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  • aadthya 5d

    From the first day of my puberty i was constantly in search of that dopamine peak. I Just went on to have that fantasies till it started making me doubting my Sexual Orientation!
    I Felt like heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual and now a days asexual!
    But today when i saw her, it feels like the same, as somebody said feelings once made is the feelings remains!
    Is that a kind of 'Houdini act'!
    There was almost tears,
    It was neither tears of happiness nor tears of sadness, nor the tears of longingness!

  • aadthya 6d

    In Search of all actresses photos,
    In Search of a partner to love,
    In Search of those sites,
    In Search of this and that,
    I Really forgotten to love myself!
    I Just smiled infront of the mirror!
    And there is the pleasure that I looking for!

  • aadthya 10w

    Mind :"open up!open up!open up!"
    Heart :"One more try bro!"

  • aadthya 12w

    The Impaler (20:22)part3

    As She turn on her diary,Clock Starts ticking backwards....
    1976 Jan 3
    "Hey,mate what should i call you? Can't just consider you as a simple book. You are my secret keeper, my best friend. I Will Call you Katherine!
    Kathy! yes that Sounds good!Hello Kathy, I'm Margerita,just entered the club of 18,Only daughter to my parents, grade 13 almost going
    to over.Karl,my dad, dealer of 'tracht'clothes, he visited other countries for the sale, also promised me one day we will go together. My mom, Emma, helps dad in weaving those".
    All at Once there was Someone knocking on the Door!

  • aadthya 15w

    The Impaler (20:22) part 2

    She came back to the room and went to check something on her cupboard. Finally she got the thing. A Diary! It was more than a friend for her. Being an ardent fan of Anne frank, like almost every young girl in germany, She made diary writing as lifestyle. She was swiftly searching for the 1976 diary, It was the one her dad gifted on her 18 th birthday. 1976! Finally got it!

  • aadthya 20w

    Will Continued.....

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    The Impaler (20:22)

    Wide, frightened eyes took in the casual gait of the man walking towards her. Cold beads of sweat broke out across her forehead. It couldn't be him, could it?
    It was him! That smirk on his thin lips was too cruel to belong to someone else.
    But how could it be? She had killed him years ago!... She can't give her sight once again to him! As the man with that vulturous eyes is approaching her!She just flew away from the place as fast as she can. Relieved in with the belief that he is out of sight, atleast for sometime!

  • aadthya 23w

    अवसाद के कारण हम सुख खोज रहे हैं, बाद में सुख के कारण हम उदास हो गए हैं

  • aadthya 24w

    There was always something special about that Willow

  • aadthya 37w


    Where are you Tara?
    Aadhi is tried of Waiting!!!

  • aadthya 37w


    Down! down again!
    But the Fire is Still Blazing!