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  • _urvi__ 1d

    #lifeadvice #wod #writersnetwork
    My 100th post! It has been a wonderful journey so far and #miraquill has taught me so much. :))

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    Hello younger me

    Hello younger me long time no see,
    I wish that you
    Could have stood up for yourself
    Like the older you does ,
    Nevertheless you did try.

    Wish you didn't walk among those
    Who cared for you less
    And didn't count you in
    But nevertheless did teach something.

    Wish that you would have enjoyed
    A little more rather than
    Sit and study
    for those joyous days
    Don't come again
    But nevertheless you did make good memories.

  • _urvi__ 4d


    Everything has an end,
    A law too harsh they say,
    But a law of the universe nonetheless,
    For without the ending of one,
    The other can't come to life ,
    Without the end of one story ,
    The other can't begin ,
    And without accepting the end ,
    You can't truly live .

  • _urvi__ 5d


    A light in the sea of darkness
    Did I see
    As my ship knew not where to go
    Among the waves of bleakness
    Until it shone bright in the distance
    Every time my ship sunk low into the meekness
    And then I called it hope for it would never leave me

  • _urvi__ 1w


    When the world seems to collapse ,
    And when you feel like screaming,
    Like spewing words you never mean,
    Just think of what you like the most,
    Or how beautiful the world out there is,
    About those sweet little memories
    Among those big events,
    And you'll find yourself silent,
    Even in the midst of chaos.

  • _urvi__ 2w


    Days fade by,
    Like falling leaves on a windy day,
    Never to come back,
    Until new ones come,
    Like leaves on a spring day.

  • _urvi__ 2w


    It's that time of the year again,
    When the mist envelopes us,
    When the stars are at their brightest,
    When the days are shorter and the nights are full of light,
    And your mind just feels good.

    It's that time of the year again,
    When warm cuddles find their way,
    When hot cocoa is a must,
    When mornings are lazy,
    And nights frosty.

  • _urvi__ 2w


    It snows,
    Because the sky
    Adorns the earth with snowflakes
    To beautify it's companion's barren surface,
    Like the icing on a cake,
    As it adores the earth from above,
    With a frosty smile,
    Sealing an eternal bond of love.

  • _urvi__ 3w

    The wanderer

    The wanderer told me a story,
    The story of his adventurous life,
    How he sailed the mighty seas,
    And walked the vast lands,
    How his tongue spoke languages many,
    And his brain knew cultures many .

    The wanderer told me a story,
    About how the universe,
    Stayed by his side when he felt lonely,
    How the trees blessed him,
    And the rains sanctified him,
    As the son of mother earth.

  • _urvi__ 3w

    Do you await for me as I do for you?
    Do you look in the crowds for me?
    Do you yearn to know my face?
    Do you itch to hear how I sound?
    Do you imagine how we would be?
    Do you have me carved in your imagination?
    Do you wonder where I would be?
    Oh if only I knew .

  • _urvi__ 3w


    How the wonders of the world
    Go unnoticed,
    How the small details
    Go unnoticed,
    How the smallest acts of kindness
    Sometimes go unnoticed,
    How the best people
    Go unnoticed.