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  • abeautiful_mind 3w

    I am bored as fuck!

  • abeautiful_mind 4w

    Dear reader! I have uploaded a video on YouTube!
    I hope that you will visit my channel! Hope you will enjoy my first video on YouTube!

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    Loneliness sucks!

    Loneliness makes me write.
    Loneliness brings life in these lines.
    Now, ask those bewildered windows or doorknobs of my room!
    How annoying they might get seeing 2 sides of my looks.
    One trying to get fame on camera! One trying to mug up those cranky books!
    One giving fake smiles! One weeping from inside!
    Is this life "you" want?
    Because I am living it!
    Loneliness sucks! But it's a part that is smelting gratefulness for someone special!
    ©Arihant Khatod

  • abeautiful_mind 5w

    Anyone is giving neet?

  • abeautiful_mind 5w

    Time doesn't heal

    Time isn't a healer,
    It doesn't heal all wounds,
    They say it cures the pain,
    But , they're wrong!

    It mocks my scars
    As they turn old,
    It breaks me every single time
    No matter how hard I try to hold.

    The scars are never gone ,
    Just lessens the pain,
    On a not so fine day,
    The pain worsens and
    The wounds bleed again .

    I don't know if the battle
    Is against time or pain,
    As when you're wounded ,
    They both are evils ,
    and thus the same.
    ©Arihant jain

  • abeautiful_mind 5w

    The best lines... I have ever read!

    So don't call me baby
    Unless you mean it
    Don't tell me you need me
    If you don't believe it
    So let me know the truth
    Before I dive right into you

  • abeautiful_mind 6w

    Don't let me be a hindu

    Don’t let me be a Hindu…
    I don’t want to burry myself under the tag of hindutava
    Don’t let me be a muslim…
    I don’t want to face casteism…
    Don’t let me be a Christian…
    I cannot bear western name.
    Don’t let me an Atheist…
    I don’t want to critize those believers…
    Just recognize me as an Indian…
    An Indian without any cast or religion whose culture and tradition might be mix
    But I just love this country…
    ©Arihant Khatod

  • abeautiful_mind 6w

    There is always a line present between very successful people and successful people...
    Example) We wait for singers in queue... Even we know we are successful but we aren't alone
    More people are like it! Who paid £300 for 1 hour show and infact thousands of people are there!
    And there is our singer... Very successful... People/successful people are waiting for her...
    She knows that she is one single piece in this whole world.... So people care him...
    She don't care about money because now she has left that hard money barrier...
    Now she only cares that whether is she looking good, rich and power? She cares only about her product and if her product/work is best then people will pay any price to buy that...
    But deep down she knows she pulled her strings too much to be what she is! Intelluctually, physically she want to give her best to fit best in most successful list!

    Dear reader, that's mistake we all do! I too! But I think that we shouldnt focus on the money for which our work is sold... We should focus on the work which will bring us money!
    So the skill, knowledge anything anything if you are acquiring, we all are too! But Twist it! Break it and make it in your own version! People respect only person which is unique... It doesn't matter that whether if she is doing it in a wrong way or right!
    Ex. James Charles.

    Be you... Give signature to the work that only you can do! That's all things are all about...
    I will try... Let's see if I become "very" successful or not!

  • abeautiful_mind 6w

    Dear dost!

    Message kahi hue!
    Par aj tak tu mila nahi!
    Backloli bahut ki!
    Par woh chatting mai dikha nahi!
    Iss message ki dhuniya mai kaha kho gaya hai tu?
    Zara milkar zaan kaha rhe gaya hai tu!
    Last time kab meele Thea shayad tuje yeh yaad bhi nahi!
    Sirf dilasa lena mera kaam bhi nahi
    Kya yaad hai tuje? Class mai ek dusre ke maazee lena
    Kya yaad hai tuje?
    Test mai Humme nahi teri crush ko zawab batana
    Kya yaad hai tuje meri dosti?
    Yah Sirf "milte hai" bolna he baan gayi ek fitraat teri!
    Shayad yeh padkar tuje meri yaad satane lagey!
    Shayad tuje woh ullaas ke pal wapis yaad aane lagey!
    ©Arihant Khatod

  • abeautiful_mind 6w

    Love is "Evil"
    Spell it back- Evol
    By eminem
    ©Arihant Khatod

  • abeautiful_mind 7w

    Why do you want to study...
    Your parents told you or
    Because you want to?

    If the answer is 2nd one then go! Don't waste your prestigious time!
    Because... If won't then after result you will quote one thing
    That "Mai kaar sakta tha.... Kash thoda saa Dhyaan rkta"
    ©Arihant Khatod!