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  • _thehijabiwrites 6w

    A good friend

    It's always hard to find them. You look around and find millions of faces. Happy. Sad. Friendly. Hard. Rude.
    But the right face?
    It could be any.

  • _thehijabiwrites 8w


    Looking up at the sky, I felt my lips twitching. On a blue sheet of beauty with white little curves, and even more little dots flying around merrily. How beautiful!
    And I realised I've been smiling!

  • _thehijabiwrites 13w

    That one bird

    Flapping the wings, it rose to the sky so high that I feared it might not make it, but yeah...I also smiled so wide for it was already back to the nest; safe and confident!

  • _thehijabiwrites 14w

    Decision maker

    A heart full of desires, hands all sweaty, eyes blinking rapidly, breathing heavily, I made it; a decision. Indeed, a bad decision. For the decisions are made by Him, my Lord, and not by me.

  • _thehijabiwrites 15w


    When he hears the voice
    He gets the feeling
    When he laughs alongs
    He gets the feeling
    When he talks along
    He gets the feeling
    Yes, the random blissful feeling; sometimes feelings don't have a meaning and they're just felt!

  • _thehijabiwrites 15w


    Heart pounded so loud that I swear anybody could hear it from a distance; trembling so bad, I fought hard with the thoughts running through my head, and when finally my eyes twitched, I knew they were here.
    And I let them out!

  • _thehijabiwrites 15w


    Walking up to me, the shadow smiled
    I didn't
    Walking up to me, the figure shining so bright smiled
    I didn't
    Because life was always unfair!

  • _thehijabiwrites 18w

    The Past

    People come and go
    Mistakes happen and are rectified
    Happiness makes rare appearance
    Sadness finds amusing to leave
    But that's not how it is now.
    That was in the past
    Just the past!

  • _thehijabiwrites 18w

    Life goes on

    Every time I look around, I wanted to ask myself. Why do people have problems? Why can't life be so smooth? Like a chocolate, probably!
    Looking up at the sky, I blinked at the downpour, wishing that it took my questions away..
    As if my Lord is watching over me, like He is!
    But then I realised that we might forget we have a Lord, if life was as smooth as a bar of chocolate..

  • _thehijabiwrites 19w

    Her Father, Her Haven

    Two little eyeballs began to move
    Those feet moved to kick softly
    Letting out a yawn, and blinking away the sleep
    Her eyes fluttered open
    Only to meet with another pair of eyes and a heartwarming smile
    And she knew...
    She was safe!