शिवोहम ❤️ they says before something great happens to you, everything falls apart��

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  • aayu11 8w

    If a person knows you from the ground naa
    Be with them the same

    No matter how successful hierarchy is yours✨

  • aayu11 10w

    About an year ago
    When I was shattered down critically
    Someone said to me**
    Time heals every wounds
    Mark my words,,within a year you'll become a totally different person and you'll laugh for this very time for being so silly...
    Maybe you're crying right now
    You're so depressed
    You're feeling shattered, just after few months you'll found yourself in a good position from all these wounds,you'll be relieved from all these hurts
    Things happens for a good reason
    Maybe in short run we're not able to figure out the goodness but it's so beneficial in a long period of time
    Have faith on your mahadev and let him do their doings and resultant will be the best and favourable for you....

    And even,, within a year I'm just thinking what I was and seriously how pathetic I was,,haha and even I'm laughing on me well nevermind some things meant to be a lesson....
    Never stop walking if things aren't seems you favourable in your eyes
    Maybe mahadev has a beautiful plan for you....

  • aayu11 11w

    And sometimes there is a numbness, you experience.
    No sadness,no bad vibes nothing,,,just a numbness coming from heart and making the environment so colourless..
    Making you restless even without a known reason..
    And then
    This moon and these starts being so soothing to you
    They're the only who become so nice to you...
    And by giving their calmness and taking away all the negativity one possess and makes one calm and soothing..and that's how sometimes nature heals you

  • aayu11 15w

    So for a long period of time
    I used to think that,, it's your vibe,,I felt,, love is in the Air,I see so much positivity inside me and in this world just because of you....
    But after a long era I came to know that no!!!! It wasn't you,,,not at all...It was all me!!! Like it's my thing to sounds chirping when I'm in my comfort zone!!! When I feels like home!!I'm the one who makes the environment positive,,to throw the fragrance of love in the air,,,I'm the one who bright the whole sky with my sunshine..
    No it's not in envious that you're not with me and that's why I'm saying this!!no!!
    It's because I still feels the freshness of my soul!!!
    And I'm sharing my vibe with my likewise person!!!❤️

  • aayu11 16w

    रिश्ते टूटने के बाद
    ये प्यार से तुम्हारा मुझपे हक जमाना

    हाय ये तुम्हारे बड़े बड़े सपने

  • aayu11 17w

    When you are in love naa
    You always suffer,no matter how good a person can be....

    Sometimes you're down for your own expectations and sometimes the circumstances made it so...

  • aayu11 17w

    My Way of love

    Don't hesitate to love someone in present.if,the way of loving is damn Identical than the way you loved someone at some point of time in your life(in the past)...it's you!!!your love
    Loving your present person in the same way you used to love you ex doesn't make you comparing from past to present not at alll!!!
    It's you,,it's the way you love someone
    People maybe come and go but the love,you show them doesn't change your way of loving..
    If his shoulder gives you hommie vibe then you always found a place of comfortable even with your present one..
    So don't let thought of comparing ruining you
    Just love the way you can love ❤️

  • aayu11 18w

    We're not afraid of loving someone again.
    We get afraid from doing the things that's makes you remember all those past stuff,
    That fear to get broken again
    Or broke someone's heart
    Coz you don't want anyone to suffer the way you suffered and that's somehow makes you feel anxious,
    Sometimes emotionally weak..
    It's happening because after all those traumas you chose to grow up,,
    It wasn't happened at a very first stage coz you wasn't known about the level of people's downgrade
    You was so pure,you think all are like you so pure,so genuine..so there is no point of doubting but as we started moving ahead we met peoples who taught us we're so wrong,,
    But it's totally fine to get over all those stuff that so rigid with you and torturing you
    And as I know myself I've so much love to give someone like one don't even think about it
    So keep moving
    Keep loving
    And don't let jerks ruin your faith from love

  • aayu11 20w

    बारिश आई
    और आकर चले भी गई
    पर इस बारिश तुम याद नहीं आए
    और तुम्हारे याद ना आने की वजह से मैंने तुम्हे याद कर लिया

  • aayu11 20w

    Sometimes it's okay to feel weird
    Rather than feeling broken