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  • _vedika 2w

    All you've got to do is maintain it❤️��

    #hyperbole #wod @mirakee

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    Her faith in Him is deeper than the deepest seas


  • _vedika 2w

    Pain changes people

    Some become rude,
    Some just stay silent.

    I guess I've picked up both the arts

  • _vedika 2w

    Not all the tears are in the name of guilt, you see.
    At times, they do flow with sympathy,
    Sympathy towards my ownself.
    To make me realise that,
    'No, you can't expect others to understand You all the time,
    It's not their duty to feel what You want them to, every single time.'
    That at times, it's okay if they don't get You,
    It's okay if they get you totally wrong, because it's you who makes them to.

    What remains is the fact that,
    Not all the tears are in their name,
    It's okay to save a few for yourself too.

  • _vedika 8w

    @jadu06 ❤️❤️��

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  • _vedika 9w

    The good old school days��... Miss 'em

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    Coz certain memories are meant to be cherished forever
    10, 11, 12 February 2017❤️❤️

  • _vedika 9w

    A random You!

    #personify #wod @mirakee

    Thank You so very much for the love and repost����... Means a Lotttt!!��❤️ @writersnetwork

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    If I were You...
    I would have by now picked myself up
    And learnt to walk on the paths that I'm made for,
    And keep myself away from those that I'm 'forced' into.

    I would look at the mirror
    To give out the brightest smile,
    Just to myself,
    Reassuring my own self that I'M there,
    Come what may, I would always be there for myself.
    I would have been a stronger version of me.

    If I were you....
    I would have simply lived a life that's simpler than it sounds.
    A life that's not bound to any restrictions,
    Yet a life that's worth living.

    If I were you...
    I guess, I would have learnt to stay happier...


  • _vedika 14w

    P.s.: Just An old draft and nothing else

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    Can the walls you built yourself
    End up getting so tall,
    That you feel helplessly lost in them?

    Can the roses you helped bloom
    Get thorns so strong,
    That they end up pricking you?

    Can the smile you faked
    Get so familiar to others,
    That they start drifting away from the real You?

  • _vedika 15w

    Welcome 2021

    2020 has indeed been a Rollercoaster ride!

    Let's get stronger than before and get through all this together!!


  • _vedika 15w


  • _vedika 16w

    Oh December!!

    What's this rush for?
    I want you to stay a little longer...

    Can you slow down a little please ?