The new girl

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  • aaeen_darakshan 16w

    It is taking you so long to love me
    Like a ship fighting to be on the shore
    Knowing it's just the sea, it has
    Can smoothly offer or wreak it apart

    It is taking you so long to hold me
    Like the lotus in the pond
    Surrounded with filth and flesh
    Can drown you or mucky

    It is taking you so long to cherish me
    Like the rain in the drought
    A single raindrop drenching all the cracks
    It can bloom or it might remain thirsty

    It's taking you so long to love me
    I will be beside you when you wake up
    You can feel my skin against yours
    But I will be long gone.

  • aaeen_darakshan 18w

    For the highs and lows
    And everything in between
    I saw you and I immediately
    Know this is what love looks like

    For the mountains and valleys
    And every river between
    Your body was the natural art,
    I wanna travel.

    For the happening and nothing at all
    You are the moment, I want to live forever.
    For all the journey and city lights
    I know what home looks like
    I saw you and I knew what love looks like.

  • aaeen_darakshan 18w

    You warned me several time
    all the red flag I cant see,i was blind
    My crystal heart
    Shined for you
    Making me a mirror ball
    I danced for you
    Like a ruthless wave
    You came along
    Wrecked my heart ship
    Anything but I still worshiped
    Your twisted mind
    Tangled mine
    In pieces I was found
    Glued all together
    But never the same round
    Corners are sharp now
    Busting even the beautiful bubble
    Look what you made me
    Look what you have done
    Is it still possible to go back and run
    Maybe or maybe not
    But I am not proud to say
    I will still do that again
    With you in a heart beat
    Is it love or something we can't name.

  • aaeen_darakshan 19w

    You knew the truth
    But you were afraid
    To tell me how it felt

    I understood you so well
    I let you deep dive in it
    You knew my hands are reachable
    So either you can pull me down
    Or hope I will pull you up

    But darling, it's not my call
    If you wanna swim or drown
    Either way you will find me somewhere
    Or lose me forever

    Your idea is so vague
    You don't gulp it when given
    You pretend what's not there
    And blur the reality very clear.

  • aaeen_darakshan 20w

    I am power, I bleed
    I am like water on heat
    Mercy is what I show
    Take advantage, you are so low

    You have the audacity
    To turn me down twice
    You should know my heart
    Love, but cold as ice

    I made you who you are
    The man you think is my power
    To take or leave
    It's your desire

    Not a cheat
    But you never came out clean
    I love hard, I know
    If you care, then show.

  • aaeen_darakshan 22w

    Talking like we are in the past.
    A century ago, how beautiful
    All the tulips around, rose for me you were
    I still planted in my heart
    But uprooted, the day you left
    Petals, all dried.

    Reading books, while you were in my arms
    You scent kept me awake
    I vividly remember, visiting old lakes
    Purest form of what love looks like
    It looked like you.
    To me, love was your name

    The way our fingers touched in the back of the taxi
    I still call your name as love
    I describe you, when I had to expalin
    What it looks like
    A blue breeze, a sunday morning
    Fresh cup of coffee and the sheets you made for me

    Tangled in each others arm
    How I picture peace
    I am losing my mind?
    Just like I lost you, slowly but sudden
    People still dont know about us
    But they know how I describe love
    It looked like you.

  • aaeen_darakshan 23w

    And just when I wanted you to stay
    You breezed away
    Sudden and unexpected
    I still can feel it on my cheeks.

    Sadden my heart
    Bruised my love
    I wish I was enough
    For me, you were enough

    I still think about "what ifs"
    All the drives and stolen kiss
    Your Jersey on me, something I miss
    I still think about "what ifs"

    I wonder after years have passed
    You think about me as a scar?
    A bedroom secret or vunrable bizarre?
    I might be all, I might be none

    And just before you were gone
    I was about to be all
    And then you made think
    I was just a pawn.

  • aaeen_darakshan 24w

    You were sudden
    like an earthquake
    Unexpected but like a breeze you left,
    Making me feel shake from tip to core
    And had me undertake

    A name not given
    But yet connected
    Even when we are like unheard bells
    I can hear you ring.

    Happiness with you; undefined
    But the rage in me you melt in a second.
    Just in your arms, I do rest my tangled mind.
    Keeping it simple, I don't understand from
    Which thread we are bind.

  • aaeen_darakshan 61w

    "The biggest lesson I've learned this year
    Is that no one is truly your friend or truly loves you
    Until they have seen the dark shadow inside you and Stayed"

  • aaeen_darakshan 64w

    You are a woman with chaos
    You cannot be tamed
    You are rebel forever
    from the day you were born

    You go for higher aim
    You are called clever
    Turning down wasn't the path
    And you don't do never

    Settling for you isn't the ring
    For the battles you have fought to be here
    The path wasn't smooth and clear
    You paved it for million other, dear

    You wear black
    Not for the mourning
    You wear black
    From the ashes you have been born

    So don't you let anyone take the pride from you.
    You are a woman with chaos
    Don't let anyone tame you
    Be the rebel you were born for