proud to be a Zoroastrianism "My words may hurts, but it's all true and my personal feelings"

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  • aayushjsr_ 4d


    There's a reason behind everything...

    Even the plants and animals also have reasons for being attracted by human..

    There's nothing without reason in this fucking universe.

  • aayushjsr_ 1w

    Believe me...

    One day you'll search
    For me to say

    That'll be too late..

    There's nothing permanent in the world.


  • aayushjsr_ 1w

    #Yahi tak tera saath tha....

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    Jab hume alag hona hi tha....
    Toh hum mile hi kyu???

    Vaade jab todna hi tha...
    Kyu humne vaade kiye???

    Jine marne ka vaada kiye...
    Jo do saal mey toot Gaye.

    Yahi tak tera saath tha....
    Yahi tak humara saath tha..


  • aayushjsr_ 1w


    Now a days I don't argue with anyone,
    It's okay you win, please leave me alone..

    As loneliness is my best friend now a days.....


  • aayushjsr_ 1w


    Na jane kahan le jayegi yeh zindagi..
    Aapne hi sawalo mey ulajh ke reh gayi hai yeh zindagi..
    Kabhi Khamoshi toh kabhi udashi, khushi ka toh pata nahi..
    Dard toh bahut chupa hai under dil mey par usse apne tak hi rakhna hai..
    Kabhi kabhi rone ka maan karta hai par kaise roye jab koi wajah hi na bacha ho..
    Ub chuke hai iss zindagi se par parivaar ne sapne sanjoye hai..
    Bas maut ka hai intezaar na jane aur kitne rulayega yeh zindagi....


  • aayushjsr_ 1w


    I don't hate you....
    I just lost all
    To love you

  • aayushjsr_ 1w

    Okay ignore me...

    But one day
    You're going miss
    How much
    I cared for you

  • aayushjsr_ 1w


    I asked my mother
    "Why are computers so smart"

    She replied
    "Because computer listen to their motherboard"

  • aayushjsr_ 1w

    By unknown writer

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    2 kinds of people.

    i) Who leave you suddenly without any fair reason.

    ii) Who don't leave you after having all the reasons.

  • aayushjsr_ 2w


    Silence is the best
    answer to someone
    who doesn't value
    your words...