my mind was racing with tons of thoughts
    caught somewhere that,
    everything will be fine.

    This day, that year
    All the efforts that were put on the entire year
    The day was right up there
    All those formulas, definitions, lines, diagrams etc.
    were mixing and merging into one
    clashing, colliding and confusing
    sending my heart to Palpitations.

    This day, That year
    I somehow tried to close my eyes
    I see Words engrained inside my eyelids
    I see spiders crawling on the ceiling.
    I see myself failing.
    I overthink in my sleep.
    Dreaming in my conscious mind,
    I somehow convinced myself,
    everything will be fine.

    The thoughts left when I woke again,
    All thoughts that haunted me last night got vanished.
    I was in full of confidence and enthusiasm
    to move on, get up, and crack it.
    Until I repeat the same, the next year
    I lived my nightmare this day, that year.

    ~Abhay Kumar

  • abhay24 115w

    The Quarantine Life!!

    On 30th January 2020, coronavirus hit us surprisingly.The first case was reported in Kerala which originally started in Huanan's seafood market, Wuhan, China.

    Everything was going great, everyone was relishing post new year days then, abruptly in mid of march significant rise in cases were noted.Nobody predicted that this would happen.This ultimately caused chaos on mindset of people.On seeing this, stringent measures and orders were taken, that include all the educational institutions to be closed, business that rely on crowds and gatherings to shut, sealing of states to be done, all travelling options to be closed etc.

    No one thought that this would force the country to a lockdown and our life will be put up on a hold.Alas!! :'( It was all going awry. The whole world was bleeding, and cases were rising geometrically.This forced people to be in SELF ISOLATION and to maintain SOCIAL DISTANCE.

    During this on spreading crisis, we realise importance of humanity, how we all are connected.Everyone was supporting the guidelines that were put on.

    And apart from all this, the world was changing, it was healing.Yesss! There was light at the end of darkness.Viola!! Pollution is being cleaned off, the equilibrium of nature was restored. :-)

    What's the worst part!?
    The worst part was self isolation restrict us to be inside 4 walls.Aah! Yes, indeed!
    Resultant!?, What we all are doing now and then!? Some reading books, some resting, some exercising, some dancing, some playing games, some meditating, some learning new ways of living.Some meeting there shadows.Some having disturbed sleeping plans.This all led people to think differently.At the same time, scientist and doctors were busy in their work, they were busy in finding out the possible vaccines of novel coronavirus, they were busy in treating people.While, police forces and soldiers wearing the white coat, helping people in providing necessary eatables to them.And again, in absence of all this earth began to heal, eventually.

    What we got to know? We are lucky to have a roof over us :-D, lucky to have 4 sided walls, lucky to have foods stocked in our kitchen and fridges, lucky to get the support of our family.And this gave us a life lesson!!!; no matter what the circumstances are, the only person that remains by your side is your family.Love them to every single letter of LOVE, to every straight line of LOVE.We just cannot imagine the life of other poor people.How they are managing their foods? how they are spending their days?

    So, people be strong, let us brave through this crisis.Let's practice self-care, let's follow the guidelines, let's sparkle the kindness, let's spread love.We all are together in this.Phir Muskurayega India!!

    Until then Viva la! Enjoy 5.0.

    ~Abhay Kumar