There's miles to go before I sleep❤️

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  • _unknown_writer13 8w

    30.04.2022 aja Ama ko mukh herne din ( Neapli mother's Day) raicha kahi katai tapaiko yaad ai rako cha :) hami dui ko beech ma j vaye ni tapai ko lagi mero maya kaile ni kamti hune chaina :) Aja sabhaile afnu ama haru ko photo ani waha haru ko barey ma likhera halda afulai ni halum halum jasto ta lagyo ni :) Tara samaya nai estai cha :) 8 mahina ni kati chito vahi sakecha hami dui jana na boleko :) Ek din tapai bina na basnu sakne manchey aile 8 mahina vai sakeyo baseko :) Kaile pani socheko thiyena mero life ma esto pani din aune raicha ki vanera ra pani kei chaina :) Tapai sadhai hasi ra khusi vako dekhnu chahanchu mo :) kahi katai tira dukhda ani kahi katai tira lagda ajhai pani hajur ko nai naam boli pathawchu mo "Aama" Jo sangha mo har ek din sutnu agari mero din ko barey ma vanthiye ajai waha nai mo sangha bolnu hundaina yo kura le mero man dherai Dukcha ra pani thikai cha :) Sabhai ko chori haruko ama sanghai dekhda malai ni hajur ko dherai dherai yaad auncha :) Samaya lai alik agari lagera sabhai kura thik garnu paune vako va pani mo garthiye hola :)J vaye ni yo sansaar ma malaia leune manchey hajur nai ho ani mo jaile ni hajur ko aabhari huney chu :)
    Your long lost daughter
    Abha :)

  • _unknown_writer13 25w

    You're the best thing that ever happened to me this year<3

  • _unknown_writer13 30w

    Nibbis be like I get jealous but then I remember I look like this
    Yes baby girl u're right u look like one of those bunch of monkeys

  • _unknown_writer13 32w

    The words rolled off your tongue, you paused first & then you took aim. You meant for it to hurt me. VICTORY for you!!! It hurt my heart, so bad I don't even want to start crying because it will be difficult to stop. I never thought u would do this to me but I'll never forget it. This is the mother & daughter relationship we had :) ~Abha

  • _unknown_writer13 35w

    My biggest flex?
    I got the best dad❤

  • _unknown_writer13 41w

    I don't care about losing people anymore all I care about is my mental peace I don't have enough time to give him/her explanation toobut comparing ur self & saying shits about the people I have rn isn't good at all if u were there for me earlier then they're equally there for me rn when nobody else was there for me & I can honestly say that I am so happy with the people I have in my life rn& a big shoutout to all of themlosing people is a part of our life too :)

  • _unknown_writer13 42w

    You are hundred miles away but no else is closer to my heart than you❤️

  • _unknown_writer13 42w

    I have never met a person who is as sweet as you are
    You make my life worth livingYou bring smiles to my face, You are my friend and my lover I hope your Birthday is as beautiful and full of love as you are You deserve only the best, and I wish that for you Best wishes, my love❤️

  • _unknown_writer13 42w

    Happy Birthday to a special person who is bringing so much joy to my heart. I am thankful for every moment we spend together, and I wish our happiness never ends❤️
    May this day be as sunny as your smile, and as beautiful as you are You shine every day, but on this day, you will shine the brightest❤️

  • _unknown_writer13 44w

    It's so strange Sometimes we meet people online and then they become the most important part of our life :)

    Almost 2 years back
    I never thought that I'll come across such an amazing person like you and then
    Falling for u was so unexpected & being together for 1 n a half year was the most beautiful part of my life and then sadly we ended :)
    I couldn't believe the fact that we ended & I m still not able to believe the fact that we're not together anymore
    To feel loved without physical touch is feeling love in its deepest
    And that's exactly how I felt :)
    I still miss those little things which u used to do for me
    Ur voice which was so mesmerizing so soothing
    & so peaceful ☮️
    Those paragraphs which u used to send me during our monthsaries

    The way u used to console and calm me down
    The way u used to handle my mood swings
    The way u always tolerated the annoying me
    I miss each and everything about you :)
    4th of every month was a special day for us :)
    And in these past 4 months
    Whenever it's 4th of each month I miss u even more
    Everything that we had
    Everything that we did
    Everything that we shared
    Every thing that we went through
    Ups and downs good days bad days & so on
    It's just a memory now :)
    I had so so so many things to tell you but I never got a chance to do so and
    I believe same goes for you
    I never got the guts to even ask how are you
    Or Is everything okay? & so on
    I wish If I could have atleast asked u this then we could have been talking right now

    Well Ik m silly and I still am
    There were so many things going in and around my mind
    For a while I thought of texting you and sort things out but I couldn't :)
    I always thought that all u have is hatred for me and I do still believe that
    I had never even thought that we'll end up like this without even saying a better goodbye :)
    But things happens so suddenly uggh
    I tried moving on but couldn't unlove you :)
    Ik we don't talk anymore but thankyou for the happiest year of my life
    I always listen to that songs which u suggested me and it makes me remind of u even more
    I do even read our old texts and smile like an idiot
    I miss the way we used to talk :)
    U gave me so many things to remember and I can never forget those things
    U were one of the best thing that has ever happened to me
    And I'll always cherish those memories :)

    I had hopes that we might get back but Ig that's just me who's overthinking about it :)
    I want to see u achieve every thing you've ever told me, even if I'm not there :)
    Tho we ended but I still wish the best for you
    I wish I could meet u &
    Make u understand each & everything but I guess now it's too late :)
    I lost a best friend of mine
    A secret keeper a great communicator my Betterhalf & my love♡
    But feelings doesn't fades so easily :)
    No matter how many people do I talk with
    But nobody compares to you :)
    It was always you and it's still you :)

    We never even got to spend much time with each other in real life but the bond connection and attachment which I had with you
    The way we used to vibe with each other
    I guess I'll never be able to experience that same thing again :)
    We had made so many plans and promises but I feel so bad that we couldn't make any one of that come true :)
    I'll always keep u in my prayers as I always do
    I just wish I could re live those moments once again
    I'll always remember us this way:)
    If it's love then I'll see you again :)