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  • aanchal___ 145w

    Staring at you and your pictures makes me fall in love with you more ❤
    Listening to your unlimited stories makes me fall in love with you more ❤
    The way you look at me makes me fall in love with you more ❤
    The way you grab my hand makes me fall in love with you more ❤
    The anger and that "maaan obhimannn" you show me makes me fall in love with you more ❤

    Like everything and anything you do makes me fall in love with you more ❤

  • aanchal___ 145w

    Yeah i don't show my love for you but i love you ❤
    Yeah i can't go for hangouts and all with you but i love you ❤
    If my life is a movie then "you" are one of the best part❤

    I know sometimes it seems like i don't love you but but i really do ❤and yeah my "hidden"love for you will be constant

    Even if we are not together in the end , i ll love you and thats a promise ❤

    Like dil meh tu hii rahega ❤

    Yeah ik all these will seem a drama but idk anything ily ❤

    Jo samajhna hehh samajh lee

  • aanchal___ 157w

    Hey oshot❤
    Its your birthday...stay clam and dont do nachanaching.Now listen you are the most irritaing creature okay??one of my constay are so shantoshishto but you know u are not are so charming but on this big day i shouldnt tell a lie ❤..I have been tolerating you for 9 yearsss...And tu na thora panchayati kam kar Ik ik today jilki is going on inside ur shorir ...Humari mumma...accha char shun i want to celebrate ur birthday when i and Ashmita will be going to gift you that anti ageing creamwith a bday cake decorated with 99 candles...and your children will tell you ,"Mumma masis are so beautiful.".❤❤accha accha shun shun shunnnn this petli loves u okayyyyyyy❤....
    I loveeee youuuuuuuu❤

  • aanchal___ 163w


    Do you have any electic wire or electric current in your body???
    Because i literally get an electric shock whenever your body touches mine ❤
    Like that "440 ka voltage"...

  • aanchal___ 165w


    Pyaar meh har yah jeet nhi hona chahiye ❤
    Pyaar meh sirf aur sirf doo jism ek jaan aur behpanah mohabbat hona chahiye❤

  • aanchal___ 165w


    Uss din ka intezar heh sablogoka
    Jab tere aur mere nam ke beech meh "weds"likha hoga ❤

  • aanchal___ 168w

    My two ❤

    You two occupied two chambers of my heart
    You two have been there with me during my difficult path
    In my life you two are my gibberish
    Who always talks something literally rubbish
    In my life you two are the gems i got
    Whom i will always love a lot
    In my life you two are like the sudden rain in drought
    Who will always be there with me no doubt
    We three together made many memories
    Whom i will never forget , I PROMISE

    I LOVE YOU okay ?❤

  • aanchal___ 169w


    Hey you...
    Yes you ..
    I want you to take care of me like the way my father takes care of my mother
    I want a relationship exactly like my father and mother

  • aanchal___ 169w


    Still his eye contact gives her goosebumps
    In a number of people her eyes still search for that person ❤
    Though she acts like she doesn't care but actually she does ❤
    She misses those tight slaps he used to give on her face but those slaps were full of love ❤
    She misses the way he touched her for the first time literally felt so good ❤
    She misses the way he got angry on her again again ❤
    And again and again she fell in love with him ❤
    She misses the way he looked at her ❤
    She just misses the way they talked with each other ❤
    She misses every minute every second spent with him ❤
    Apparently she misses everything that happened in those days

  • aanchal___ 169w


    He was the reason for her smile
    He is the reason for her tears
    But trust me ,
    Even now she smiles remembering those memories she had with him in those days
    And she still loves him a lot