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  • aakash_ojha 19h


    Three literature words are emotionally relatable.

    If you are helping someone then don't expect thanks in return and if you are expecting then you don't deserve sorry for that.

  • aakash_ojha 3w


    You are never appreciated by your efforts until they get the real outcomes.

  • aakash_ojha 4w


    Feeding poisonous never going to treat non-infectious.

  • aakash_ojha 4w


    I was appreciating toxication without caring about caution.
    © आकाश_ओझा

  • aakash_ojha 5w


    Loving is like carrying responsibility without any actual culpability.

    Loving someone is like giving your everything without any actual transaction.

    Loving is like walking alone without any actual flow.

    Loving is like nothing and that means no expectations.

  • aakash_ojha 7w


    Thunder in my mind
    Getting you out of my reach
    Passion in my blood
    Getting you out of my reach
    Capacity of my body
    Getting you out of my reach
    Betray in friendship
    Getting you out of my reach
    Schedule in my life
    Getting you out of my reach
    Love by my family
    Getting you out of my reach
    Devotion for my future
    Getting you out of my reach
    God's plan
    Getting you out of my reach

  • aakash_ojha 7w

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    Jealousy is everywhere
    Regardless relations situations or fair

    Life is all about spreading love
    But not about fluff

    Burns same dude
    Along with mind screwed

    Jealous jealous jealous
    You repeat this melos

    Didn't work ma'am
    Work on your plan

  • aakash_ojha 7w


    Certitude is like belting your soul
    If it rifts then even soul can't harmonize with you

    Consequently you start reacting negatively
    Even benevolent ones doesn't assembles your notions

    Everything starts dwindling
    Everything starts infuriating you

    Fire within you starts burning your duodecimo tries in route of intentions
    Acciduous you try to avoid more you merge

    Finally makes you heartless

  • aakash_ojha 8w


    Bounding with words
    Tearing the limits within
    Breathing in recession crowds
    Trying to pick decipher in

  • aakash_ojha 8w


    Customarily an overthinker is dogmatically accurate
    They contemplate it hundredfold before aphorism
    © आकाश_ओझा