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  • _who_am_i 1w

    Plastic Thoughts

    You can see through it
    But it still persists
    The thoughts like plastic
    Beautiful yet toxic.

    The plastic so full of colour
    My veins pulsing with vigour
    The thoughts too look so charming
    But like plastic, their growth is alarming.

    They come not one by one
    But like an army, marching in the sun
    Clogging the beautiful river flowing through my mind
    Suffocating the happiness living inside.

    They form a transparent layer around me
    A layer of plastic, not allowing me to be free
    A layer of thoughts so many
    But its not one, it's what you call infinity.

    Its just plastic, nothing to bother
    Its just a thought, minds always wander
    You say its harmless and pretty
    But it is what's killing you peacefully slowly


  • _who_am_i 3w

    Talking about natural #disaster ? What about a #mental_disaster ?

    #disaster #wod #suicide
    #goodbye #me #life

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    What would you do if I committed suicide?
    Would you be surprised
    Would you be happy to say goodbye
    Or would you mourn that I died?
    Will you think of all the lies
    You fed me without blinking twice?

    Would you stare off into the night
    And think of the time that flew by?
    Would there be happy memories to sing by
    Or would they be full of distrust and malice?

    But no matter what you think of me by
    In the end, everyone says goodbye
    It doesn't matter whether it was because of a fight
    Or because one of us committed suicide.

  • _who_am_i 3w

    What hurts the most
    Is people can go
    From people you know
    To people you don't

    #me #tears #waterfall #life #goodbye

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    A couple of waterfalls side by side
    On my face they will forever reside
    Giving rise to numerous rivers
    Flowing down my cheeks, my nose quivers.

    Oh my wet lashes, my skin burns
    I see people wherever I turn
    But no one gives two fucks about the water
    No one ever even bothers
    To notice my glistening cheeks
    To notice my struggle for the peace I seek.

    My long hair framing my face
    It's not for fashion, it's to complete the charade
    It's so that you won't be able to see my pain
    Its so that you won't be able to see my soul slain.

    And in the end no one cares
    In The end I wipe my own tears
    I say, I've learnt my lesson, I won't cry
    I say, I've learnt to say goodbye
    In the end, I again lie.


  • _who_am_i 6w

    The stones are the things that went wrong. Oh its just one stone, just one. But its not one.

    #stones #metaphor #grief #wrong #one #life #me #red #poem

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    One stone smooth and pretty
    Rests on the one whose texture is gritty
    Just two, pretty stable and standing proudly.

    You blink once and there are not two but three
    The stones lying on top of me
    But you are still holding it together nicely.

    Then out of nowhere, another one appears
    This from the one you used to hold dear
    The one who has now dissappeared.

    Four stones, still holding strong
    I'm still able to pretend nothing is wrong
    Still feeling that this is where I belong.

    But then the pile keeps on increasing
    I lose count, my chest is heaving
    Till all the stones suddenly fall on top of me.

    They break my nose, knock out my teeth
    All the stones, so heavy with my grief
    And now, everything is red and messy.

    You bleed,you cry
    You get up, you lie
    You lie back down as more stones appear
    New and shiny, one after the other


  • _who_am_i 6w

    "It's so beautiful!", I exclaimed, overjoyed.
    "My dear, what is NOT beautiful in this world?", he asked with a smile so pure, I was dumbstruck.

    #moon #nails #hope #trees #smile #poem #random

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    The shaking of the leaves
    As there comes a gentle breeze
    They look like cheerleaders waving pom poms
    Telling me to keep going on and on.

    My nails digging in my skin
    Those semi lunar marks on my hand
    I draw to dots above them-
    A smiley made of pain and sin.

    This poem made of a weird rhyme scheme
    My legs exposed to the sun without sunscreen
    The flapping wings of a beautiful pigeon
    The random things I mention in this poem.
    The smile's faded now
    Just the two eyes left
    Everything you have will be gone
    Leaving behind a deep cleft.


  • _who_am_i 7w

    I breathe in these words whenever I drown.
    Create your own air for when life suffocates you.
    #air #drown #smallthings #trees #words #paper #lover #me #life #hope

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    The infinity inside my head
    The comfort of my bed
    The beauty of the pigeon
    The brightness of the Sun

    The colour of the daylight
    The trees in hindsight
    The warmth of my socks
    My thick skin for those who like to mock

    The sound of the birds mixed together
    The kiss of the wind, light as a feather
    The leaves, oh! So green
    The eagle looks so mean

    And the laughter of my friends
    Keep me from hitting the dead end
    The tears of my family
    Tell that there's still hope left for me.

    The pencil, the paper
    The words, I've become a lover
    The feather like touch, the moon like kiss of the Mother
    Keep me from going hither and thither.


  • _who_am_i 12w

    Life is full of ironies.
    #mistakes #beautiful #irony

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  • _who_am_i 13w

    Three Tears

    Three tears
    One for my broken heart
    One for my lost love
    One for my wounded self respect.

    Three tears
    One for my fallen dreams
    One for the things that were taken
    One for the people I lost.

    Three tears
    One for my mind
    One for my body
    One for my soul.

    Three tears
    One for myself
    One for my life
    One for this poem.


  • _who_am_i 13w

    #crow #beauty #metaphor #overlooked #black
    Feel the metaphor and breathe it in.

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    The bird, oh so beautiful and wild!
    Wings full of lusture and wind
    Feathers shining like a coat of diamonds.

    Perching on the wires so gracefully
    Looking over the world below majestically
    Lost in a whirlwind of thoughts, so deeply.

    Its beauty is so mesmerising that everything you will throw
    And start writing a poem, but not about an eagle or a sparrow
    I'm talking about overlooked magic of the crow.


  • _who_am_i 16w

    Broken and whole
    Is what I am
    Pieces of my soul
    Spread like jam.

    Wisps of smoke
    Filling the sky
    Filling me with hope
    As I say goodbye.

    A yellow and orange hue
    Up above me
    White clouds against the sky's blue
    I'm grateful for the beauty I see.

    The wisps of smoke
    The pieces of white cotton candy
    The shards of my soul
    Together, they look so pretty.

    But to be beautiful is to be tragic
    Black threads in silken white fabric
    'Cause there's no beauty without the black
    There's no mansion without a shack.

    The world is full of opposites
    One cannot, but two can exist
    To be one, is to be the other
    Taking a step back also takes you further.