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    Starlights = woman's significance
    Hyperbolic = monopolized or harsh statements .
    Furnaces = ill ideology of society
    Severe sights = the eyes of devilish person finding way to harrassment .
    #timesup #remainsc
    Don't let the negligible values pollute the heaven
    Being a woman is achievement in any succession .

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the lines of reposts ������..

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    Time's up

    Bury the devils
    In their own grave
    Wake as the rising sun
    Remember a starlights too is brave

    Trace the facades
    And make them expose
    Never let the stains reach you
    Glow with the voices making sin dispose

    Bury the sorrowful doses
    Colouring the empowerment
    Erase the hyperbolic sentences
    Break those furnaces coding the measurement

    Reform the injurious lines
    Resign old , design new castle
    Rupture the harassment in remains
    Polish the courage even bearing hassle

    Reflect the forgotten rights
    Invade over the severe sights
    Prohibit the enemy standing at heights
    Keep burning the evilness playing at nights.


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    Nailed milestones = powerful/cruel organisation/individual
    Stained = bloodshed
    Impure = inhumane
    Dusts = darkness or harsh leading world
    #lunaticc #goodbye
    @writersbay thank you so much for the repost����
    Vast happiness consecutively...

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    Adieu humanity

    Between the cluster of corridor
    Almirah of pages whispered
    The prices of hearts are marked
    Brushes are painting the bruises equipped

    Debuting words are scratched
    Nailed milestones snatched love
    Colours are clouded blindly by black
    Monopoly of crowned crows dumping the dove

    Myriad pits are there in lanes
    Buried pains are overloaded on prose
    Animalia is precisely prejudiced with adjectives
    Seeds of injuries are planted and disaster gaze each time so close

    Sun arises with the belt of burdens
    Noon evaporated all the silky smiles
    Clouds are hiding tears in its womb
    Legs are stained by glass every mile

    Metaphors are rhyming with melancholy
    Horizon is imprisoned by land and sky
    Happiness is stored in impure pleasures
    Scrolling the lunatic dusts , this time kindness is wishing good bye .


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    Serene strips = bag or any object filled with playful materials.
    Fences = limitations
    Heartfelt tales of soldiers = hidden or reflecting humanity sprit
    Fertile sky = beautiful world
    Hyperbolic grammar = lofty talks of the kids .
    Ink = hands
    Bowl = brain ; shell = knowledge/enlightenment
    Migrations = roaming here and there for temporary period
    Stations = fields
    Vacation = a time for sleep ...
    #freedomc #memories .

    Ohh my goodness.. consecutive reposts����
    @writersnetwork thank you so much

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    Childhood in wonder woods

    Serene strips on the shoulders
    Far from the fences as kindness holder
    Small steps enriched with dusty designs
    Possessing a true heart as heartfelt tales of soldiers

    Patches as palace was the glamour
    Whelming journeys to the village was enamour
    Moulded tongue into insightful slogans and sweet songs
    Beneath the fertile sky and moments spent in hyperbolic grammar

    Imitating wisdom of Bewitched birds
    Ink was unstable but guided were the words
    Freedom of equilateral interrogation in each lap
    Breathing vibrantly in the womb of dawn and Springfield world

    Subtle steps knitting patterns to universe
    Touching eyes steal glance of nursery verse
    Hands in hands in the godowns of parallel purity
    Emptiness of the bowl collecting shells in succeeding numbers

    Daylight shine bright in migrations
    Mud overlaps after glittering smiling stations
    Drowned deep in the world unknown of failures
    Tired journals engraved on moon switched in twilight of vacation.

    ~ alphabet

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 70w

    Loops , here is list .
    Pictographies , here are images and videos .
    Den , a vast storage unit .
    Applications , here are apps such as mirakee .
    Vertex , here is corner .
    Heartbeat , here is what I want to say .
    Shout means online ways .
    Cells , here is online notepads .

    Last two stanzas are for #jtc

    Oh my goodness������...

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for gifting me the first repost yay ������.....

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    Ode to my smartphone

    Quilling the feathers in my palm
    You shade courage in my alarm
    Pouring infinite loops of wording
    Pictographies are the crucial charm

    You paint an imagery of my pen
    Hiding piles of papers you act as den
    Shining with the brilliancy of dictionary
    You portray applications and portal over ten

    Unlimited utilities you produce
    Gigantic weight of separation you reduce
    Composing the layer with all colourful lights
    You convey time and display acknowledgement without refuse

    I loved to sit and watch ahead of you
    Read the summaries of world and quotes too
    Admiring the ups and downs of endless vertex
    Sojourning the rollercoaster of curiosity and excellence of clue

    I love to engrave my heartbeat out
    Script them in the records of digital shout
    Enhancing my embroidered joy I love to weave poetry on cells
    My day stars with glance of you and glimpses are enriched with the excitement you bought.

    ~ Alphabet

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    Pen , a body here .
    Ink , the soul or functional system .
    Nib , as the oceanic eyes .

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    Mourning alert

    Unfortunately , I'm here to convey very sudden loss of Mr. Pen .

    He was abiding the scripting of mankind and finally when the weight get overloaded , the ink got infected by sorrows, gave up his life while splitting the drops from nib at the last moment.

    The last rites will take place at six o'clock this evening. Please mark your presence .


    Alphabet .

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    Blessings of sun when touch autotrophs and gift back the moonlight , the springs blooms there .

  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 71w

    #gratitudec #stranger .

    Happy holi ����...

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    Dear carved love ,

    Smallest moment of even a minute captures a huge background with both impacts and aspects inked with proverbs and sometimes hanged on sudden interjections .

    In this vast world where calamities , disasters and hope - drowning situations got birth by the womb of homo sapiens' dominated elements .

    Beside of the see - saw seeks , the seconds of gratitude never lack and lagged in my diminished shades life accompanied by negligible efforts in front of delighted aura .

    The chain of instances arrived with the blank bleeding verses wandering for an ink compiling my ignited imagination , I found mirakee to express withered tales and efficiently I decorated a dozen Proses .

    A heap of goals I postered after stepping inside the application with some aspirations to enhance and embellish slightest skill of joining pieces with devices to incarnate a poetry and it looks very well going after the repost of writersbay and editor's choice . That moment was so fascinating and delighting and capturing and carefully stored in the bottom of my heart .

    And the queue of my joy raise where , the place is very near to my healing beats not the heart . The regret and over regret being forgiven is the greatest achievement ever I attained in the bridges of hurdles of my sonic prints .

    Tri-moments binded here but it's also necessary to be thankful of each individual who nailed their assets in your thorny path to transform into soothing carpets .

    Remind again , what you've is somewhere a dream of any person or even a crowd . Just be satisfied , sometimes independent but dependency is sometimes generous too . Inherit courtesy .

    And finally I want to say that , there is nothing worst than a single tear whose cause is the submerged step and nothing great than being background of any shining smile .

    Beware of the waves of covid and take precautions regularly and necessarily .

    Keep smiling and helping .

    Your anonymous fellow

    Past poet .

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    #rainbow #rains #jingle
    @writersbay thank you so much for the kind repost ����

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    Miraquill is the cloud
    Filled with the black dominant ink of the poets
    First roaring , showing its supremacy
    Newbies as the humble sirimiri inking the united pieces binding the primary profound pearls
    Established ones reporting rimjhim , facilitates the destination showering the master writers carving the fluent fabricated words with the unreadable essence of heartfelt scriptings
    The readers also thunders everytime , dedicating the phenomenal words to the penmaster
    And when the writersbay and writernetwork smiles as sun , the shining soothing rainbow pours out of the metaphorical stanzas .


  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 75w

    Shift the drops of love from bleeding to blood
    Sliding to the temporary leave to fresh leaves
    Script the assets on humane , no stake to stake
    Shiver into the phrases of simile never scatter the reasons to smile

    Hug the silence of vast , but never melt the gracias glacier
    Handle the equilateral hands holding pinch of stunned stages
    Hire the happiness not from the monetary of the harmed cotton
    Hypnotize the unbalanced centres piece per piece for the desired humble peace

    Look back dialling the codes of transportation once trees exist
    Lavender logging back into the phases yet crushed of the self
    Lusture of the non - metallic pendant bearing the plates of expensive aurum
    Laborious flies donating while the queen consuming the hexagons with tantrum

    Resonance of ruptured rendered radio rested on dusted drawer
    Revolved back on the sake of the breaking breath breakthroughs
    Rounded somewhere in river overlooking the tips of grounded generations
    Right behind the humanity coating technologies over the love of era

    #slogan #radioc

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    Boycott the inhumane carving blended in the humane faced calligraphy


  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 75w

    The raining shower plastering flower on the holes of the heart
    Collecting the left bricks blending with the era long awaited art
    Grafting all the imageries while the soothing moon fell short
    Incarnating the dry memories , framing on the concrete chart

    Starting the dusky gleam of the pinning rays of sphere
    Withered indicators captured stairs sobbing sat stare
    Pages sliding to the corks in order to sustain the glare
    Poetry powering pinned prose personifying it's pair